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In a well written and fair piece about the cities of Idaho vs the citizens right to vote, Lora Volkert wrote about the perils of urban renewal in the current issue of BOISE WEEKLY. The decision in Third District Court is still pending, so no comments here further than the court record reported by Volkert.

Boise Fires Like A Gut Punch

Sitting in heart of Spain´s Basque country in an internet cafe, I checked the Daily Paper and my gut is sick when I read of the fires and Mary Ellen Ryder, a linguistic professor from Boise State University. If it is the lady  who frequented the Moxie Java on Vista, I can say she was […]

Just A Few Coppers Are Everywhere

UNITED KINGDOM– The GURDIAN is visiting the home of the mother tongue and we are somewhat amazed at the use of video cameras, speed cameras linked to radar, and a near total absence of “cop cars.” Seems the Brits are so accustomed to having clearly marked speed cameras everywhere they automatically slow down at the […]

Bannock Website Rid of Risch Link

For whatever reason, the Official Bannock County website with the sponsored ads linking folks to the Jim Risch senate campaign site has been CLEANED OUT. We posted a story YESTERDAY showing that when visitors searched for “absentee ballot” or “voter registration” they got neither–instead they were offered a menu of commercial sites headed by the […]

What You See NOT What You Get

After the non-interest by the Legacy Media (that’s old things like TV and newspapers) in the posting about Jim Risch’s senate campaign site popping up on the official Bannock County site, we did a little checking– we used to to call that “investigative reporting.” Looks like they way to sell Fords for instance is to […]

Mayor Hotline August 9 to 15

PARCHED PARK VISITOR, DIRTY ZOO, YEAH KRISTIN, and of course the latest from CALIFORNIA FRUIT AND NUTS 8/9/08 Anonymous Municipal Park: Hi, another week goes by and the drinking fountain at Municipal Park is still not there. I mean it not only is not working, it’s not there; they took it out. I’m sure they’ll […]

Chance For Young Politicos To Shine

Hey kids! Want to be the youngest elected official in Idaho with authority to levy $40,000,000 in taxes in the name of higher education? If you are a registered voter living in Ada or Canyon County you can get your name on the ballot to fill one of the 5 open seats on the College […]

Risch Link On Bannock County Site

Bannock County in Eastern Idaho has a new twist on helping voters. When you hit their ELECTION WEBSITE page and search for VOTER REGISTRATION or ABSENTEE BALLOT you don’t get either. Instead you get a sponsored link to Lt. Guv Jim Risch’s senate campaign site. Nice work for Jim and staff, but hardly appropriate on […]

Caldwell To Start Building Without Agreement

By PAUL ALLDREDGE CALDWELL GUARDIAN THE GUARDIAN received a beautiful invitation to the groundbreaking ceremony for TVCC in Sky Ranch next week. We did a public records request for the financial arrangements with the developer, City of Caldwell, TVCC and the Caldwell Urban Renewal District only to get a response from city attorney, Mark Hilty […]

Ice World Woes Hot Topic

Granted, the City operated Ice World skating rink is probably not uppermost in the minds of citizens or city councilors. Despite assurances that everything is under control from City officials, we tend to believe problems lie deeper than the slick surface of the ice. Seems clear that some folks have been sacked, but the city […]

Shame On CWI Apartheid Meeting Plans

The fledgling College of Western Idaho–approved by voters last year–is about to get off on the wrong foot with plans to have “invitation only” meetings to gather information to shape the future of the college. It is inappropriate, demeaning, and illegal to hold meetings with “common citizens” in public and then conduct a similar set […]

Money Drives Mayors Car Policy

Our CALDWELL GUARDIAN could not help but notice  the car allowance  for Mayor Nancolas of Caldwell in the new budget is a whopping a $10,000.00 a year. So, the two GUARDIANS set about a quest for  knowledge of what other mayors in the valley are allowed for vehicle use: From the fair city of Meridian–  “The City […]

GUARDIAN Proclaims Kristin Armstrong Day

Not to be outdone by the local mainstream media or politicos, the BOISE GUARDIAN has proclaimed Saturday, August 16 to be KRISTIN ARMSTRONG DAY. (We can ride tandem on the bike of a winner too.) We aren’t surprised to see local politicians jump on this one, but you read the proclamation “first on the GUARDIAN.” […]

Self Inflicted Heimlich With Airbag

A motorist in Boise found a unique way to administer the Heimlich maneuver–she crashed head-on into another vehicle Thursday and deployed the airbag on herself. KTVB news reported, the female driver of the truck was headed eastbound on Overland at Hummel Dr. when she began to choke of a piece of food. She pulled into […]

Daily Paper Features GUARDIANS

The Daily Paper did a front page story Thursday featuring the Caldwell GUARDIAN and others who work to keep local governments accountable. Paul Alldredge, our Caldwell alter ego, looks stern in the picture, but he has done a great job providing a forum for discussion of local government action and spending. He shares the GUARDIAN […]

Greenbelt Bikers Seek State Help

Gary Segers, the hard pedaling proponent of opening the Garden City stretch of Greenbelt to bikers, is taking his case to the top elected officials in Idaho–the Land Board. He will make a presentation to the Idaho State Board of Lands Commissioners on Tuesday, August 19. The GUARDIAN is not certain if the board has […]

Mayor Hotlines July 26-Aug 8

Combined two hotlines this week and there is a broad–universal support–of the decision by Team Dave to leave the trees along the river intact, despite pleas from Velma to clear the view for an office building. Cops are questioned about outfitting cars in Oregon, several calls from folks who need help from somewhere other than […]

Skating On Thin Ice

Could be we got the Mayor hotlines a little late this week and it could be due to summer vacations. However, this entry jumped out at us and when we did some checking it looks like there is plenty of recent and–perhaps future– “personnel action” at the City’s IceWorld rink. The facility was donated by […]


A reader tells us the Republican Party was given funds from the Idaho Housing and Finance Association–the agency that has its board appointed by the Guv and includes legislators, but it isn’t really a state agency. Public records at the Idaho Secretary of State site show the “quasi-governmental” corporation donated $500 to the Republicans for […]

Caldwell Councilor On TVCC Funding Scheme

A GUARDIAN reader inquired of a Caldwell City Councilor about the wisdom of the lease-purchase scheme about to be signed with Oregon’s Treasure Valley Community College without voter approval when the College of Western Idaho has yet to even open its doors. Here–unedited–is the explanation she got from a Caldwell Councilor: “This is true with […]

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