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Random Kindness, Pay It Forward

The elderly man look confused and embarrassed as he stood silently at the counter of the Flying-J truck stop on Federal Way recently. The GUARDIAN walked in on the scene as the line behind the old guy grew to about five restless customers clutching junk food and beer. The young clerk didn’t know what to […]

Caldwell Forgets Ada Courthouse Fiasco

BY THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN Paul Alldredge THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN attended the Chamber of Commerce Lunch at the College of Idaho yesterday and learned about plans for a Treasure Valley Community College (of Ontario, Oregon) campus to be built in Caldwell…before the voter-approved College of Western Idaho has even opened its doors. The plan to get […]

Crosswalk Lessons For Cole Near Ustick

Our friends at the Ada County Highway District are getting HAWKish on crosswalks. HAWK stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK signal. ACHD is testing the new type of signal near Cole Road and Ustick in an effort to increase pedestrian safety, and to determine if more HAWK signals should be installed. Tuesday is the start up […]

Turned On By Idle Thoughts

While the GUARDIAN takes credit for bringing the issue of idling City cars to the attention of the public–and Boise officials–more than a year ago, Vancouver, B.C. was able to put a stop to wasteful practices without our urging. On a weekend trip to the big West Coast Canadian town, we noticed signs at various […]

Tour De La Frommage… Cheese Tower

We got this little gem from a reader.¬† Guardian editing by remote and¬†unable to check it out, but if he has good facts, the air from the Nampa sugar factory may take on a distinctly new aroma by the time the Boise downwinders sniff it. BY “JAMES BOND” Thought you might be interested to know […]

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