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Mayor Hotline November 15 to 21

11/14/08 Barbara Safari Inn     Parking:     We have the American Legion food convoy staying in the downtown area tonight to present food at the Veterans’ Home and they obviously need parking for trailers, trucks, and such because they’re bringing in food. I called the city if there was any way of giving […]

Friday Parking Holiday Downtown

Team Dave is doing its part to provide an economic stimulus without using a taxpayer bailout. Mayor Dave Bieter has declared Friday to be a parking holiday with no enforcement of parking meters to help out both consumers and merchants in the downtown area. Motorists are being advised to obey safety areas such as crosswalks […]

Politicos Continue Puppet Act For Chamber

In the spirit of Christmas, local politcos continue to act as puppets of the Chamber of Commerce–often at the expense of commoners unable to buy the access to power the Chamber controls. For a mere $40 you can drink and munch with politicians who don’t even understand they are being used like Willy Nelson at […]

Canyon Commishes In Media Spotlight

Our sister CALDWELL GUARDIAN and editor Paul Alldredge are putting some heat on the Canyon Commishes and it looks like the local CANYON DAILY Paper is siding up with the guy they once dismissed as a mere “blogger.” Like the senior BOISE GUARDIAN, Alldredge has gained traction with hard hitting stories bringing to light some […]

North Enders Get Special Treatment

Boise’s North End continues to get a disproportionate benefit from public agencies as the Ada County Highway District collects leaves from the tree lined streets. Thanks to the original town plat, the North End has sidewalks and right of way (between curb and sidewalk) with majestic old growth elm and maple trees, creating demands on […]

City & Schools Team Up For Rec Centers

Boise City and Boise Schools are teaming up with some after school programs and according to a recent letter from Team Dave’s Mayor Dave Bieter, he has visited the centers and plans repeat visits. The city ponied up $71,000 for “tenant improvements” after the schools built recreation centers within Grace Jordan and Morley Nelson elementary […]

Copper Rides Likely To Change

Boise Coppers are likely to have a slightly European flare with their ride matching their duties as Chief Mike Masterson and topper copper command staff look for ways to save taxpayer dollars in these tough times. Throughout Europe and South America, police use compact size vehicles which are used mostly for transportation rather than high […]

Mayor Hotline November 8 to 14

LEAVES AND DOGS 11/14/08 Joanne Springer 650 San Jose Way Boise, ID 342-1587 Leaf Recycling: I’m trying to connect to the recycling number in the phone book, which is 384-3901 to report that my leaves were not picked up even though my neighbor’s were. I keep getting this circular – hit #, then this repeated, […]

Idaho Near Top In Lack Of Gov’t Integrity

Idaho made it on another National List recently, placing near the top of the “Lack of Integrity In Government” survey. Probably won’t see any press releases from Team Dave, the Commishes, or Guv. Butch’s spinmeisters on that one. THE SURVEY by the Chicago-based Better Government Association examined open records laws, open meeting laws, whistle-blower laws, […]

Politicos Stop Competition For Motive Power

Boise choo choo train maker Motive Power will have the bid for locomotives in Boston all to itself thanks to a ruling by the Federal Transit Authority Friday. Apparently the agency bowed to political pressure from Idaho politicos if a press release is accurate. The FTA has agreed to reject the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority […]

Obama Prompts Idaho Free Speech Movement

The election of Barack Obama has prompted a free speech movement among the Red State residents of Idaho. Elementary school children on a school bus in Madison County caused a stir among some parents when they chanted “Assassinate Obama! assinate Obama!” School officials, alerted by at least one concerned parent, sent memos to teachers advising […]

Note The Kiosks With Notices

The Veterans had trouble getting publicity for the November 11 parade without getting crosswise of an ordinance that prohibits posting flyers in the downtown area. Not only is it illegal to post on signal boxes and lamp posts, merchants were reluctant to place the signs in their windows. Doug Foote, a retired Idaho Air National […]

Mayor Hotline November 1 to 7

PRETTY MUCH AN ANIMAL WORLD REPORT THIS WEEK, CATS, DOGS, WHALES, POLITICAL SIGNS 11/4/08 Anonymous TV Drop Off Site: I would like to remain anonymous. I just call Allied Trash management and asked where I could donate my television that is going to be obsolete here shortly in February. I hate to throw it in […]

Audits Should Be Routine In Government

At least three issues involving audits–or lack of audits–in Idaho governments have hit the GUARDIAN in the past few days. Readers have asked for comment. The State of Idaho caught a couple of crooked employees embezzling funds at an obscure agency of the Agriculture Department, but there seems to be a difference of opinion among […]

Boise Seeks Trash Fee Increase

The legal notices in the Daily Paper Monday were full of information tidbits including an across the board increase in fees for Boise trash pick up. Boise City Council is off Tuesday for Veteran’s Day, but there is a public hearing set for November 18 since the proposed increases exceed 5%. In fact, the proposed […]

Trucks Ride Free On ACHD Roads

After receiving several comments about the ballot language on the Ada County Highway District fee hike for auto registrations, we revisited the issue and learned some disturbing, but not surprising facts. About 16,500 trucks weighing over 8,000 pounds get a FREE RIDE on county roads. Meanwhile owners of 279, 454 passenger car owners have to […]

Were Ada County Races An Anomoly?

A couple of Ada County races frankly surprised the GUARDIAN. It would be fair to say the old Republican machine is still running despite the national landslide for the Obama presidency. Sharon Ullman upset Commish Paul Woods with a solid 52% to 48% of the vote. Woods even had the support of former commish and […]

Ada Elections By The Numbers

When you see the talking TV heads spouting numbers and trends during election coverage, some of it will have come from the Ada County spinmeister shop. If you want to check local results at the same speed the media folks do it, here is an ELECTION RESULTS link. Absentee votes–and there are a bunch of […]

Hockey Mom vs Joe Six-pack At Ice World

The Hockey Mom who called the Mayor’s Hotline complaining about drinking and empty beer cans in the locker room of the City-owned Ice World might sound overly protective of her little boy, but two nights in a row should prompt some “surprise inspections” by management. If the bike coppers are writing tickets in the park […]

Mayor Hotline October 25 to 31

HOCKEY MOM AGAINST “JOE SIX PACKS,” HOWLING ABOUT DOG LEASH MEET, FEDERAL CASE, MORE CALIFORNIA NUT 10/28/08 Anonymous Ice World: I’m a concerned parent. I wish that you guys would do something about the drinking that goes on in Idaho Ice World in the locker rooms with the adult leagues. I was under the assumption […]

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