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50 Candidates Vie For 2 Council Seats

The GUARDIAN finds it very interesting that 50 Boise residents are seeking to fill to vacancies on the City Council through appointments, rather than an election.

Councilor Elaine Clegg is headed off to a high paying job as director of the Valley Transit bus system and Lisa Sanchez lost her seat when she moved out of her representative district.

It is unheard of to have 50 candidates running in an election, but when there is only a single voter in the “primary” (Mayor Lauren McLean) and four votes in the final “general” (the remaining seated city councilors) it is a no risk attempt at public office.

Rather than try to list those seeking office the easy way, we offer a link to the list courtesy of BOISEDEV.

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  1. Clegg.. for the PERSI bump.

  2. 53
    turns into
    More than 50
    turns into
    But who’s counting?
    This is not your grandpa’s form of journalism any more.

  3. The very best way to get that job… an appointment. No cost beyond the effort to submit a letter of interest and hopefully get the job.

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