“Respect The Culture!”

Just returned from a week of warm weather in Hawaii and came away with a thought provoking bumper sticker observation.

RESPECT THE CULTURE was actually emblazoned on the tailgate of a small truck. It got us to thinking.

How many of the thousands of newcomers to Boise and Idaho in general come here to join in the lifestyle, rather than change it? Do folks come here to take advantage of cheap labor, cheap electricity, business “incentives,” or do they want to become Idahoans?

We would welcome your thoughts. When farms start growing houses, schools are overstuffed, the roads are insufficient for the traffic volume, and there aren’t enough jail cells, the culture changes.

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  1. In some ways, CHANGING the culture here has been and still is helpful to ALL. It is not 1970 anymore!
    A person can be pessimistic or optimistic. Which one are you all?

  2. Aquarius,
    Curious as to what is wrong with the current culture in Idaho. What needs to be changed that will be helpful to all? Does the Swedish culture need to be changed in Sweden? How about the Amish, does their culture need to be changed to be helpful to ALL?

  3. Concerned Neighbor
    Mar 17, 2023, 9:15 am

    People are fleeing the failed left coast megacities and coming to Idaho. Why? Because Idaho culture has built and maintained a great place to live. It is insanity to want or try to change what is successful.

  4. Conversations with recent incomers show they leave a place they did nothing to participate in regarding citizen advocacy, then come here and take up the good life, with no plans to do anything to participate in protecting this place from becoming the crap they left behind.

  5. My sense of all the influx of people to Treasure Valley is: Appointed and elected officials have done a very poor job of planning on how to deal with all the new residents. My view is they are just letting it happen. We will get what we plan for in future growth pressures.

  6. Paul wants the politicians to do the job of the citizens.
    Who sold the farm land? Not a politician.
    Who built and designed the subdivision?
    Who decided to live in Canyon and work in Ada?
    Who decided they need to dine out all the time and create a demand for cheap labor?
    Who decided to be a criminal?
    who who who. Like an owl. Not the politicians. It was ALL the people already here, like you.

    Politicians are letting it happen? So you do want politicians to PREVENT it? Hysterical!

    EDITOR NOTE– As long as the politicos pay businesses to locate here they will come. When “incentives” like tax breaks and special attractions are eliminated, the growth mania will stop.

  7. That implies businesses and PEOPLE would not want to come here without tax breaks (businesses). More exaggerating.
    And all the others coming for the outdoors and the culture? The grandparents moving here? The political refugees? They all got incentives from the politicos?

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