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State To Study Detox Panel

Looks like there is hope, however slim, for some sort of detox treatment at the state level after the legislature forms its own interim committee to examine the failed efforts of the Department of Health and Welfare. The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee suggested a joint committee be formed to determine what needs to be done […]

Boise Mayor Charms Local Governments

“LOOKS LIKE WE GOT A FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE” Recent news reports sound like Boise’s mayor may have attended the “Rumsfeld-Cheney School of Charm.” The mayor’s recent track record for making friends would qualify him as an honor student at that institution. Here are some of the memorable items: –DETOX center fell apart after city council […]

Local Governments Need Scrutiny

Ada commishes approved plans for the SunCor Development planned community off Highway 55 north of Eagle a month ago and now the City of Boise is taking them to court over the decision. Mayor Dave Bieter has opposed the project from the beginning–now he knows how it feels to be ignored by local government officials! […]

Boise City Land Speculators

Defeat of the Boise Library bond was a perfect example of WHY we need bond elections to keep the local government leaders in check. Mayor Dave Bieter now wants to sell off excess city property, get private funding and build store front library branches WITHOUT a tax increase or a bond. Great idea! He should […]

County To Raise Funds For Chamber

Ada County Commissioners will conduct a fundraising event on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce March 15 with their “State of the County” breakfast event at the Grove Hotel. Stung by charges of holding closed door meetings and media coverage of an ill fated get together at the Arid Club last summer, the commishes and […]

Boise Not Good Enough?

City and County officials from across the Treasure Valley are poised to meet with “Business Leaders” and the Chamber of Commerce for an annual gathering which gives attendees exclusive access to elected officials. This group of cheerleaders strives for economic vitality in the Boise area. They have economic development teams, they push tourism and convention […]

Mother of All Skinny Houses

First it was those ubiquitous (for you non-library types that is “ever present”) skinny in-fill houses and now a developer is aiming for the MOTHER OF ALL SKINNY HOUSES with a 194 feet tall tower only 30 feet wide. Big spread on the business page of the Statesman newspaper Sunday cheerleading a proposed skyscraper which […]

Free Speech Remembered

EDITOR NOTE: This comment was received about Dwitght Scarbrough’s FREE SPEECH skirmish with the Homeland Security cops over anti-war signs on his truck parked at a Federal parking lot. We thought it worthy of a headline posting. As a US soldier over in Iraq right now I may disagrgee with the anti war part BUT […]

Special Treatment for Tamarack

The foreign business interests controlling TAMARACK Resort in Valley County continue their successful courting of Idaho government officials. Their latest coup came as André Agassi and Steffi Graf along with their Canadian real estate partners got the Idaho House of Reps to pass a bill to give them a special exemption from the Idaho liquor […]

Educated Inside Insight

GUARDIAN READER (insider) VIEW. Take a trip to Victory Road. Check out Boise School District Facilities. Then, go to Caldwell and check out their retrofit building from the turn of the 20th century. I would agree that the facility on Victory Road was an excessive use of public funds. Yes, BSD piddles money away on […]

Library Types To Try Again

We noticed a Statesman story by Brad Hem says that despite voter denial of a $38 million library bond, proponents plan to offer up another version…soon. Some alternatives were discussed at a Wednesday meeting of the library board: –Rerun the same losing proposal –Smaller branches in strip malls –Seek private funding to reduce the bond […]

Who Pays For School PR Campaign?

A GUARDIAN READER VIEW It seems odd that the Boise School District’s final spin cycle is beginning with an attack on their opponent’s spin? The only thing they’re taking issue with, at least so far, is the accusation that “maintenance funds” were used to build their new administration building on Victory Road. From this voter’s […]

Gun Merchant Senator To try Again

Meridian Arms dealer, Senator Gerry Sweet, has vowed to introduce his controversial concealed weapons bill next year, but it will be a pared down version with different language. He wanted to allow people to carry weapons concealed in vehicles without a permit, but cops and sheriffs raised a ruckus and the media got to picking […]

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