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Cop Sought Birmingham Style Fire Hoses

Only the good judgment of a Boise Fire captain kept Boise from getting “national recognition” Saturday night with images of fire hoses being turned on crowds of citizens–just like the 1960’s civil rights days in Birmingham, Alabama. A Boise Police officer requested an engine crew from station #5 to respond to the area of 6th […]

Cops Spray Angry Crowd

Boise’s downtown was buzzing with plenty of action Saturday night (Sunday a.m.) as crowds stood along Main Street to watch police marching in the street. It was no parade. They were watching 35 cops from four agencies squirting partyers with pepper spray following a violent stabbing incident at the Loft, a bar at 622 Idaho. […]

“Bashful Flasher” Hits West Boise

Boise police arrested a dude in West Boise who has to be a candidate for a “Dumb Pervert of the Year” Award. The guy apparently wanted to show his stuff to children, but was too bashful or afraid of getting caught, so he just drove past unsuspecting kids and tossed naked photos of himself at […]

More Poop Farm Charges

Another former Boise City employee has been charged with criminal activity related to the scandal at the Twenty Mile South “Poop Farm.” Bradley G. Holmes is charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly “splitting invoices” for eight tractor tires. He has entered a not guilty plea. City purchasing regulations require bids for items worth more than […]

Poop Farm Problems Persist

Just when we thought there was a some movement on the irregularities at the City owned “Poop Farm” we hear the internal auditor has quit. Steve Rehn would not discuss his departure, but said he is leaving by his own choice to accept a “better job opportunity.” The GUARDIAN has been deluged with information about […]

Boise’s Spin Doctor

A tip of the GUARDIAN hat to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter’s spin doctor, Michael Zuzel, for his treatment of the Poop Farm case and former City farm manager Dave Skinner. Skinner has been charged with felony misuse of public funds. How Dr. Zuzel was able to get Dan Hawkins to take therapy in the form […]

Prosecuting Poor Performance at The Poop Farm

UPDATED 5 p.m. Wednesday Boise City Hall was rocked by scandal Wednesday when it was revealed that felony charges have been filed against the former manager of Boise’s Twenty Mile south “Poop Farm.” David C. Skinner is charged with “misuse of public funds.” The complaint filed in 4th District Court alleges that “without authority of […]

Poop Farm–The Fan Comes Closer

The resignation of Boise’s Poop Farm manager Tuesday brings the proverbial fan a little closer to what it is destined to hit. The “BioSolid Waste Recycling Facility” is located on desert farm land near Kuna. No word if the resignation stems from investigations and a major audit surrounding finance and management practices within the Boise […]

Official Yzaguirre Rehash

Ada County Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre has maintained a pretty low profile after his reelection campaign, but not low enough to escape some pot shots from former Commissioner Sharon Ullman and the BOISE WEEKLY. The WEEKLY ran a piece called “Taxing The Public Trust” which was pretty much a rehash of Yzaguirre’s financial problems with the […]

Failure to Communicate

Looks like the Boise PD has an internal communication problem which needs immediate attention if it hasn’t already been cured concerning the case of the officer charged with sexual assault on the teenaged girl. The courts will handle the criminal side of the case, but KIVI Channel 6 ran a story recently which was particularly […]

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