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No Charges For Boise Top Copper

No charges will be filed against Boise’s top copper, Ryan Lee, following an investigation by Idaho State Police and the Clearwater county prosecutor into a “training incident” involving a choke hold. The officer who was allegedly injured has filed a tort claim against the city of Boise. That civil action is yet to be resolved. […]

Boise Needs Citywide Ombudsman

The GUARDIAN has come to the conclusion we need to have a single ombudsman for all city departments to act on behalf of citizens when it comes to resolving minor disputes, providing access to knowledgable officials, and generally being a voice for citizens. Over the years we have seen a marked disconnect between citizens and […]

Inflation Is Issue At Barber Park

Officials at Boise and Ada County are at odds over inflation at Barber Park. Not financial or taxes, but air pressure. Several Boise Councilors have had informal meets with Ada Commishes and County Park board members regarding the plug being pulled on free compressors three years ago at Barber Park. Boise contends tubers and rafters […]

Is Bedke Running For Boise Mayor?

If a recent campaign funds solicitation is any indication, it looks like Scott Bedke is running for Boise mayor against Lauren McLean. It isn’t clear just what he will do to stop McLean or what she will do to hurt the office of Lt. Gov. Here is a copy of what he sent to potential […]

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