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Brian Harsin sits out Auburn Football practice and stadium openers.

–Was it time to leave Afghanistan after 20 years? More defense contractor mercenaries died than real soldiers. DEATH TOLL American service members killed in Afghanistan through April: 2,448. U.S. contractors: 3,846. Do the mercenaries get V.A. benefits and PTSD payments?

–Is the police oversight system viable in Boise with video being withheld on critical incidents and officers under investigation put back on the road before being cleared?

–Will local government budgets be game changers this year?

–COVID is running rampant and many are fighting mask and immunization.

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  1. Kent F Goldthorpe
    Aug 23, 2021, 2:30 pm

    Concerning mercenary benefits, of course not. They were not, at least to my knowledge, soldiers. My brother in law, while working as a contract truck driver for Haliburton about 15 years ago, had his head half blown off by an IED. His salary was paid out at 100% until he passed away some 12 years later. All medical bills were paid as well. I have no idea if that was common. I do know it was appreciated.

  2. Boise passes the ordinance- the law!
    Boise and BPD (airport) do not enforce the law- so a big sign at the doors “Masks Required” is ignored.
    More people get covid.
    The deniers’ cult leader now says, “get the vaccine”. North Idaho hospital ICU units are full (of deniers). 18 months later. We can’t solve this? C’mon America? C’mon Boise Po, enforce the laws.

  3. Bonnie Krupp
    Aug 23, 2021, 6:29 pm

    Do you really believe that masks work? After 1 1/2 years of this hysteria, do what makes you feel good. Most mask wearers don’t use them properly or have the right kind. It’s there like having someone hold your hand?

    A question for you to research is why are they using ventilators for protocol of covid when it was observed they flooded the lungs with more fluid. Steroids and antibiotics saved many more lives.

    These budget busting city councilmembers are spending on all their pet projects. When the city of Boise passed their budget it was pure ecstasy from the city council members. Too funny to watch.
    What is going on with the BPD under Ryan Lee? He needs to schedule a town hall. The problem is he is basically of average intelligence and has the emotional intelligence of a kindergartner. I don’t see this going well. Boy can Lauren pick them. But he does KA her.

  4. Western guy
    Aug 23, 2021, 7:14 pm

    Solicit comments regarding trashy Boise neighborhoods and why isn’t City being PROACTIVE?

    We don’t need more hamster boxes… we need a livable city.

  5. Concerned Neighbor
    Aug 24, 2021, 6:44 am

    What are we thinking about?
    Biden’s ban of Russian ammo is a direct attack on Americans.
    Biden’s colossal failure in Afghanistan left ten thousand Americans behind enemy lines – who are last on the list after importing tens of thousands of Muslims who will form a voting block that elects more anti-semitists like Omar and Tlaib.
    Biden’s deficit pork barrel spending is creating double digit inflation (real, not the fake CPI-U).
    Biden’s attacks on pipelines have more than doubled the price of gasoline.
    Portland police gave up because they aren’t allowed to do their jobs, so brownshirt blantifa are in open street battles with patriots. Just like pre-WWII Germany.
    Where’s the beef? Monopoly slaughterhouses are the choke point.
    People are “tired” of the pandemic so ignoring it… read up on the 1919 Philadelphia parade. BTW, masks and vaccines work… people push back because it’s the only thing that they feel like they have power over. Voting obviously doesn’t work.
    Why are we wasting 80% of our water on “save the smelt” when hatcheries fully stock salmon every year? 100% of water needs allocated to personal use and farming.
    Except for Marxist McLean, most of Idaho is good. Camping has been great.

  6. So has the liability shield for Pfizer-BioNTech been removed for its’ now FDA fully approved COVID-19 (Wuhan Flu) vaccine Comirnaty?

  7. The Auburn boosters appear to not appreciate the guy that Boise State boosters believed to ‘Walk on Water” as a God. Of course, he will get many more millions of dollars there that impoverished Idaho could pay, win or lose. As a non-alumni, without previous ties, it will be uphill to gain acceptance. Similar to a Californian moving to Emmett. Now, with Covid-19 cover, any early losses are not his. Ultimate deniability of “The Peter Principal” that may be proven later.

  8. Boisean Since Forever
    Aug 24, 2021, 11:08 am

    A history professor taught us that it is impossible to invade & occupy China. The numbers are so overwhelming that within a generation the invaders have been assimilated and become Chinese. Pretty much the same in the SEC, isn’t it? Bryan Harsin wasn’t hired at $5 million to swim upstream and change the culture. Auburn isn’t looking for a socio/political activist, just for a dozen wins each season.

  9. Anyone that has bought Russian ammo in the past has to be in a contest to be the #1 turd in America. America First! Right? Buy local-there are even some Idaho ammo manufacturers. Someone using Marxist in the same message as crying about no Russian ammo is a ____. Ban all Russian products!
    In Portland, police ARRESTED dumbass 65 year old Dennis G. Anderson of Gresham, when Proud Boy (known racist group) decided to have an anniversary rally. A 65 year old white guy shooting in a city? That’s real. And his fans want to blame it on something else.

  10. leaving Afghanistan was inevitable. Just as the South Vietnamese army collapsed after our exit, it should have been expected for the Afghanistan army. Afghanistan is ripe with corruption. It did not have a government supported by the people, but one propped up by a foreign power. Would you choose to risk life and family under those circumstances? Afghanistan people need to choose their own destiny. As far as the military equipment left behind, it was meant for the Afghanistan Army. The fact that the Army folded and the equipment fell into the Taliban’s hands should have been considered years ago during the Trump administration when the pull out was negotiated. Afghanistan is landlocked and it takes time and a lot of effort to supply or too move the equipment out.

  11. Local governments across the board are experiencing growth PTSD. Services are strained, new police officers, new fire stations, more administrative staff, sewer and water, roads are all coming to a climax over funding and property taxes. Moyle attempted to shun any legislative fault in rising property taxes, yet they are the ones that keep screwing the little guys in favor of large business interests and developers. They did it in 2006 by granting millions in sales tax exemptions when the sales tax was increased to fund school building and maintenance. They did it when they canceled indexing homeowner exemptions which acted to keep commercial and residentials taxes in balance. His income tax relief bill last year heavily favored high earners and developers. Each tax break they give a developer is a revenue cut to local cities. The property tax relief bill last year gave more breaks to developers, reduced new construction tax collections which in the end forces cities to consistently increase taxes to keep up. Another tax shift from developers to the small people. The idea that circuit breaker recipients’ homes should levied since those values rose so much is just asinine. What about developable farm land? Farmers receive ultra low tax to keep farms in operation while their property values sky rocket. Shouldn’t we also levy those properties for back taxes? Or collect a sales tax? More breaks for the powers that be, the little guy gets stuck in cold again and again and again.

  12. Apparently, not much.

  13. Legal Beagle
    Aug 25, 2021, 4:44 pm

    Wonder if Bryan Harsin knows that Brian Harsin took his job.

  14. Still the headlines
    Aug 26, 2021, 7:46 am

    Covid is still the number one problem. Businesses are learning that the number of vaccinated people is increasing, and they are beginning to opt in to requiring it. Got polio? Nope, you’re vaccinated.

    The other headline is that inflation is killing the community especially with regard to housing. The taxing formula needs to be changed, as homes that are not sold should not be paying the same bill as the home that was just built or rehabbed. The home that has not sold is depreciated, and that needs to be taken into account. Flippers are flippin’ the whole community off, and the elected play along.

  15. Hoping you are going to write something on the foothills purchase that the city of boise is engaging in with the Pursley family. 29 acres for a price tag if $605,000.

    EDITOR NOTE–We didn’t look at the details, but often those deals have an inflated price. For instance, if the price is $100, the city pays $25 cash and then gives the seller a “certificate of gift” for $75. That way the donor can claim a tax deduction for the $75.

  16. Concerned Neighbor.. I would appreciate a source on “80% of our water to save the smelt”

  17. Question? I see the TV images. Taliban are unmasked. Yet, they seem to be successful in their endeavors. Why are they not decimated by disease?

  18. When the link of DEATH TOLL then says:

    “Copyright 2021. All rights reserved.
    This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.”

    And then the datum of killed contractors is used in the text of this post (by a former journalist)……… Does a link and the related information count as copyright infringement?

    EDITOR NOTE–The link is no different than providing a phone number or address. The site provides the info.

  19. The mRNA clot shot vaxx is the largest clinical trial in the history of medicine. A symptom-less positive test means nothing. Harsin was not a risk to himself or anyone else, and mandating he sit in quarantine at this point is pure insanity. Having had the vaxx wouldn’t even prevent a possible positive test result as we now know. Anyone young and healthy enough to participate in college football is at practically zero risk from Covid anyhow. The author of the article (Joseph Goodman) is a journalist with no scientific training, so take his opinion on the clot shot with that in mind. I’ve never been much of a sports fan, but Harsin is showing some real backbone. Kudos to him.

  20. Dr. Hobo, please Google these three words “ college dead covid”. Then write back how you have changed your medical expertise. Even the Taliban are smarter than Caeth. +trump sent them many bottles of bleach. Part of his (noble) Peace Agreement.

  21. With all the affordable rental housing Madame Mayor Mclean is planning on the taxpayers building my thoughts are who gets stuck with the maintenance costs down the road.

  22. PD: I will accept the insult for what I think it is worth. What is dumb is the ignorant, ad hominem response to an honest observation. There is no apparent compliance with the activity alleged in the article you link. Thus my question.

  23. Q: Will local government budgets be game changers this year?

    A: How many of them will be affected by the unwinding of a housing bubble that makes the one from 1999-2007 look a minor speed bump? How would a decline in median house sales prices of 50-75% affect local gov’t spending? Boise’s housing bubble is on borrowed time, the major question is have localities prepared for when the bust comes?

  24. mRNA vaccines have been in the works for 35 years.

    35 years of Medical SCIENTIFIC research.

    I’ll guess most old readers here, would be happy with 5 years of research for new heart replacement research, or some new recent experimental Alzheimer’s research. “Sure, dose me up, Doc!”
    It is unfortunate so many people have allowed this issue to be political instead of scientific.

    Let’s get higher numbers of ‘the jab’ and get past this disaster. Think “1941” and take one for our country.

  25. Easterner: I have done a fair amount of research into mRNA technology. All I have seen is it being used in experimental testing only. Could you point me to links showing where the technology is being used in FDA fully approved therapeutics of any sort.

  26. Boise Lawyer
    Aug 28, 2021, 10:43 am

    Easterner, GregN, you’re both correct.

    The Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were the first mRNA vaccines to receive Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA and the Pfizer vaccine was the first to be fully-approved. No other mRNA vaccine has received FDA approval to date.

    But mRNA technology in medicine is established and well understood. Apart from general skepticism of new medical interventions (which I’m not disparaging) there do not appear to be significant affirmative evidence that the technology is unsafe or should be tested further.

  27. I think the citizens of Idaho should come together and protest on the behalf of our people trapped in Afghanistan in hopes that the government (BIDEN) will respond to our voices!

  28. Thanks Boise Lawyer.
    Yep there is it- links showing full approval for mRNA- Maybe GregN has been camping for the last 3 weeks.

  29. Boise Lawyer, Easterner: refer to my post from Aug 24 re: Comirnaty. Can it be assumed that with FDA full approval of Comirnaty the liability shield has also been lifted? Haven’t found that info yet.

  30. Buried on page 2 footnote 8 of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA LOA reissued August 23 2021 document ( –
    “8 The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used
    interchangeably to provide the vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. The products are legally distinct with certain differences that do not impact safety or effectiveness.”

    Hmmmm! I wonder what those legal differences between the EUA and fully blessed vaccines be?

    When Biden proclaimed this full approval why didn’t he also say whether or not the protection against lawsuits given Pfizer-BioNTech would now be lifted.

  31. Dennis R Klein
    Sep 2, 2021, 10:44 am

    I see the latest to throw the hat into the city council race thinks Boise needs to develop “Workforce housing”. Would that look like the tent city idea form the Wood River valley, or more along the lines of the migrant work camp that was on the outskirts of the small town I grew up in?
    The leadership in this city is truly lost. They were gifted a large tract of land Southwest of the city, and yet they could not find a way to build and maintain a large park and develop affordable housing at the same time in the same area and then develop a mass transit option from that area to the city center and other work intensive sites.
    You need to act on this issue, quit stating it is an issue.

  32. western guy
    Sep 3, 2021, 9:22 am

    I think I’ve hit upon why Boise Mayors (last one and this one) and City Council think we need more housing within the city limits (forget that we are a regional economy):

    votes. They want young, urbane, voters to counteract the unwashed hordes of Republicans in West Boise (still in the city limits). Remember, politicians will do anything to stay in office.

    And the trashy folk who remain in Boise don’t vote Demo., but these ghetto-like neighborhoods should be cleaned up.

  33. WG, it is interesting that you believe young voters tend to vote a certain way.

    Could you provide some voter #s from precincts in West Boise to prove your point of the unwashed folks voting against our current council and Mayor?

    Or, are you just throwing out a Friday rant?

  34. No, Comirnaty (the FDA approved Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine) is immune to any and all lawsuits. Read it here –

  35. When the stats for Idaho ICU beds goes from 6 available to 10 available, the next day, do you think that is 4 people died yesterday, making 4 vacancies; or did 4 people get better and move to regular hospital rooms?
    Over 2,500 Idahoans gone in .
    My prediction last April, on BG, was 1,000 per year while “isolated”.
    Jan. 22, 2020: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.” “Just ingest bleach into your lungs or infuse UV light inside your body.”
    During 2017, 255 Idahoans died from flu/pneumonia: 255 in normal activity vs 2,000 in ‘safe mode’ ???
    We’ve come a long way in 18 months.

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