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Idle Thoughts On City Vehicles

About a year ago the GUARDIAN caused a stir among coppers when we noted patrol cars left idling for long periods of time at convenience stores and even at dinner for an hour at a time. Comments on the post, POLICE PROWLERS GUZZLE GAS prompted a flurry of defenses for the idle arguments. Top Cop […]

Council & Cops Indecisive On Space

It is high time the Boise City Council and Cops get serious about providing facilities for the department. And they need to be open about it. Instead of involving the citizens who consume the services and pay the bills, both the BPD and Team Dave have been dancing around trying to cut land deals, do […]

La Tech Gunmen at BSU?

While watching the Boise State Bronco football game on TV Saturday we noticed a state trooper dude toting a gun on his hip standing with the La. Tech team. Closer examination showed a shoulder patch shaped like the state of Louisiana! What the heck is a Louisiana copper doing at Bronco Stadium toting a pistol? […]

Gun Merchant Senator To try Again

Meridian Arms dealer, Senator Gerry Sweet, has vowed to introduce his controversial concealed weapons bill next year, but it will be a pared down version with different language. He wanted to allow people to carry weapons concealed in vehicles without a permit, but cops and sheriffs raised a ruckus and the media got to picking […]

Conflict or Coincidence?

A little work on the internet by GUARDIAN sleuths turned up some interesting data on a Meridian arms dealer who happens to also be a state legislator pushing a bill to allow people to carry weapons concealed in vehicles without a permit. Seems that Sen. GERRY SWEET (R) Meridian is president of an Idaho corporation […]

Tarnished Heroes

Amazing how little cash it takes to get Twin Falls’ “Best” to abandon those they swore to serve and protect. Good men who would probably file charges against anyone offering them a bribe were characterized in court testimony as “not being able to be counted on to do their jobs,” after being smitten by $5,000 […]

No Winners in Bungled Inquest

The Ada County Coroner and law enforcement in general have their work cut out to restore public confidence following the bungled inquest into the police shooting of 16-year-old Matthew Jones. The case was a tragedy of errors and ineptitude almost from the beginning. Police responded last December to a call for help from a father […]

Inquest: Too Many Cooks

Too many cooks “spoil the broth” and the same is true for investigations. In the the case of the tragic police shooting death of 16-year-old Matthew Jones it is time to start serving up “the broth” from the inquiries. The FBI has been called in for a civil rights investigation and we figure that move […]

Failure to Communicate

Looks like the Boise PD has an internal communication problem which needs immediate attention if it hasn’t already been cured concerning the case of the officer charged with sexual assault on the teenaged girl. The courts will handle the criminal side of the case, but KIVI Channel 6 ran a story recently which was particularly […]

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