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Florida Meter Maids (and butlers) Tag Expired Tags

The GUARDIAN recently visited Tampa, Florida and learned that in addition to parking tickets, parking enforcement employees also can cite errant motorists with expired license plates.

If you park on the street or in a city-owned lot it can be really costly if you failed to renew your registration. The tickets are computer generated just like a credit card receipt. They include a photo of the car, the plate, and a closeup of the expired annual sticker, along with a time and date stamp…pretty hard to claim innocence! Of course the fine increases if not paid on time.

This has the potential of being a new “revenue source” for Idaho cities if it is indeed legal. Police should love it because current enforcement is a very low priority. There is minimal chance for confrontation since there is no traffic stop and no contact with the driver by the city code enforcement agent.

Idaho law requires a real certified “peace officer” issue complaint and summons (ticket) for misdemeanors. We need a legal opinion on this since violations would be infractions.

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  1. Chris Patrick
    Mar 29, 2023, 8:01 am

    They also drive through apartment complexes at night and check for registration tags as well. They either hire a private company or tow-truck service to do so. $$$$$$$

  2. That is Law and Order.
    Welcome to America where no one is above the law, whether in Florida, New York City, or Boise.
    Reality will be it would be done more likely and more often in low-income areas or places where low-income folks frequent. Think Garden City Parks, not Morrison Center parking lot.

  3. We don’t need one more way for the government to raid our wallets.

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