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After $500K, No Results On Cop Racial Investigation

The Washington D.C. legal group hired by Boise City has not come up with any information for public consideration according to a current post on BOISE DEV.

The BOISE DEV piece is worth a look as it goes into detail about the matter.

The GUARDIAN confirmed the law firm burned through $500,000 in taxpayer funds investigating the potential possibility of racial issues after a retired captain was noted to be posting racially based messages on social media. The outside investigation is on hold at present and further funding will likely be discussed in May by the City Council.

To our knowledge, the investigation is not the result of a single complaint alleging police misconduct or racially motivated police action.

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  1. Concerned Neighbor
    Apr 14, 2023, 6:40 am

    Bigotry is alive and well – on the left. Racist Sanchez made that clear with her open letter blaming those of european descent for all her personal problems, and as a false justification for her political corruption in spending campaign funds on personal items.

    EDITOR NOTE–She was ultimately found to be within campaign spending rules.

  2. Don’t forget the Mayor needed to throw up some smoke and mirrors to deflect from her disaster of a choice in the former Chief of Police that she personally recommended. Now she has spent half a million tax payer dollars with no apparent evidence of rampant racism at BPD. Time for a new Mayor!

  3. Half a mil, up in smoke.
    Lauren, what a joke.
    City hall, going woke.
    Can’t pay the bills, we are broke!

    East coast lawyers, laughing at the bank.
    For all this mess, Lauren we can thank.
    Shiva, pissing on a grave.
    Miss me yet, chuckles ol’ Dave.

    Ryan Lee, career’s not done.
    Cracking necks, sure is fun.
    Rainbow flags, coming soon.
    On Harrison Boulevard, by the first of June!

    EDITOR NOTE–Bubba you may coax Poet Paul out of retirement.

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