“Is That A Lizard In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?”

This press release is what police NEWS used to be about! It appears that kidnapping lizards is a felony rather than simple shoplifting when the lizards are of high value. WHO carries a lizard in their pocket?

The official police account:
This afternoon the Boise Police Department’s Organized Retail Crime Unit worked with the Caldwell Police Department to arrest Christopher Garcia,49, in Caldwell on two counts of felony Grand Theft.

Boise Police had been investigating the theft of multiple lizards from local retailers since July. Evidence indicates Garcia entered multiple retail locations in Boise and in each case waited until employees were not around, removed a lizard from their cage, and walked out with the lizard in his pocket.

Local retailers were an integral part of this investigation and helped BPD’s ORC unit identify Garcia. Garcia has been booked into the Canyon County Jail on the listed charges. Additional charges are expected.

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  1. One can only imagine the,uh, various maneuvers the poor Lizzie did to escape using those tiny little claws. OUCH!

  2. Thanks for the humor in your headline!

  3. What if…?

    …Mr. Garcia’s intent was to return the lizards to their natural habitat?

    Who are the REAL criminals—the people trading in rare reptiles or the Man from Animal Lib?

  4. Gateway crime.

    If he got away with it, you know that by next week he’d be stealing crickets or mealy worms, or boxes of Purina Lizard Chow.

  5. “”Boise Police had been investigating the theft of multiple lizards from local retailers since July.””
    Since July?
    Must be taking that defunding threat seriously.

    I am The Lizard King.
    I can do anything.
    – Jim Morrison.

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