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Low Price Is Not Low Worth?

The Daily Paper had one of those business page stories by Joe Estrella that left us scratching our heads Friday. Seems a bank economist told legislators the Treasure Valley has an unsold inventory of 7,000 homes and it will take a 15% drop in prices to get the housing market back on track. Since Idaho’s […]

Mayor Hotline January 2 to 4

CARPET REVIEW, MORE FROM GLENN 1/3/07 Anonymous New Carpet: I’m calling in regards to the embarrassingly hideous carpet in city hall. I recently visited the third floor and I got out of the elevator and was completely nauseated to see the carpet. On the first floor, there isn’t that much carpet, but what there was […]

Council To Meet In Depot

We got a nice note from Team Dave’s leader Wednesday. Dear David: I invite all of you to join us at the Boise Depot next Tuesday, Jan. 8, for the swearing-in of your mayor and three city council members. I’ll be taking the oath of office, as will re-elected council members Elaine Clegg, David Eberle […]

Mayor Hotline December 22 to 31

12/27/07 A.J. Smith 1407 Jefferson Boise Police Academy: Good evening, this is a message for Mayor Bieter. My name is A.J. Smith of Boise, 1407 Jefferson. I am calling as a citizen, someone who voted for the mayor, someone who is very concerned over a Channel 7 news report regarding the police academy graduation using […]

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