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Secret Tax Policy

If reports are true in the Daily Paper, Idaho has a secret tax system administered by a commission which grants sales tax breaks to some businesses, but not others. Ken Dey, the reincarnated business editor at the Daily Paper broke a major story Thursday when he revealed a secret tax deal between the Idaho Tax […]

Surface Runoff Into Boise Park

Here at the GUARDIAN we received word of some low profile dealings between the developer of those controversial condos on Crescent Rim, Drainage District #3, and Boise Parks. The short version is a plan is being hatched to dump surface runoff from the condos into Ann Morrison Park. We want to make certain the Boise […]

MAYOR HOTLINE August 21 to 25

NOISY BUDDHISTS, NO NO NO TO SKEETER SPRAY, NO SPECIAL PARKING FOR OFFICE DEPOT, WHY KILL THE COUGAR? And lots of graffitti. 8/18/06 Chia Wood 854-0953 West Nile: I was just given some information about this pesticide plan to spray Monday and Tuesday evening. The paper had said it was not dangerous but apparently the […]

20% Sales Tax Increase

We have been trying to wrap our brain around the property tax relief Gov. Jim Risch bullied through the legislature. We think the law of unintended consequences may come into play since nobody had a plan that could be understood or endorsed without reservation. The shift from property tax to sales tax may not be […]

I Wanna See Flames

Reader JOHN offers up a dope award nomination for Channel 7 reporter Ysabel Bilbao. “I have a nomination for a new category of dope award–The Golden Dope. Go to KTVB.COM. Search for Bilbao under the video on demand. Watch ‘Fire crews work to save Silver Creek Plunge’. Yep, She actually says she hopes the flames […]

Leadership Lacking

Old Eskimo saying: “If you’re not the lead dog the view never changes.” In the previous posting the GUARDIAN ripped Team Dave with the expectation we would get a bunch of indignant replies from supporters telling us what a great job Mayor Dave has done. Instead we got a few feeble attempts enumerating some accomplishments […]

GUARDIAN State Of The City

On September 14 Team Dave leader Mayor Dave Bieter, will perform his second fund raiser gig for the Chamber of Commerce with a “State Of The City” address. At $30 a plate and 1,000 business types attending, the special interest political group stands to gross $30,000. To his credit, Bieter has asked for some “free […]

Readers Red Flag Dibrom

The GUARDIAN posted a skeeter spraying story to give concerned readers a place to express their views on the chemical application currently being conducted by Ada County. One reader told us her doctor and the Central District Health Dept. confirmed through blood tests she has been suffering from the West Nile Virus for three weeks, […]

BoDoSo NotSo GoodSo

What a difference objectivity makes! The IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW, that weekly with nothing but business stories, just may be something worth checking out. The daily paper gave us several days of hype and architects drawings last week promoting the BoDo developer’s plan for a six block development and a new library that nobody sought. Reporter […]

Mayor Hotline August 14 to 18

No,no, no, no to Rivendell duplexes. Why sign? Thanks for signing. Cheney wastes resources. Tall weeds, abandoned cars and houses. 8/11/06 Jeff McVey 3708 Burke Avenue Boise, ID 83703 BFD Complaint: I’m calling about this practice that’s being exercised intermittingly by the BFD. Today is August 11th. They are doing this at the intersection of […]

Parking BooBoo At BoDo

Just when we thought they were dead, the daily paper’s Brad Hem enterprises a story about Team Dave cutting behind the scenes deals for preferred parking with the BoDo Boys. Seems the largest tenant at Bodo is Office Depot and they wanted special parking spots directly in front of their store on Broad Street for […]

Canyon Citizens Challenge Jail Plan

Add the Commishes of Canyon County to the list of elected officials who won’t take “NO” for an answer. Voters turned down a bond proposal May 23, in the amount of $72.5 million for a new jail. It was to be located on a 25 acre parcel of land between Nampa and Caldwell on the […]

Skeeter Spray Strafing Starts

This is mostly so those of you who want to comment will have a forum to discuss the pros and cons of bringing out the aerial force to attack the skeeters and their West Nile Virus. Looks like Monday and Tuesday evenings will be “D-Day” and D-Day plus one. Two small planes will begin their […]

Mayor Hotline August 7-11

MEAN DRUNKS, TOO MUCH LIGHT NOT ENOUGH LIGHT, TOO MANY LANES NOT ENOUGH LANES ON USTICK, THANKS FOR THE ACHD FIGHT STAY OUT OF THE FIGHT 8/6/06 Nancy Shallat 1417 N. 12 Street BPD: This is the 6th time this summer that I have had damage from drinkers at Hyde Park who come back at […]

City Lawyers Lose Once More

Boise City continued its losing streak in the Supreme Court today when the high court ruled the Christians wishing to keep the Ten Commandments monument in Julia Davis park have the right to let voters decide the issue. Keep The Commandments Coalition gathered more than 10,000 petition signatures demanding that city councilors put the question […]

Standing Room Only

Sometimes boring press releases contain gems like this excerpt from Ada County announcing a new combat operation center near Meridian for the war on West Nile Skeeters and other pests. “The new facility will be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified by the US Green Building Council, which is a national rating system […]

Library Scam Explained

We can’t tell if it was ignorance or deceit, but the daily paper ran a blatantly erroneous story entitled “Developer Envisions Library Blocks” in Friday’s edition. The short version is BoDo developer Mark Rivers wants to take over six blocks of of our city and include a library– which he will rent back to the […]

Desert Homes In Fire Peril

Thursday night’s intense thunderstorm and accompanying winds were not really unusual for Southwest Idaho, but losing homes and risking lives should send a signal to local authorities considering development in lands subject to wildfire. Three occupied homes and an empty house trailer burned in the Tipanuk (Kuna Pit backwards) settlement just north of I-84 at […]

Airport Prefers To Fly Below Radar

Boise Airport officialdom continues to distrust the citizens and is quietly working on plans to go around the voters to finance a parking garage. In April the Idaho Supreme Court declared the Boise Airport attempt to obtain financing without a vote of the citizens to be unconstitutional and NOT an “ordinary and necessary” expense. GUARDIAN […]

MAYOR HOTLINE July 31 to Aug. 4th

7/28/06 Cat Rescue: My daughter rescued a cat from the pound. She was told that she had to reunite the pets with their owners when they’re lost. Well, come to find out the pound doesn’t check cats for chips so what’s the deal. Is this for the money? Hello, what’s wrong with this problem? Why […]

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