Micron Growth Not Necessarily Good News

BOISEDEV has an excellent report with preliminary details of MICRON’S proposed expansion which will rival the Pentagon in size.

While some may see the expansion as a coup for Boise, the GUARDIAN fears the expansion and all it will entail will change the culture and character of our beloved city and state.

There are many aspects of the project that concern us. They include cost of infrastructure to residents while the chip making giant gets all sorts of tax “incentives.” Then there are issues of water, power, traffic, costs for police and fire, which are glibly addressed by Micron with no mention of who will provide the money for all that is required.

If Micron paid their fair share of taxes based on the touted $15 BILLION value of the project, their annual tax bill would be something close to $135,000,000. That calculation comes from a combined projected 2022 levy rate of .09% for city, county, schools, ACHD, etc. The firm has numerous tax concessions and limits which were passed by the Idaho legislature. Granted, if they were included in the tax equation, the levy rate would likely be lower.

Sadly, it appears to us that state and local government is quickly getting in so deep it will be impossible to say NO to any of the concessions sought by Micron. Simply put, it is too much in one place which will give the company untold power and authority over the lives and lifestyle of those who live here.

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  1. I’m going to try to play Solomon here and split the baby…

    For me, the jury is out still on whether or not Micron growing here in Boise is a good thing. That said, it’s pretty obvious that the growth wouldn’t be happening here without the combination of the taxable value cap our “astute” legislature passed when trying to attract Areva to Eastern Idaho, and Micron was the only company that took advantage of it. Follow that up with the tax breaks on building semiconductors passed by the state this last session, and the CHIPS Act at the Federal level, and it’s clear that taxpayers are directly subsidizing Micron, *and that part is NOT OK*.

    So, plant expansion? Sure? Plant expansion where the property taxes won’t cover the infrastructure/fire/police/other needs, and our pockets being raided for Micron’s capital expenditures as well? That is simply not acceptable, and what happens when the Legislature tries to enable the “jobmakers”. Wish those fools would get a clue…

  2. Disturbing, very disturbing …

  3. This ship sailed years ago: “…the expansion and all it will entail will change the culture and character of our beloved city and state.”

  4. “Capitalism: A love Story” Maybe someone will make a movie about it!

  5. Water is going to be hard to find
    Oct 21, 2022, 6:35 pm

    Water is going to be hard to find unless you already drilled a superwell. No more permits for new or deeper will be allowed. Any ordinary well within miles of this will be dry. The mayor will blame too much suburbia green grass. And just like they refuse to finger micron for air pollution contributions, they won’t dare discuss the amount of water they pull from the ground. It’s a shocking amount. In fact the available clean water is a big part of why Micron built here the first time they dry up the wells many years ago. This won’t free us from China. China will move here and pay too much for housing.

  6. Is it time to back water from about Neal to Danskin bridges? Whatever happened to the Twin Springs dam proposal? Can we get Micron to pay? Or China?

  7. David Klinger
    Oct 23, 2022, 9:13 am

    To paraphrase another U.S. president, ask not what Boise can do for Micron … ask what Micron can do for Boise. Interesting whenever these big deals are launched, the conversation is typically one-sided.

  8. better to grow than to wither.

  9. Acid dilution
    Oct 25, 2022, 10:52 am

    Most of the water used by Micron is to dilute the massive amount of acid they pour into the Boise River.

    Crazy to waste so much fresh water in a time of planetary drought to manufacture chips for devices designed to spy on us.

  10. Caeth.. looks like they are in final design at Anderson Ranch.

  11. erico49: That should cover about two weeks of peak summertime releases from Lucky Peak.

  12. dave zarkin
    Nov 17, 2022, 2:41 pm

    Spot on Capt. Dave! We’ve seen time and again with air pollution, traffic jams from ill advised developments. Lately in St Paul with the urbanization of what once was the Ford Plant and now is dense commercial residential development overlooking the Might Miss. River. Keep on this story! daz

  13. E.B. Schofield
    Dec 4, 2022, 10:47 am

    The sewer bond from fall 2021, with its clever name of water renewal, along with the developer/industry PAC that marketed it to the public as clean water and protecting the Boise River fooled the voters into approving a direct subsidy for this type of expansion.

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