Flagrant Flag Flying Flaunts Logic

A flag faux pas at the White House over the weekend prompted the conservative radio talk folks to flood the air waves with criticism.

Seems the “rainbow” flag of the so-called LGBT-Q community was flown from the White House balcony flanked by the Stars and Stripes. Accepted flag etiquette calls for the USA flag to be center stage, highest, and not smaller if flown with other flags within the USA–especially at government buildings.

A year ago the GUARDIAN took the city of Boise to task when the rainbow flags adorned the public right-of-way on Harrison Blvd. on FLAG DAY. We don’t object to folks flying the rainbow flag, but when it is flown at places like the White House and Boise City Hall, it compromises any arguments against using city facilities to fly the Confederate stars and bars, the Nazi Swastika, the Christian Flag, Trump MAGA, or any other special interest banner.

Not only has Boise City allowed this special interest group flags to fly on city property, they have placed the Boise City logo on some of the rainbow flags adorning City Hall.

Last year city officials claimed the Harrison median flag flying on the public property were a decision of the North End Neighborhood Association. We stand by our position that only flags of the city, state and USA are appropriate on public facilities. One exception came in 2019 when the National POW/MIA Flag Act was signed into law, requiring the POW/MIA flag to be flown on certain federal properties, including the U.S. Capitol Building, on all days the U.S. flag is flown.

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  1. Flag E. Johnson
    Jun 13, 2023, 7:25 pm

    June is federally recognized as Pride Month. I consider it acceptable to use public land to fly a flag representing a federally-recognized holiday.

    EDITOR NOTE–There are hundreds of OBSERVANCES like Pride month which is NOT A FEDERAL HOLIDAY EVENT. Observances include FUDGE DAY, LITTLE LEAGUE, ELDER ABUSE, PICKLE, PET WEDDING, and hundreds of other special “days.”

  2. Mr. Flag E Johnson. December 25, is federally recognized as Christmas. Federal holiday. Can the Christian flag be flown on City owned Property?

  3. Flag E. Johnson
    Jun 14, 2023, 4:21 pm

    Harvey, I don’t think there is a “Christian flag”, but there are 10 Commandments displays in many public areas (I’m not sure about Boise proper, but other towns in Idaho for sure). You’ll find “In God we Trust” on every dollar bill and many government chambers. Is that appropriate?

    EDITOR NOTE–Johnson, you need to have better info if you wish to comment. Here is a link to Christian flags: https://flagsexpress.com/christian-flags/ .

    Also the 10 commandments stone was removed from Julia Davis Park by the city council in 2006. The GUARDIAN later brokered a deal to have the Episcopal Church host the tablet across from the Capital.

  4. Flag E. Johnson
    Jun 14, 2023, 4:22 pm

    Oh, and bring on the Fudge Day flags.

  5. “Accepted flag etiquette calls for the USA flag to be center stage, highest, and not smaller if flown with other flags within the USA–especially at government buildings.”

    Doesn’t even apply in this case, Guardian.


  6. Flag E Johnson, If you had ever set foot in a mainstream Christian church you would have seen the flag.


  7. Legal Beagle
    Jun 15, 2023, 9:53 pm

    Lots to be worried about in the world, Dave. You have this wrong and you should know better.

  8. You have this one right Dave. There is a lot of hypocrisy in which flags they accept and those they reject.

  9. Dan. I am curious which flags have been applied for and rejected.

  10. New month, new holiday. Curious, new decorations?

  11. Caeth, why don’t you tell us!
    Go look at the presentation on Warm Springs. Terribly faded flags, some wrapped up, some barely hanging by 1 of the hooks, some caught in branches. The decorating flags looks awful. Ignorance! Truly. Just uninformed folks in Boise claiming to be patriotic here crying about flag representing equality.

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