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Old Canyon Sheriff Vows To Return

A group of Canyon County watchdog voters have been fighting their commishes over a proposed jail and sheriff’s office on land that has been acquired through long term debt with no vote by taxpayers. The group has had a rough time getting any traction (“standing”) in court and a majority of commishes has pretty much […]

City Survey Costs $60 Per Interview

If you get one of those “survey” phone calls like the GUARDIAN did yesterday claiming to be working on behalf of the City of Boise, beware your tax dollars are paying $30,000 for the survey. That’s right. Boise City Councilors authorized $30,000 to be spent for a mere 500 responses to the survey–that comes out […]

Boise Taxes Go to Private Lobbyists

The recent GUARDIAN piece questioning WHO calls the shots regarding the Boise City position on state legislation has prompted increased communication among Boise Councilors. It seems council president Elaine Clegg gave direction to lobbyist Lyn Darrington on how to testify on a bill that would impact Boise’s urban renewal agency, the CCDC. She told the […]

Rio Inspires Thoughts of Boise

The GUARDIAN’s recent fact finding trip to Brazil gave us plenty of inspiration for ways to improve life in Boise. After visiting the favelas of Rio we can clearly see the benefits of “in fill” development advocated by some members of Boise’s city council. You can certainly create a demand for mass transit and eliminate […]

Councilors Clueless On Lobby Effort

The Idaho legislature’s House Revenue and Taxation Committee heard testimony Friday on a proposed urban renewal law that would require members of agencies like Boise’s CCDC to be elected. The bill was held in committee and effectively killed by a 10-8 vote, but the REAL story is WHO testified and WHY. Two non-elected people paid […]

Vote Them Out Of Office

Boise’s urban renewal director and the Chamber of Commerce lobbyist were able to convince legislators to hold an urban renewal reform bill in committee Friday, effectively killing the proposal. From the reports and quotes we have seen–especially the great reporting by Lora Volkert at the Idaho Business News web site–it is another story of government […]

Inside Ada County Spin Machine

In case there is any doubt about Ada County’s position on the Cliffs development near Lucky Peak, we share an e-mail which is purportedly written by the County spinmeister Rich Wright. If true, this exchange is disturbing in that it portrays opponents of the development as as the enemy. In part because of this e-mail, […]

Legislature Could Rein In CCDC

Thanks to some fed up folks up north, we may have a shot at reforming the CCDC and all the subsidy to developers at the expense of us common folk. There is a pair bills in the legislature up for hearing Friday that could force ELECTION of urban renewal boards. These guys take our tax […]

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