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Coppers Get Kudos On Quad Murder Case

After repeated complaints from both local and national media reporters about the lack of information about the quadruple murder of U of Idaho students, Thursday’s release of the affidavit seeking the arrest warrant is a major about face.

The GUARDIAN has read all 19 affidavit pages detailing the probable cause for the arrest warrant of Bryan Kohberger, 28. With years of police-court reporting under the belt and sessions teaching coppers the ethical guidelines of crime reporting and release of information, we can offer nothing but admiration and praise for the conduct of this high profile case.

The degree of sophistication in handling the press gathered at Moscow was impressive. Not only the press conference style, but the use of a “media pool” allowing video and still images in the Latah County court room during his initial appearance averted a media frenzy. Pools are normally used in congressional and Presidential events. Typically a pool will grant access to single TV, radio, print, and wire services photographers and reporters. Media pools make all recordings and images available to all media.

While it may have seemed coy when police refused to answer reporter’s questions, we can now see they had a lot of info gathered from multiple agencies. Bottom line is there is little in our lives today that isn’t recorded or archived.

UPDATE 1/6/23–FBI had coppers stop suspect in Indiana to check for wounds on his hands, according to NY POST.
We offer a link below to the entire report which is fascinating reading. The affidavit was written by Brett Payne, a corporal with the Moscow Police Department (MPD) who has been with the department for about four years.


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  1. I am sure all the cop haters are going to take a day off and refrain from offering a “job well done” accolade. The probable cause affidavit is a fascinating read in forensic investigations. Not just the biological, but the electronic investigation of cell phone data etc.

  2. How is this even such a big story?
    There were 35 SEPARATE Mass killings incidents in 2022! Is anyone writing pages about those?

    One can compare the national response in this case to:
    when a cop gets shot
    when 4 kids are killed at a school
    when 4 gang-bangers are killed in a hood
    when 4 indigenous girls are killed on a reservation.

    Comparable crimes do NOT get comparable response from our society, media or law enforcement.

  3. Dave Kangas
    Jan 13, 2023, 9:49 am

    I think the police handled this investigation thoroughly and professionnally. The constant calls for more information from the public and various media, were not. Premature release of any information could have derailed the whole investigation. But of coursethe media had to keep this as a top headline issue even now.

  4. I think he’ll be acquitted or or at least a plea deal based on mishandling of evidence the first several days of the investigation before they realized this was not an easy one. Kinda like the OJ mess. Shocked they are allowing the house to be cleaned up and re-rented.

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