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Skipper Jumps Ship

Boise’s daily newspaper remains in disarray and now even the latest publisher, Mike Petrak, has bailed out. They had three owners in less than a year and changed the format to compete with YAHOO web sites. With top editors on well deserved vacations, those who read the local paper are treated to reruns of two […]

MAYOR HOTLINE June 23 to 30

Looks like a lot of people are unhappy with the City this week. It is the longest complaint list we have seen, but leads off with a compliment for a business fix. Contractor has ignored an agreement with the city and neighbors are irritated, a guy wants help getting out of a mental institution, and […]

Media Rides Scooter Story

Scooter user Hillary Haymond–”HH” to GUARDIAN readers–got 15 minutes of fame Wednesday and secured a neat little parking perk for two wheel drivers…free parking at two downtown Boise locations. Like the activist she is, Hillary deftly handled on camera interviews and schmoozed with the mayor and council president. Hillary wrote to Mayor Dave Bieter and […]

ExpandedTV Dope Award

A past winner of a Boise GUARDIAN TV Reporter “Dope Award” offered up the following story out of Ohio. “I don’t know if Dope Awards cross state lines, but this is classic Dope Award behavior. The story is from the Associated Press in Cleveland. A television news cameraman paid a $145 fine after police said […]

261 Illegal Fireworks Complaints

UPDATED REPORT Boise Dispatch reported 261 illegal fireworks complaints from 8pm to 1:30 a.m. Overall there were 400 calls for service during the five hour period. There were 31 fire calls and 19 medical assist calls. Total calls for the day numbered 2,477–a 1,766 jump over last year. Based on comparision with 2005, we would […]

Monday Morning Media Madness

Even the GUARDIAN sometimes runs short of material. But we NEVER, NEVER publish two year old reruns of stories written by former employees who work as media spin doctors for state government. Not even with our twisted sense of absurd humor would we run a picture of a horse’s patute–with tail raised no less–under the […]

Boise Off Track on Locomotive Move

For starters the GUARDIAN thinks it would be neat to have a historic steam locomotive parked at the Boise Depot. It would also be neat to open the Depot to the public. That said, we can only hope the info from a reader is not true about the financal plan to move “Big Mike” –the […]

Feds Pay Poop Farm Subsidy

One of Ada County’s biggest recipients of farm subsidy (welfare) payments from the U.S. Government last year was none other than Boise City’s “Poop Farm” which qualified for $30,577 in welfare. No word from the city if the money found its way into the general fund and got swallowed up or was added to the […]

Convention Center Lure

The Pyramid Arena in Memphis was built as the “mother of all convention centers” to attract sports teams, national exhibitions, and lure visitors to the Blues City. Apparently it isn’t hooking enough visitors and the silver pyramid is about to become a garish super store the likes of which has never been seen– a BASS […]

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