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Boise’s Top Copper Investigated

Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee is the subject of an investigation apparently stemming from a physical incident with one of his subordinate officers. The investigation by the Idaho State Police has been reported locally by several media outlets as well as national media. The GUARDIAN along with other media have been “tipped” repeatedly for several […]

Tired of Pandemic And Legislature? Try Eagles

We simply cannot join the throngs who report daily on the legislature and the pandemic repeating and repeating the same speculation. Better to soar with eagles… We took our annual drive Saturday to the “EAGLE TREE,” 120 miles east of Boise at WENDELL. The magnificent birds come every Christmas for about 40 days and roost […]

“Hang Up And Drive”

If you are one of those who think the coppers are ignoring enforcement of the “no texting law,” think again. The GUARDIAN has obtained data from Fourth District Traffic Court showing that 1866 tickets were issued in Ada County alone in 2021. Here is a breakdown of the enforcement actions. Boise City PD–961 Eagle City […]

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