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Ballot Confusing, Not Devious

For Boise voters the last page of the ballot proved to be a bit confusing. At the end of the “NO” explanation on the issue of the 10 commandments was the hole for a “YES” vote. The formatting was poorly handled and should have been changed. If the measure forcing the city to replace the […]

Developer Gets Ag Exemption

GUEST POST BY TONY JONES (Jones lives on the plateau being developed by Skyline Development and heads up the “Save The Plateau” group.) The Idaho tax code is designed to encourage farming and ranching, most notably via property tax agricultural exemptions. Basically, the agricultural exemption creates a formula whereby farmers and ranchers are taxed on […]

Take These Jobs and Shove Them!

Local politicos and the Chamber of Commerce are first to take credit when a company moves to Boise with JOBS! What about when business LEAVES town? Will they also take the blame now that Supervalu has announced about 400 jobs will be cut in Boise as a result of the Albertson’s take over? Will those […]

Poop Problems On Public Paths

Next time the North End Greenies want $10 million to “save the foothills” take note of the prolific piles of poop present on the pedestrian paths. In England the GUARDIAN took note of a polite sign which converts to about $40. Those Brits sure know how to use the language. In a lead front page […]

Tax Rates Low, But Changes Due

The 2006 tax levy numbers are in and Ada County Assessor Bob McQuade offers up a detailed series of charts and numbers so you can FIGURE YOUR TAX. The GUARDIAN cuts to the chase and will let you know the tax on your house will be right at 1.38% of the TAXABLE value–the assessed value […]

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