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Boise PD Hires Cali Copper For #2 Job

Boise PD is acquiring a dominant number of out of state command staff under Chief Ryan Lee. The latest newcomer is Deputy Chief Tammany Brooks who is currently chief in Antioch, California.

Lee and long time Boise coppers tell us the reason for the “outsiders” is that sergeant pay–and union security–is enough of an incentive for officers to not apply for the lieutenant and higher jobs.

Chief Lee has hired a couple of lieutenants from Portland, a captain from Oakland, California and now a deputy chief also from California.

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  1. Concerned Neighbor
    Aug 26, 2021, 5:08 pm

    Marxist McLean is Kalifornicating our previously-nice city one employee at a time.

    BPD already wastes half of their non-patrol budget on PC (in relation to other cities in relative size and temperament). Streets are Mad Max with no one following any laws. Property crime is growing. Taxes are out of control.

    Will we follow in Portlands steps? 800% jump in murders and midday brawls where the police simply don’t show up any more?

  2. Chickenhawk
    Aug 26, 2021, 6:21 pm

    Let the Californication continue!

    To add to the growing list of concerns, go check out the hobos who hang out under the freeway overpass to drug up and harass nearby business owners and other people. Look for a return of tent city soon!

    Perhaps those internal candidates who passed on going for that job also did not want to enable the agenda from Her Highness and the Servants at City Hall.

  3. More trash talk above for the fear mongering.

    In Portland, homicides were up from SIX in the first five months of 2020 to 38 in the first five months of 2021. Metro area over 2.5 million people.

    “PDX trimmed its police budget last year by less than 4%. (lower taxes- wanted by everyone here).

    PDX Mayor Wheeler, has sought greater funds for programs targeting gun violence, which he said is a national problem. Homicide rates are also increasing in cities that didn’t cut spending.

    In Houston, killings have increased; so has funding for police.

    Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Fresno, California, have also seen more killings so far in 2021. Both cities have Republican mayors. Imagine that?

  4. Night Trader
    Aug 27, 2021, 12:07 pm

    I agree with Concerned Neighbor. But I many politicians are out there who really care about our quality of life? Is there a solution? Look no further than your bathroom mirror. Hell, I care but I’m not willing to put forth the time and effort. Life is too short to devote to politics. So you sit idly by and live with what they dish out. The very thing our Founding Fathers warned us about.

  5. Dave Kangas
    Aug 27, 2021, 2:12 pm

    From the article and from previous hires by the McLean administration, it seems there is an extensive public involvement process to pick a candidate. Where that candidate came from geographically indicates nothing of his ability. But is does illustrate experience from an area of growth and the many issues it causes. Time will tell, but welcome to Boise! These newcomers came here for a reason, and each wants to protect, preserve what drew them here. They have a different perspective than we do, but they are experienced and accomplished in their own right, so they deserve a chance. Which I thought was what the U.S. was all about. Time to stick “californification” in your pockets and realize Idaho is changing, growing whether we like or not. We need the best people we can find to help navigate through it all. Experience from larger, different locations is a plus IMO. We should draw and learn from those experiences, IMO.

  6. What a strange name

  7. A Real Idahoan
    Aug 29, 2021, 2:31 pm

    Wow! Another subverted “general” (A FOUR STAR AT THAT) fleeing the left coast and the seething, reeking, rotten mess that HE helped create there by enforcing, or failing to enforce, the laws there. He will fit right in with the new ranking cabal of his fellow left coast refugees that general lee has helped recruit for comrade lorrie’s caliphate enforcers here in Boise.

    It’s quite apparent that like ALL of lee’s hires, tammany has already been thoroughly indoctrinated and believes wholeheartedly in the failed policies that started in kali and have spread north and east, destroying those states. Ironic that the new general’s first name is tammany, as in the corrupt old Tamanny Hall gang of NY City. (If his last name was Dailey, he would have knocked it out of the park!)
    As to the statement about how great Boise PD’s sergeant’s pay is and losing union protection. . .? That falls back to the old play book of “mumble anything unintelligible at them and change the subject.” I am certain it was much easier for Marxist mclane and general lee to hire fellow travelers than to try and convert locals to their socialist ideologies and agendas.

    Kangas, for a self-proclaimed Idahoan, you are embarrassing. Welcome to Boise indeed. About as much as the chicom wuhan flu! Your “welcome” is as meaningless and rings as hollowly as some young stewardess with a Bronx accent saying to the passengers upon just landing, “Welcome to Saigon. . .”

    Even for a real estate hawker, you should clean the end of your nose and at least try to regain a smidgen of self dignity. It appears that you are just seeing more dollar signs in all those collar stars and hoping general tammany will buy an over priced house from you.

    EDITOR NOTE–We couldn’t figure out how to edit the response without being a “censor,” so we will post the comments. HOWEVER! Please refrain from personal attacks.

  8. western guy
    Aug 29, 2021, 6:17 pm

    Yes, there may be too many new hired who are ‘not from here’, but as your host pointed out, Sgts with 20 years service (who routinely make $100,000 base + at least 25% more for overtime) don’t want to move any further up the chain. Hence, no decent internal promotion choices.

    But, any organization that constantly promotes from within is usually bogged down in ‘how it always was done’ and relate incestuous thinking.

    Speaking of commenters, do many of them even have 1/2 a brain?

  9. It is interesting the number of command staff under Chief Bones or Chief Masterson we’re promoted from within the department. Now there are a lot of retirements of command staff. I think there are other factors involved than just pay. Chief Lee certainly gets to surround himself with whoever he desires for his command staff. But don’t kid yourself. It isn’t all about pay and job security.

  10. Seems like there is a LOT of Hate in some of the comments? They have been taught well as HATE is something you learn!
    We continue to put our elected public servants on a pedestal! Aren’t THEY politicians until they get elected?
    It would be great to know if the BPD follows the protocol set by our elected public servants or their UNION? It would explain a lot.

  11. Police unions need to be abolished.

  12. Ian makes an interesting point. And especially for just rolling off a PAID holiday all bout LABOR Unions.

    As it relates to politic-ing:
    Unions would typically be something in alignment with the left, right?

    Who is interested in higher wages; employee training & education programs; job security; legal rep for low-income workers; better salary/benefits; and a dedicated holiday during the year to provide more day drinking?
    Is a right-wing electrician in favor of that stuff?

    Despite Joe Craftsman, and Larry Lumber worker benefitting so much from unions, the Idaho psyche almost despises the idea of unions. Albeit, some say yuck amongst friends but are happy to pay the dues and get the benefit of it.

    Yet, police unions are almost always on the right when it comes to politics. “Law and Order”.

    And Idaho is certainly popular with the crowd flying the inappropriate blue strip on an American flag.

    An absolute contradiction:
    “We hate unions”
    “We support cops (heavily unionized)”
    “abolish the police unions”
    —-but save the cops?????

    Any guess why that is? Chief?

  13. Idaho elected public servants made Idaho a right to work state! Wasn’t that to abolish unions?
    Are unions the reason Boise firefighters get called to medical issues? When an ambulance is all that is needed? You can’t get transported to emergency room in a fire truck!

  14. Easterner: I somewhat discount your assertion of right leaning Police unions. It seems union management will support the campaign of any compliant political candidate who will be sitting across the table negotiating salaries and benefits. Corrupt conflict of interest? Perhaps union contributions should be prohibited to any pol with a vote on these decisions.
    Frank: Not to abolish unions, only to abolish coerced membership. One should not have to pay a third party to buy their job from an employer.

  15. People, please understand that this was not a direct attack against this particular police officer, who I am sure is a consummate professional with the skills and qualifications necessary for the job.

    Aside from “inside hires” it is just as baffling that there are no equally-qualified candidates at a local law enforcement agency (Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, ISP, etc.) who would be interested in the job.

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