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Gay Pride Parade Bombshell

The talk radio right and conservative social media is sparking with news that Boise’s Pride Parade Sunday will feature a “Drag Queen” festival on stage…for 11-18 year-olds.


The GUARDIAN has discussed the event with our trusted liberal and gay friends. We also talked to some middle of the roaders and conservatives. At first they all doubted the event was actually scheduled. When it was finally sorted out, the consensus was as follows:

–Sponsors probably were unaware that young boys would be on stage as part of a gay pride event.
–It is inappropriate to use kids on stage for such an event.
–Boys, girls, and non-gender folks of any age should be allowed to dress as they please.
–Organizers are fanning the flames of discontent with the “in your face” act.
–The news media and the GUARDIAN wouldn’t publish images of juvenile suspects involved in criminal cases and the same rule would logically apply for child drag queens (princesses?).

Finally, based on the plethora of images on the internet, an appearance as a drag performer at a young age could stay with someone for their lifetime and would easily pop up during a Supreme Court nomination hearing or at a future criminal trial.

3pm 9/7/22UPDATE–Zions bank has withdrawn sponsorship based on the child event.

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  1. Boise Lawyer
    Sep 7, 2022, 4:22 pm

    I am a let live and get along kind of guy but wow:

    Scheduling the parade for 9/11 wasn’t a super great idea.

    Including a children’s drag component was a terrible idea.

    It doesn’t take more than a moment’s worth of thought to realize that both are inflammatory to people with differing points of view. Picking a fight isn’t “solidarity” and stirring the pot isn’t “support.”

    The rejoinder is “we have the right to do these things,” and that’s probably true. But these things are still stupid and unwise.

  2. Lefty says it pretty well.

    Live and let live.
    All 11 to 18-year-olds have parents.

  3. By now everyone should realize that there is heavy overlap between bona fide pedophiles and the LGBT community. Didn’t we just have Pride Month?

  4. Night Trader
    Sep 8, 2022, 8:14 am

    Disgusting to me. However, like it or not, I accept the queers’ place in society; but I do my best to keep their hands off my tax dollars.

  5. By now everyone should realize that there is heavy overlap between bona fide pedophiles and the bigots community. Didn’t we just have Bigot Month?

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