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Meeting Host or Guest?

The GUARDIAN asked the folks at St. LuKe’s Regional Medical Center exactly who called the meeting that Sheriff Gary Raney contends was not a meeting, but the Ada Commissioners listed on the agenda as a meeting at the posh private Arid Club on Wednesday. Government and community leaders were set to discuss a proposed drug […]

To Meet or Not to Meet?

Like President Bill Clinton who had trouble with the meaning of “is,” Ada County officials are wrangling with “when is a meeting not a meeting?” In a good faith effort to err on the good side of Idaho’s “Open Meeting Law,” the Ada county commissioners posted a legal agenda item for Wednesday which included a […]

Commissioners Salaries Total $256,470

Ada county commissioners voted themselves a 3% pay hike, bringing each one an annual paycheck of $85,490. County commissioners are among the few if not only elected officials able to vote themselves a raise between elections. The raises go into effect in October and the combined total for the executives will be $256,470. The commissioners […]

Ada Deputies Allowed Behind Bars

Hard to believe that some people WANT to stay in jail, but that was the case with a couple of Ada County jail guards who narrowly avoided the unemployment ax following the escape of a bad guy last month. The GUARDIAN has it on good authority that contrary to earlier reports only one guard was […]

She Said, They Said

Looks like former Ada Commissioner Sharon Ullman touched some raw nerves when she went after the current county commissioners and their budget in a recent STATESMAN op-ed piece. Her information was mostly correct with a few minor errors and slants–her conclusions are based mostly on raw public budget figures which don’t necessarily explain FACTS or […]

Ada Commissioners Need to Pay

With an olive branch in his teeth and a white dove of peace tattooed on his body, City Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt made a visit to his old haunt, the Ada County Commission, last week at a scheduled meeting seeking to reduce friction between the city and county governments. City officials seem to have lost sight […]

Dancing With the Wrong Partner

The late Senator Frank Church once told the GUARDIAN that basic foreign policy could be determined by most citizens. However, it takes experts to implement that policy. Those words of wisdom from the man who was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee apply to many aspects of public life. The words came to mind […]

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