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Constitution Under Attack

Mayor Hotline January 19 to 25

Citizens Prevail Over Canyon Commishes

Low Level Living Leads to Lots of Liquid

Mayor Hotline January 12 to 18

City Cops or State Cops at Capitol?

Moonlight At Lucky Peak

Major Tax Shift During Past Decade

Jail For Sale Deals With State?

Engineering Boise Rail Line

Through a $2,000,000 purchase and subsequent donations, Boise acquired about 18 miles of rail line from the Union Pacific in 2000. It was part of a grand “Industrial Park” development scheme of the previous administration at taxpayer expense. The rail in question runs along the east end of Federal Way to the Union Pacific mainline […]

All Aboard! GUARDIAN Transit Line

Carpet Review Take Two

Mayor Hotline January 5 to 11

Hop Onboard GUARDIAN Transit Plans

There have been endless meetings, endless surveys, and endless chatter about “mass transit” in the valley. Now the cities are proposing a local option tax (probably a sales tax) to fund both highways and public transit. The legislature needs to exercise plenty of caution on this one. The GUARDIAN posted a plan for an “above […]

Police Plan Pistol Practice At Poop Project

Bashing The Daily Paper

PINKY, Inspires Councilor Shealy

No Avimor Poop For Boise

Mayor Media Maven To Head South

Horny Growthophobes Rank 5th

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