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Ada Elections Advice For Tuesday

Ada County Elections is encouraging voters to check their polling location and preview their ballot before heading to the polls on Election Day, November 2. Voters can confirm their polling location and see their ballot online using the Ada County Elections polling place LOCATOR.

With new legislative changes and district boundaries, voters may not see what they expect on their ballot.

New this year, Boise City Council Elections are split by district, and voters must live within a district to vote. City Council seats 1, 3 & 5 will be up for election.

The Boise Sewer bond question will be on most, but not all Boise City ballots. A small section of Boise City is within the West Boise Sewer District and those voters will not see the Boise Sewer bond question on the ballot.

As with Boise City Council races, West Ada School District Trustees are elected by zone. Only those voters who live in Zones 1 and 3 will see a trustee race on the ballot.

In addition to West Ada Trustees and Boise Sewer bond, there are city council races in all cities, a Garden City mayoral race, Eagle Fire District Commissioners, Kuna School District Trustees, and a West Ada School District Supplemental Levy.

“It’s important to be prepared before heading to the polls on Election Day to avoid surprises and make informed decisions. We have a limited number of polling places changes each election, and though we notify affected voters, it is always a good idea to confirm where you vote before you head out,” said Trent Tripple, Chief Deputy Clerk. “Also, due to the nature of local elections’ districts and boundaries, you may not see what you expect on the ballot based on where you reside. We encourage you to check the polling place locator on our website where you can input your address and see both your polling location and your ballot in advance of the election.”

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  1. It's a false frame job
    Oct 29, 2021, 11:19 pm

    Just vote NO. Voting no will force commie-hall to either raise rates so much they get voted out, or they will come clean and admit they have hidden from view alternative money. There are piles of federal money available for this kind of stuff. But, Boise officials want to waste that federal money on liberal pet projects instead of basic infrastructure. They can’t force us to pay for a library, so they’ve manipulated and pitched the sewer cost as completely unavoidable for the homeowners. Notice the haste or surprise of this sprung on the voter, as if they didn’t see it coming for years. Liars and manipulators to scare the public into paying as if emergency so they can play.

  2. Chickenhawk
    Oct 30, 2021, 9:06 am

    Get out and VOTE. It is sad how many people have no clue who their elected officials are and who is supposed to represent them in city, state and federal government.

  3. Dear Boise voters. Before you head to the polls, I would like to convince you that there is no easy technological alternative to protecting our natural water sources from pollution in the first place.
    I put a reverse osmosis unit in my kitchen (we have our own well near Boise Airport), and also a carbon filled filter for the water coming into the house. All these water filters need to be changed on regular basis to work properly. So that is quite expensive, and you do not really know when it works or if it failed, testing water for particular organic compounds is very expensive ($200 or more per test).

    I googled the health outcomes of drinking reverse osmosis water, and it is actually worse than tap water: reduced life expectancy!
    Because of that, manufacturers put re-mineralizers at the back end of the reverse osmosis unit, but I do not know if it was researched how much that helps.

    Please VOTE NO on the Recycling Sewage and injecting it into my well proposal. Also, vote for my friend Katie Fite for Boise City Council (Seat 5). I know Katie will work to protect our environment.

  4. Inna, I was thinking for sure you would be in favor the water bond, after describing your costly efforts of clean water and showing your appreciation of such. And then you revealed that you, just you, own the whole Boise River drainage aquifer. Impressive! Somehow your well sits all by itself and anything done outside will affect your aquifer. City of Boise must pay you a fine mint to use your water.

  5. There are some people opposed to anything and everything with the word bond attached to it. Typically seniors on a fixed income not concerned with anything but their monthly social security welfare check and when the garbage gets picked up. Same people are voting down school bonds since they don’t have kids in school. In favor or opposed to this bond, ask yourself if you are thinking of you, or thinking of the city as a whole.

  6. PD: take a chill pill.
    Inna: I am voting “Against” the bond.
    PD: I do appreciate and value clean water (BTW I am a retired senior). I do not value elected officials who tell half truths and who value growth over quality of life.

  7. Boise Lawyer
    Oct 31, 2021, 6:53 pm

    Queue a rush of people with what-about-ism comments designed to distract and confuse the question at hand. PD identified it correctly: are you thinking of you, or thinking of the city as a whole?

    Vote yes on the bond. It’s a no-brainer, no matter how smart the critics pretend to be.

  8. You can’t be surprised when an “old timer” is concerned that a. public servant. is being paid at the city and county level to Plan & Zone! Only to find out the locals have to come up with $510 million to increase sewer capacity. With a NO vote, or Over $800 million with a YES vote!
    One needs to ask if the public servant is qualified?
    Example: There is 3/4 of an acre on Vista and Terghee with 9 units or less that is in planing & zoning for 50 units? Yes fifty! Who are our public servants working for? Let’s ask the home owner next to the project!
    Remember, we have a public servant deciding for us we have to spend
    $500-$800 million.

    Maybe we need to change our public servants on November too

  9. I would have to agree, Boise Lawyer. A “YES” vote would be somewhat “Scarecrowesque”.

  10. Frank has a __ point- change the public servants.
    Mmm, well we can only elect the top people, a few of them. Those elected then manage the professionals, in theory.

    It is the professional government employees running most of our lives. The bureau chiefs and the managers with the ability and authority to make a difference.

    Those professionals are the people we call neighbors. They too have to pay more user fees and taxes. They too are the ones driving on our roads and sending their children to our schools, and using our medical system. And just like the masses, they seldom care to make things better.

    It is my belief, those in the know to make things better are also the last interested in doing so- more work and it ‘rocks the boat’. People don’t like to the rock the boat, the same boat keeping them afloat.

    In the words of Wally Holmes:
    Said I’d like to know where, you got the notion
    To rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
    Rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over
    Rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby, rock the boat——

  11. Boise wants to avoid environmental regulations of dumping treated sewer discharge into the river – by dumping it into less regulated (or not at all?) underground water aquifer. They are claiming that if they inject it into the shallow aquifer (from which individual wells usually draw water), the deep aquifer from which Suez draws water for the city will not get contaminated, because the claim is that they are either not connected, or the hope is that layers of soil in between will act as a filter (the issue with it that if the filter gets contaminated it cannot be changed). Whatever the hope, the motivation is to avoid environmental regulation, not to keep river water clean. Besides, keeping surface water clean by contaminating underground water is a dubious trade off, and still costs a lot. In other words, a pretty dumb idea used to extract more taxpayer dollars from voters by claiming some greater good anyways. Some marketing people got paid well to produce the glossy “Vote Yes on Water Bond” mailer.

  12. For the recycled water to be injected into a public (drinking water) aquifer, the water has to be separated after use into white and dark components, and then these gets processed separately.
    Processed white water gets reused as drinking water.
    Processed dark water gets reused as industrial or farming.
    This is quite obvious, but costs even more, so nobody will even mention it.

  13. Please take note of the process today when you vote:
    Valid ID.
    Address Verification.
    “Ooops wrong polling place” for ‘does people’.

    And then keep that in mind when you hear politicians and yackers say things about voter fraud and how Idaho needs to make it more restrictive.

    When McGeachin and her fellow IFF puppets repeat the cry of a voter audit, you can remember you did your own personal audit-
    seemed to work just fine, right?

    And did anyone pay you to go vote?

  14. Don't Trust em one damn bit!
    Nov 2, 2021, 1:05 pm

    These are after all the same people who attempted to give away very valuable park land to one of their friends for a small fraction of it’s value. Then played dumb when caught.

    As Inna says, they will contaminate all the local ground water, force all wells to be capped, and force all users onto the Suez system. Suez water will become very expensive due to need for cleaning before use. And they will be partners with the city in yet another utilities monopoly. Poisoning the well is profitable.

  15. Vote “yes” on the bond was what 8 out of 10 people who have a brain did, but failed to use their brain to do their own research and critical thinking before falling right into the City’s trap.

  16. Election Advice after Math
    Nov 17, 2021, 2:40 pm

    The math says at least 33,917 people voted in the recent city election, (from the sewer voter tally).
    80% said yes for the sewer topic.
    If you are in the 20% minority of an issue, it might be good to ask, “is it me?”

    In 2017, there was somewhere between 23-24 thousand votes cast for the city races.
    2021 had more voters.
    Let’s compare.

    2017 vs 2021
    In 2017 Sanchez got 10396 44.1%
    In 2021 5758 57% of the 10062 in her district.

    In 2017 Woodings got 11953 52.3%
    in 2021 3317 49% of the 6738

    In 2017, Thomson got 10953 46.8
    Willits in this area got
    3134 55.9 % of 5606 votes

    The districts are supposedly divided somewhat equally. District 1 had the least amount of voters by a good margin: 5606 compared to 10062. Distric 1 leans more right, due to one demographic, but it has less participation- even when given Red candidates.

    That confirms the point that voters in West Boise area just don’t get out to vote and that is why our City Council has been loaded with representation from North and East Boise.
    Sanchez and Woodings, both quite left, got comparable representation from the whole city and from their new districts.

    Making districts doesn’t change the outcome- contrary to the intent of the teabaggers that wrote the bill and the traditionalists so perturbed that Boise is so Blue.
    The math proves conseevative spoliltticos wrong.

  17. Boise City is also to blame
    Nov 19, 2021, 11:02 pm

    The City intentionally dragged their feet to get the districting map completed until the very last minute so that candidates would have as small of a window to work within as possible. That is also part of the reason for the low voter turnout.

  18. Having worked as a “Deputized Election Official” (Poll Worker) in two elections about a decade ago, I can tell you definitively that City Hall and Boise’s Shadow Government (CCDC, GBAD, DBA, etc.) couldn’t give two shits what the “citizens” around here think because essentially none of them vote. It’s been said that: “We get the government we deserve”, and that is certainly the case in Boise, where the powers that be laugh at the Facebook / Online indignation and fury from “citizens” who are largely unregistered no-less active voters. Though produced for an election in Australia about 20 years ago, this video — “Fascism is Fun” — neatly and humorously summarizes the state of the electorate . . . [ ]

  19. Dave, not so much a comment but a question…

    Hoping all is well with you. Either things have been more quiet around Boise than it appears, or you haven’t been able to post. Just hoping things are OK…

    EDITOR NOTE–Not to worry. Mostly a lack of motivation. The fire is not burning so bright in my belly and I don’t want to focus on all the bad as in the legislature’s lack of good sense, the feud with the Guv and Lt. Guv, legislature spending $$$ on losing legal battles, city devious financing of sewer, airport subsidizing Amazon, coppers holding back on facts of mall shooting and shooting death of mental patient.

    The list goes on and on. And politicos keep spending on attracting more people and rooftops.

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