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Questions Abound In Copper Shoot

The GUARDIAN has awaited explanations why the legacy media has failed to question Boise PD and Chief Ron Winegar about statements made in press releases and in person following the latest “officer involved” shooting on Dale St.

Of major concern is the description of the dead man carrying “an edged” object and “multiple weapons. He also reportedly had “dialogue” with officers. These statements are simply intended to muddy the water.

Not only do the coppers refuse to show the body cam video–if there are any–but the refuse to tell citizens if the dead man had a knife, sword, or putty knife. Failure to tell us assumes a cover up.

Winegar on camera said the dead man had items which “could be used as weapons. Things just don’t add up when coppers refuse to give straight info.

Media reports said the dead man had called the coppers himself and had engaged in dialogue before returning to his second floor apartment. Video appeared to show a building under construction. Sounded like a construction worker, but it will probably be many months before a laundered report is ever made public.

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  1. I can see it now… “The officer’s gun discharged and the perpetrator was struck.”

  2. Concerned Neighbor
    Aug 9, 2023, 10:45 am

    They should have a detailed press release within 3 days. Video should be released after internal review then signed off by prosecutors.

    If someone holding a knife rushed me then you bet I’d shoot.

    EDITOR NOTE–Agreed on all points. “Edged object” could be about anything. If the guy had a knife, why not simple say, “the guy had a knife.”

  3. Concerned Neighbor and Editor,
    I hope you consider those points when promoting Mike Masterson as a candidate. Could have been the policy to do exactly that for allllllll thesssse yeeeeears.

    Hey, I know, ask those questions to the POLICE UNION REP. smh

    EDITOR NOTE–We have already asked both Masterson and the union about it. Both strongly advocate early release of body cam images and “honest” press releases. They say, “If we are right, the public will support us. If we screw up, we have to own it, but either way the citizens need to know the truth.”

  4. Police to citizens: ” You can’t handle the truth!”
    Copper: “He hurt my feelings so I shot him in the back when he was running away. So, I had to plant ‘a weapon.'”
    Chief: “We know exactly how you feel bruh. Don’t worry, the Union has your back.”

    And that’s the truth. Editor, you are stating the exact same thing, just in gentle politically correct words: a perpetrator of your own despise.

    Time and time again, from Chicago, to Council Idaho, to Boise Idaho.
    Meanwhile copper Bourgeau whines about low recruitment.

  5. So this victim ??? called the cops ???? and ended up dead.

    Apparently he did not read BoiseGuardian since on July 31st, I posted the 3 top cop rules.

    Rule #1. Don’t call the cops.
    Rule #2. Don’t talk to cops.
    Rule #3. Don’t trust the cops.
    Says the lawyers. Proof is online in thousands of videos of documentation.

    Looks like #1, #2, AND #3 are also true in sweet little ol Boise.

    Three days later:
    Five bullets.
    Years of training.
    Self defense skills.
    2 cops.

    mental illness and an object with an edge.

    Seems a little unjust, doesn’t it?
    Number 6 for Boise so far this year.

  6. In 2004
    Boise cop Andrew S Johnson killed 16 year old Mathew Jones.
    Jones’ dad called the police to help with Mathew screwing around with an antique rifle with a bayonet. At the time it was reported cop Andrew Johnson was on Boise force for 4 1/2 years,,,,, so he started in about 2000. Boise chief of the time, Tibbs really screwed that investigation as the BoiseGuardian reported.

    Now, today, “Corporal A Johnson” is involved in this fatal incident.
    It is reported “Corporal A. Johnson (23 years law enforcement experience)”

    Could it actually be the same “A. Johnson”?

  7. I was hoping that some of these commentators that have such strong negative opinions of police procedures would write a sample policy for the use of deadly force. Then maybe the rest of us could see how how it should be done.

  8. Excellent Q Roscoe. I remember that incident well. Almost like you practiced real journalism instead of just quoting press releases.

  9. western guy
    Aug 13, 2023, 3:31 pm

    Per ‘Roscoe’: if Corporal A. Johnson is the same in officer in the 2004 and 2023 incidents, then he doesn’t belong on the force. Why, as a 23-year veteran in ANY police department, if he hasn’t progressed to Sargent, then he’s not worthy of the badge.

    EDITOR NOTE–We are posting the nasty comments about the coppers only because we believe in free speech. The GUARDIAN has no knowledge in the accuracy of comments offered from readers.

  10. Western guy makes about as much sense as saying any teacher that does not become a principal after 23 years of teaching is not worthy of being a teacher. Same goes for nurses, they all need to become doctors. Wow!

  11. A person should not have to be scared of their local police. #brutality

  12. Concerned Neighbor
    Aug 16, 2023, 7:52 am

    Law abiding and honest citizens aren’t afraid of local police. Only criminals and liars are.
    Police aren’t social workers. If someone is so off the rails as to a menace to others then they should have been committed much earlier. And if you think that sending social workers into the field as a first responder then you might want to look at how failed megacities tried that then they were murdered.
    Crime is growing because leftists actions are pro-crime. Many areas have seen annual increases in the tens and sometimes hundreds of percent over the last 4 years.
    Our peace officers have a unique duty to apprehend suspects. The only legal place to argue that is in court – not with the officer on the street.

  13. Hello Concerned Neighbor, Are you trying to convince the Editor to change his message?

    1)These statements are simply intended to muddy the water. INTENDED to mislead.

    2)Failure to tell us assumes a cover up. Lots of examples, even in Boise.

    3) Things just don’t add up when coppers refuse to give straight info.
    REFUSE to be honest- liars?

    4) many months before a laundered report is ever made public LAUNDERED- deceitful.

    So in your opinion, cops ought to be afraid of cops since the Editor is stating the cops in this case are being “criminal and liars”.
    Sounds like common sense.

  14. 2 weeks later.

    Clocks are ticking.

    No answers to the questions?
    Great police work,,, not!

  15. A month later. It is more like

    The Guardian has failed to get answers from Boise PD and the Chief.

  16. two months and counting.

    Mayor candidates have any input on the lack of transparency by BPD?

  17. Still nothing?
    I would think the Mayor Candidate would be getting this done el pronto.

    Prove the sincerity to clean up
    the police, Masterson

  18. Night Trader
    Oct 29, 2023, 11:22 am

    I’m a bit late to the show on this story. So, I’m not sure I’m following Roscoe on this one. “Prove the sincerity to clean up the police” what about our current Mayor? Why just noting Masterson?

  19. @NightTrader
    EDITOR NOTE–We have already asked both Masterson and the union about it. Both strongly advocate early release of body cam images and “honest” press releases.

    So you might ask why is the Editor only asking Masterson about it?
    Masterson is accusing the Mayor of making a mess of the police department- so there is no merit in asking her to fix it, according to him.
    So where is Masterson’s influence and solution?

    Business as usual. The Boise police culture of today is much due to Masterson’s 10 years as chief. Masterson was the chief before Lee.

    His opinion was Lee “didn’t feel the culture.” That is a quote from a debate. What culture is that Masterson? The law enforcement culture or the white culture?
    The outcome is the Boise Police Union is basically ignoring minor offenses- traffic and such.

    Let the city burn and blame McClean.

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