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Firemen Respond to 70% Medical Calls

As the turf war between Ada County EMS and the fire departments heats up again, it would be appropriate for the fire departments to take stock of their evolving role as providers of essential services. Under a well intended plan to get medical aid quickly to those in need, three firefighters aboard a $275,000 fire […]

CCDC Gets Windfall From Schools

The new tax law passed during the one day session of the legislature might appropriately be called the “Law of Unintended Consequences.” One thing it did was create a windfall profit for the CCDC, (Capitol City Development Corp.) Boise’s urban renewal agency. Prior to passage of the new tax law, all the tax revenues on […]

MAYOR HOTLINE November 20 to 24

TEAM DAVE & MOTHER TERESA, PLAYING IN TRAFFIC, SIDEWALKS & BUSES, 11/24/06 Toni Breese 8050 Crestwood Drive Boise, ID 83704 Support for Mayor: My comment is that Mayor Bieter, I would like to see you canonized right along with Mother Teresa. I just think you and your staff are doing such a terrific job. I […]

Body Language In Cyberspace

WE SELDOM POST “THINK PIECES,” BUT THIS ONE FROM “RAZZBAR” OFFERS A BREAK FROM HEAVY GOVERNMENT ISSUES. I am sitting here at the BSU SUB. Next to me is a girl with a guy. He is looking at computer stuff… pictures, whatever. She is sitting in front of another computer, just sitting there, not speaking, […]

Ada Wants Ambulance Monopoly

Ada County officials are flexing their paramedic muscles with a proposed ordinance that attempts to prohibit fire departments in the county from providing ambulance service to citizens. That will be devastating to Kuna’s Fire Dept. which already operates an ambulance with trained paramedics. Star wants to offer similar ambulance service 24/7 which they fail to […]

MAYOR HOTLINE November 13-17

DOWNTOWN, POOR TALK, TRASH TALK 11/14/06 Jim Allen 1060 E. Washaki Meridian, ID 83646 Taxi/Vendor: Even though I’m not a resident of Boise, I do frequent the downtown area. As far as the problem with the push cart vendors and the taxi cabs, and the fights, I just want to weigh in there. The push […]

Council & Cops Indecisive On Space

It is high time the Boise City Council and Cops get serious about providing facilities for the department. And they need to be open about it. Instead of involving the citizens who consume the services and pay the bills, both the BPD and Team Dave have been dancing around trying to cut land deals, do […]

GUARDIAN Chat and Bulletin Board

We have created a new site at the request of readers wishing to address things not necessarily posted to the GUARDIAN, but of interest to readers. You can click on the top link in the list at the right if you wish to join or post. We are lending our good offices to the site […]

Share BAD BOISE With Friends

After the Zamboni drivers midnight run to Burger King garnered international attention for Boise, a reader suggested we share more REAL Boise in an effort to slow the growth factor. The Chamber of Commerce claims to have raised about $5 million to spend on attracting new businesses and jobs to the Boise area. The GUARDIAN […]

Dirk Gets Unkind Cut

Taxes aren’t the only thing the Risch Administration has cut in state government. The GUARDIAN has learned that hundreds of multi-page brochures for self guided tours of the Idaho Capitol building are available in the rotunda–with part of the cover missing. Seems it was cheaper to make a final cut and sever any identification with […]

Zamboni Joy Riders Fired

Copyright BOISEGUARDIAN.COM Two Boise Parks Department Zamboni drivers who made a joy ride lunch run to a Burger King are out of work and may even face criminal prosecution. Boise Parks officials fired them immediately upon hearing of the stunt. The two employees decided it would be fun to drive the rigs half a mile […]

Chamber Creates Growth Problems

Growthophobes are losing the battle daily as local governments and outside business interests continue to “pave Paradise and put up parking lots.” The Saturday edition of the Daily Paper makes the GUARDIAN want to pull out his three remaining hairs and scream at the inane remarks. On the business page a headline problems “Mayor says […]

More Profitable Than Meth

Would you like to turn an $800 investment into as much as $150,000? All you need to do is make a $375 down payment to the State of Idaho and be prepared to pony up another $425 when they issue a state liquor license. Licenses are issued on the basis of population–one license per 1,500 […]

Close Main To Cars, Protect Drunks

Looks like the Boise cops and city council have taken a logic lesson from the Bush administration. When Osama Bin Laden and a bunch of Saudi terrorists hit the World Trade Center and hid in Afghanistan, Bush bombed IRAQ. In raucous downtown Boise the drunks pee in the alley, push each other through windows, shoot […]

Utilities Dominate Growth Decisions

THE FOLLOWING IS WRITTEN BY A GUARDIAN READER WHO HAS DISPLAYED A FIRM GRASP OF GROWTH ISSUES AND WE THOUGHT HIS RESPONSE TO “CANNING THE PLANNING SHOULD GET BETTER DISPLAY. Guest Post By CURIOUS GEORGE Less government? I’m not sure it’s possible to get less government unless we revert to Kurdish-style warlord-ruled fiefdoms. Hegemony anyone? […]

MAYOR HOTLINE November 6-10

POOP PROBLEMS, TURF TOPS, UPDATE WINDER CASE?, OLD COP-NEW TRICKS 11/3/06 John Harrison 5800 W. Northview Boise, ID 83704 BPR: Wants the City to install a waste bin on the corner of Northview and Curtis. People come to Winsted Park, walk their dogs, use the plastic bags but toss it over his fence into his […]

Time For Canning The Planning?

Following the Tuesday election, political observers have taken note of the growing gulf between Idaho’s conservative and liberal voters–and subsequently the politicos elected. Nowhere is the gap more apparent than in Boise–where the Dems have made some serious inroads–and Meridian where conservative “family values” people have made their voices heard at the polls…it is as […]

Boise City Loses ANOTHER Legal Fight

Boise City’s legal department and Team Dave have preserved their losing record on high profile civil cases with yet another courtroom defeat. The city earlier this year sued Ada County over the approval of the Avimor planned community on Highway 55. Judge Duff McKee dismissed the city case Thursday saying they had “no standing” in […]

Favorite Video For Scholarship

So much for the old myth of “amateur student athletes.” With our Broncos knocking at the door of a BCS Bowl berth we bristle at the chuckles about blue turf from our Big Ten relatives in the Midwest. We even started buying into the BSU hype of being an “urban university beyond the blue.” Then […]

Recapping The Political Races

Finally! It’s over. No more political ads, roadside signs, recorded phone messages or broadcast talk shows. The GUARDIAN barely cleared the .500 mark on the pre-election predictions. In our defense we have to admit we were probably influenced by the national mood which saw the Dems take over the Congress. Also within Ada County there […]

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