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Clegg Offers Buses For Homeless


Claiming she still had a desire to help with City Council problems, former councilor Elaine Clegg has come up with a novel solution to help solve the problems of the “unhoused community.”

Clegg is the recently appointed director of the Valley Regional Transit bus system. She noticed upon taking the job there are a number of used buses which were retired from service, replaced with electric models.

Since the Ada Commishes balked at continued funding of 52 rooms at the Downtowner hotel for homeless folks, Clegg has come up with a plan to convert the old buses into “homeless camper vans.”

“We can hire a team of planners from out of state along with an outside legal firm to insure our unhoused community members have a place to sleep out of the weather,” said Clegg. She noted at least 15 bunks could be installed in each bus.

She suggested outfitting each coach with lavatories and parking them in City-owned areas near Harris Ranch, Ann Morrison Park, and the Foothills Learning Center.

Director Clegg said she hadn’t discussed the plan with Mayor Lauren McClean because it would probably be considered just another GUARDIAN April Fools story.

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  1. well done!

  2. Notice where she wants to put the buses. Ugh! How about in the North end where all the city council members live.
    Why do we need out of state planners?

    BONNIE–you got pranked and lost!! Read the last sentence.

  3. Nice try

  4. western guy
    Apr 1, 2023, 2:01 pm


  5. You’ve still got it old man. congrats

  6. GENIUS plan for old buses. City and school and others. A simple shelter is better than none.

    Regardless of the 4.1 story.

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