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Constitution Under Attack

After attending a meeting Tuesday with representatives of Idaho cities, counties, health districts, and banks we came away feeling there is a conspiracy afoot to deprive citizens of the right to vote on local debt (bonds). In a nutshell these people want to remove voter approval for airports, parking facilities, sewer extensions and more through […]

Mayor Hotline January 19 to 25

GOOD COP, BAD COP, BAD OMBUDSMAN, TAP DANCING CRAIG 1/23/07 Anonymous BPD: I was very dismayed about the policeman and the Burkett boy. I wasn’t so much distressed by the cop’s behavior because you expect that in a certain percentage of cops anywhere in the US. I was really distressed by the Police Chief’s reaction; […]

Citizens Prevail Over Canyon Commishes

The rights of citizens were advanced Friday thanks to a decision of the Idaho Supreme Court. In a nutshell THE DECISION allows a group of citizens to sue Canyon County Commishes for violating the state constitution. The Commishes had entered into a long term debt agreement to purchase land for a law enforcement complex, but […]

Low Level Living Leads to Lots of Liquid

A note of concern from Joan Lechtenberg on E. Nature Drive in Boise could be a harbinger of the coming spring runoff which will undoubtedly be robust as the result of what appears to be a “normal” snowpack. She called the office of Team Dave at City Hall noting those pesky developers are dumping fill […]

Mayor Hotline January 12 to 18

FLAGGER COPS, GLENN AGAIN, TRASH TALK 1/12/08 Levi Nall 5980 Ensign Police: I wanted to suggest that when construction comes around, I think you should have police officers, at least one or two, where they do construction because some people I saw ran through that construction speeding very fast. Give me a call if you […]

City Cops or State Cops at Capitol?

Once again it is time to call for a Boise POLICE COMMISSION. The commission would serve to relieve the chief from walking the fine line between defending his officers and representing the citizens–the roles are not always the same whether it be policy, budget, or conduct of officers. Each time there is an incident involving […]

Moonlight At Lucky Peak

©DAVID R. FRAZIER No controversy here, just a chilling moonlight view of Lucky Peak at 9 p.m. January 22, 2008. For you photo types it was done with a Canon Digital 30D camera using a 70-200 f-2.8 lens. Exposure was 30 seconds at 2.8 on a very very cold metal tripod. Just a little work […]

Major Tax Shift During Past Decade

Long time Democrat legislator Ken Robison of Boise offers up the following look at Idaho’s taxing record over the past decade and he concludes homeowners are taking on a bigger tax burden while business, utilities, and farmers—well represented by lobbying groups—are Paying less. By Ken Robison, (former legislator and journalist) Analysis of Idaho tax and […]

Jail For Sale Deals With State?

REPORTED BY CALDWELL GUARDIAN Looks like the State of Idaho is working on a plan to solve the overcrowding problem at the prisons–have the counties build new and bigger jails. A recent proposed contract deal between county sheriffs and the Corrections Department discussed at an IDAHO ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES DISTRICT III ELECTED OFFICIALS meeting explains […]

Engineering Boise Rail Line

Through a $2,000,000 purchase and subsequent donations, Boise acquired about 18 miles of rail line from the Union Pacific in 2000. It was part of a grand “Industrial Park” development scheme of the previous administration at taxpayer expense. The rail in question runs along the east end of Federal Way to the Union Pacific mainline […]

All Aboard! GUARDIAN Transit Line

The GUARDIAN has been making a lot of “casts” trying to hook some big fish as we angle for public transit and highway ideas. All we have seen from the politicos is a mad dash to continue to pollute the water and offer up bottom feeding trash fish. The ideas we have proffered come from […]

Carpet Review Take Two

Here is a GUARDIAN READER shot of the new carpet in City Hall which caused the great phone call to the Mayor’s hot line…we reprinted the transcript as well. 1/3/07 Anonymous New Carpet: I’m calling in regards to the embarrassingly hideous carpet in city hall. I recently visited the third floor and I got out […]

Mayor Hotline January 5 to 11

WIERD STUFF, MORE NO WAY HALFWAY 1/10/08 Susan Austin 8955 W. Lancelot St. Boise, ID Store Front Library and Bus Service: I see where you want to put that new library where the old Ridley grocery store used to be. Right now there is no bus service going anywhere around that area. I think you […]

Hop Onboard GUARDIAN Transit Plans

There have been endless meetings, endless surveys, and endless chatter about “mass transit” in the valley. Now the cities are proposing a local option tax (probably a sales tax) to fund both highways and public transit. The legislature needs to exercise plenty of caution on this one. The GUARDIAN posted a plan for an “above […]

Police Plan Pistol Practice At Poop Project

Looks like the pistol packing police plan to practice plinking at the poop project. Put another way, “Boise City’s Twenty Mile South 4,000 acre biosolids waste application farm has been selected as the site for the police shooting range.” Neighbors in the area of the foothills landfill complained at public hearings about locating a proposed […]

Bashing The Daily Paper

Apparently things at the Daily Paper are more unsettled than we previously thought. We all know media wonks love to “tell all” and tip each other on stories they either are too lazy to write or don’t want their names on…it cuts the chances of landing one of those cushy government jobs if you bash […]

PINKY, Inspires Councilor Shealy

With family and friends in attendance, the Boise City Council held its first meeting of 2008 and got to do something for free that costs most people over a grand–they had a reception at the Boise Depot. While a wet snow silently fell outside, the scene inside was warm and friendly. Mayor Dave Bieter was […]

No Avimor Poop For Boise

We recently got a whiff of pending plans on the prospects of placing poop from Avimor in Boise. The GUARDIAN broke what is really a significant story last month in the saga of the planned community in northern Ada County and the subject of AVIMOR POOP . We revealed the developer wants to use a […]

Mayor Media Maven To Head South

Now that Team Dave has won re-election we hear from our “Down Under” sources that spokeslady Elizabeth Duncan will be leaving the team. Instead of waltzing the media, our sources say she will be “Waltzing Matilda.” Apparently she is off to Australia for an extended visit to be near relatives who live there. She told […]

Horny Growthophobes Rank 5th

A GUARDIAN reader with too much time on his hands asks why we haven’t had any comments from Team Dave or the mainstream media folks about the recent FORBES MAGAZINE ranking of Boise, that’s right BOISE, as one of the top five most lustful cities in America. Regular readers know we don’t put much stock […]

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