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Boise And ACHD Launch Rockets

What were once minor terrorist attacks between Boise City and Ada County Highway District have become all out war over the size of Ustick Road. City wants three lanes and the district wants five. ACHD launched a surprise attack on the legally crippled Boise City government with a lawsuit on Tuesday. First it was the […]

Insurgent Developers Invade Ada

There has to be some kind of analogy to the mideast situation with all these invanders imposing their will on the peace-loving people of Boise and Ada county. The latest aggressor is Westpark Company with ‘Mayfield Springs.’ It is another of those mass subdivisions billed as a “Planned Community” proposed for land located northeast and […]

A Hump For The Cliffs

Ada County’s chief civil attorney made what some saw as a surprise appearance at the county P&Z meeting Thursday–looking to hump the CLIFFS development at Hammer Flats. Ted Argyle appeared with his fellow homeowners in the Surprise Valley subdivision asking for a berm along Highway 21 if the project is ever built. Wasn’t Surprise Valley […]

More Rooftops For Growthaphiles

JMM Dry Creek, LLC, today submitted their initial planned community application for the ‘Dry Creek Ranch’ Planned Community proposed for land on the east side of Highway 55 south of Shadow Valley Golf Course in unincorporated Ada County. The proposed 1,414-acre community would include approximately 4,300-residential units ranging from custom homes to multi-family residential buildings. […]

Chicago A Long Way From Hawaii

The Ada Commishes are headed for Chicago Aug. 4 for the annual NACO conference. That national county government group is the same one that met in Hawaii last year, causing a nationwide stir among indignant journalists and bloggers. Justice will prevail this year as anyone who has been in the hot humid midwest city can […]

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