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Idaho’s Bowe Bergdahl Played Role In Taliban Leadership

As is so often the case, Idaho plays a major role in world and national events.

Four out of five Guantanamo detainees whom former President Barack Obama released in exchange for former U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in 2014 now hold senior positions in the interim government created by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Adding further to the Idaho role in the Afghanistan War, Boise attorney David Nevin has represented at least one of the prisoners at Guantanamo.

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  1. Concerned Neighbor
    Sep 8, 2021, 3:36 pm

    Pro-Taliban Obama and Biden are doing their best to build up terrorists groups that are anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-democracy, anti-USA. Actions speak louder than words.
    And for those that say “no one left behind!” applying to Bergdahl… what about the 500+ Americans sitting behind enemy forces today?

  2. Given that Bergdahl was discharged as a Private, I expect the correct reference would be Private Bergdahl rather than Sgt.
    Unless one is just copy/pasting from lameNews.

    The initial agreement with Qatar to ‘supervise’ the 5 Taliban persons was only for ONE year.
    It is likely they have been playing amongst their terrorist colleagues for quite a few years- Campaigning for office, perhaps. Maybe they actually “learned their lesson” at Hotel Gitmo to be friendly and charming citizens of our world.

    Wait, it was said, “Bergdahl Will Likely Fade Away”.
    Heck, with the current wacky Idaho politics, he could probably run for public office and get a few votes- Coles, McGee, Scott, Bundy & friends.
    In 1977, our US President pardoned all the people who did not comply with the draft and Selective Service Act during the Vietnam War.

    I wonder where all those men are now? Probably a few in public office.

  3. America in Decline
    Sep 9, 2021, 7:12 am

    He was just a disillusioned idealist who walked away from post. It more correct to say Obama did it. Bergdahl was not worth the trade obviously but Obama had $$$$$ reasons to spring these guys and make the foreign lobbyists happy. How much did that Islamic group donate to the Obama foundation? You know the group with a cubical in the whitehouse for easy access.

    Big picture, America is rudderless and has been for decades. The stupidity can be followed back to JFK. Today we have corporate tyrants making national public policy laws based on race and religion. Bergdahl just a tiny speck in big decline.

  4. Pat Freeman
    Sep 9, 2021, 11:08 am

    The 500+ civilians (or whatever accurate number) have had 18 months to get out of Dodge. Too bad!
    Much like Bergie making a bad decision, we (the US) should not have to extend our resources any amount to cover for THEIR bad decisions.

    It’s fabulous that Glen Beck’s charter planes were/are getting blocked. Ironic. Some people think they can just do ‘whatever they want’ and ignore other country laws. As if our govt is so inept at accomplishing things, that somehow they will just land and take off— “Sure, it must work like magic!”

    Just like the Meridian missionaries arrested for ‘exporting’ children, in 2010, from Haiti.
    Or missionaries arrested in Iran.
    Or people that stay in a hurricane zone after many warnings.
    Or(a long list of examples).
    Got Entitlement?

  5. Pat, I’m not going to say you are entirely wrong but I will suggest your view is a bit callus. Do you think some would have made a different decision had they not been lied to? Remember the lie that the Taliban was weak and the existing government was robust? Remember the lie that Kabul wouldn’t fall over a weekend just days before that’s exactly what happened? Remember the lie that if you decide to leave we will remain to support you? Perhaps many believed and wanted to remain to help build a nation post US military. Do you think some may have made a different decision earlier had they not been deceived? Are they abandoned victims of a pathological liar left to scramble once the truth is evident?

  6. Pat Freeman
    Sep 9, 2021, 8:26 pm

    Caeth is all about lies?
    What? You want to blame someone else, instead of relying on personal accountability?

  7. Pat, I don’t see how you can so adamantly hold others to such omniscience when times change, circumstances are altered, situations evolve. When new, accurate information comes to light, it may alter your decisions. Ever been divorced?

  8. Boise Lawyer
    Sep 10, 2021, 7:28 pm


    “The 500+ civilians (or whatever accurate number) have had 18 months to get out of Dodge. Too bad!”


    The United States had 20 years to plan for an orderly exit. Instead, it appears to have misunderstood the entire situation and consequently misinformed US citizens at home, and there. As a result, there are now Americans in extremely hostile (and newly well-armed) territory.

    Remember, those people you reduce to some vague statistic are Americans, from places you know, with families. Some non-trivial number of them will have their heads chopped off.

    “Too bad” you say. With all due respect, you’re wrong. Factually, and morally.

  9. Pam Freeman
    Sep 11, 2021, 3:59 pm

    Boise Counseler,
    Well no one has 20 years to “plan for an orderly exit”. That is like saying you have 20 years while married to plan for a divorce. “Exits from war” are like most divorces with a much shorter time period, such as 18 months. Please review DoHa FEB2020 before approaching the bench.

    Further, Your Honor, the prosecution is 100% inaccurate for the statement yester of of “now Americans in extremely hostile territory”.

    Exhibit A. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/taliban-allow-200-americans-other-civilians-leave-afghanistan-us-official-2021-09-09/
    1) those 200 American are not there (now) and was the status when the counselor made the statement- a lie.
    2) obviously the Taliban is not as hostile as the counselor believes and they are honoring their agreement to allow Americans to leave.
    3) no harm, now foul at this point. the 13 American deaths and wounded were ISIS-k not Taliban.

    The statistical Americans there previously for the past 18 months (20 Years) knew it was a dicey proposition. Guess what might happen when you skate on thin ice? The civilians went their voluntarily!!!!!!! And considering their most likely purpose – it is 100% egotisical. Too bad!
    Factually, the current admin has done the best possible with a terrible situation. Mission accomplished- Exit Stage Left. The previous admin promoted a terrible deal, lied about the process (home by December) and had 4years to make good on promises, which was ill-guided to begin with and was handed a bad sitution to begin with and only made worse for previous 5 years.

    @Caeth- if you travel outside the US protection you might want omniscience knowledge of the rules and the state of governence for your destination. Otherwise, too bad. Don’t rely on US to save your ignorance. The list is very long of dumbsts traveling abroad and getting in trouble.

    Yet Caeth wants to pretend “new information” exempts their personal responsibilty at the same time crying upon Biden’s administration actual “new information” of the Afghans are not up to task.
    Crying of a “lies” of “the Taliban was weak” and at the same time claiming a defense of new information for those in country. Could you possible be more two-face?
    Comments in decline.

  10. Two faced Pam? The incompetence of those with decades of intelligence and experience is excused. Yet, those who made less than accurate choices when fed false information are left to sink. We won’t help you swim. Also, it’s likely a terrorist zealot is untrustworthy no matter the moniker.

  11. “Incompetence” for the intel folks?
    Says who? Intel is an art, not a science. Perfection only exists in social media. Based on personal experience, I know our intel people are professional and do great work, so no need to excuse anything.

    A “terrorist zealot”- who is that?

    In any scenario:
    a) personal responsibility or
    b) depend on the government

    Bergie made a personal choice to desert his post and then relied on the US govt to save his neck.
    Does anyone support that approach? If so, apply the standard to the others since FEB2020.

  12. Never alluded to incompetence of the collectors, just the users. How can you possibly compare one who deserted their post to one who was assured of their safety and remained to long at their post.

  13. Pat Freeman
    Sep 14, 2021, 1:09 pm

    @Caeth: “assured their safety” Assured? Who says their safety was assured? My whole point is…. leave the protections of the US boundaries and there is no safety, there is no assurance– no assurance.
    Personal responsibility.

    Who is the terrorists zealot ?

  14. Pat: Our Chief assured them the Afghan gov would retain control. Our Chief assured them the Afghan military was competent. Our Chief assured we would remain to assist when it became necessary for them to leave. If the Chief is to be believed, is that not some assurance of safety? Why be so callus to their fate? Have we no compassion or feeling of culpability for that fate? Why turn our back and ignore our personal responsibility?
    Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, ISIS, ISIS K, Taliban, et al. Put them in a box, shake them up, close your eyes and pick. Can you tell the difference? Can you pick the terrorist zealot who will be a trustworthy negotiating partner?

  15. Dope awards for posts?
    Sep 14, 2021, 9:18 pm

    Might I suggest dope awards for posts editor? Some citizens need to be busted right back to Kool-aid stand operators.

  16. Hey did y’all hear the PRESIDENT of the United States stopped in to visit Boise. The Mayor greeted him. NIFC- a major federal agency right here in Boise. Slant for the week.

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