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Mayor Hotline Feb 13 to 19


Nick Brizzi
12105 W. Bowmont St.
Boise, ID 83713
Trolley: My call is concerning the trolley follie. I would like to remind the Mayor and the City Council, both, and anyone else that may be concerned on this issue, it’s continually mentioned a federal funding for the trolley. I wanted to remind all concerned again that there is no such thing as federal money, state money, county money, city money, it is all taxpayer money, it is all my money. Let that be a consideration when deciding which way to go with this trolley, which is going to serve a two-mile run in two directions downtown to the tune of $60 million. It’s kind of ridiculous. All you need is a 15-passenger van; you can do the same thing for about $40,000. Thanks.

Taser: I’m calling in regard to the situation you recently had there in Boise where you had four thugs dressed in police uniforms sodomizing citizens with a tazer. Apparently now one of those officers is suing the city for being supposedly singled out. Quite frankly, all four of those thugs should be fired immediately. I don’t even understand why there’s even a question of it. If you’re going to make Boise the most livable city in the country, how do you plan on doing that when you’ve got people who basically jump somebody and rape them on public time, on the public’s dime, and now they’re going to turn around and sue and get more? Not only that, now the public has to pay for their misconduct and they’re not suffering any consequences at all. What kind of city is that? It used to be that law enforcement was there to protect the people. Who’s going to protect the people from thugs dressed in police uniforms? Isn’t that your job to make sure that we have decent people behind those badges? How dare you! I suggest that some remedy be made and that those people be fired. If you can’t do your job, step down.
Irene Dunbar
Vets Thrift Shop: I’m trying to call the Mayor’s office. The number you gave me, 377-6790, is the police office, and they don’t know anything about the Veteran’s for Success thrift store. I’m wondering why it’s closed. Bye.

Code Enforcement: I’m calling in regards to my father and your code enforcement officers. I’m trying to understand why they are continuously and constantly harassing him. He is a disabled veteran; he has taken the steps that he can to come in compliance with the code, but they seem to continuously…machine cut him off
F-35’s: I would like to say that I do not want you to have the F-35’s or 38’s coming through here. They come right over my house and they’re very noisy and it bothers us inside the house. We can’t hear each other talk when they come over. When we take a walk or if we’re out on the lawn, they’re very noisy coming over in our residential area, and I live out by the airport. We put up with these jets coming over that we had from Klamath all summer and that was very
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February 13 – 19, 2010
annoying. I hope that they do not put these F35’s or F38’s that they’re talking about putting in Mountain Home or Boise. I just do not want them to put them here because it’s just too much noise in our area. It’s disrupting and they should fly them out where there aren’t residents. Thank you very much.
Kate Scott
1915 Lake Aaron
Boise, ID 83706
Streetcar: I would like to give my comment on the trolley car which I think is totally ridiculous. If he doesn’t help the merchants downtown, there won’t be a downtown they need a trolley car for, and where are you going to park to get on this trolley? It’s a total waste of money; we really need to help the merchants first. Thank you.
Streetcar: I’m calling regarding the streetcar issue. I read in the newspaper that Boise did not get the funding, and then I read that the Mayor is still going to a summit meeting or some kind of meeting back there to see what he can do about funding again in different bids. I don’t understand why the big push is for the streetcar. The way the economy is right now I don’t know where all this money would come from. You try to tax businesses and businesses are having a big problem right now trying to make ends meet. The more taxes and burdens put on the businesses, they just have to raise things and eliminate employees. The money’s just not there with the way this economy is. People need to try to utilize the transit system, the buses we have right now and expand it, they can’t even keep these buses filled as it is, or use some other type of thing downtown, an open car-type thing or something or shuttle around town. I don’t understand, if I run my business the way the city is running theirs I’d have to keep raising my prices, and that’s what you can’t do in this type of economy. I don’t understand why we have unlimited funds that send the Mayor back to D.C. for one of these meetings when most people don’t want it. You know, you need to put vote to the people to see what the people want to do, besides a few people deciding they want to do something and then doing what they want to do and don’t care about anybody else, it seems like. That’s just my opinion, but I know it seems like every time you turn around there’s other surcharges or taxes added onto taxes and you just can’t run a business this way. I work hard for my money and it doesn’t seem like the City Council and the Mayor seem to care about it. I’d leave my name, address, and phone number but basically every time I’ve done that I just get a pre-printed card back and it’s worthless and useless. I’ve gone to the streetcar meetings and that was a joke because it’s only a one-sided thing; you ask them questions and nobody can answer them. I think that the City Council needs to look twice at trying to keep promoting funding and advertisement; we spend all this money for advertisement for this group to try to promote the streetcar thing and it looks like that’s just a waste of money that’s got thrown away. I’ve talked to people at St. Luke’s and some of these places and none of them wants these because they can’t afford to pay the taxes. Hopefully the City Council will take a look at this and see what businesses and things…you know think about this instead of going off half-cocked and trying to do something that most people don’t want.
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February 13 – 19, 2010
Woody Nibley
Streetcar: I too do not want Mayor Bieter’s streetcar. The streetcar, all this stuff, mass transit was just a total failure in California, the nanny state, where they’ve already tried all this stuff. They had to subsidize this because it wouldn’t carry itself, and people are fed up with all the taxes already. The gang bangers were the ones who would ride the mass transit, so decent people couldn’t even use it. I don’t know of anybody who wants it. So, “no” to the streetcar; we don’t want him to apply for it in 12 or 18 months; we don’t want the streetcar, period. I can’t make that clear enough. The best to you guys, otherwise.
Dan Lute
N. 9th St.
Boise, ID
Streetcars & Property: I just wanted to call you and tell you how pleased I was to see that you didn’t get your federal money for your streetcar project. I think it’s one of the most ridiculous, stupidest things I’ve ever heard of at this time when people are struggling to make payments and everything else, and you’re looking at spending money on some frivolous toy for downtown. I hope that you’re paying attention to what’s going on in Washington, D.C. with the Democrats and their stupid spending and taxing which they’re talking about and remember that there’s an election coming up, and I hope that I can be very helpful in getting you out of office and get somebody with good common sense and some financial responsibility. Another thing that I would like to mention is this thing in the paper last night about the city buying 300 acres of ground out in the industrial park. What right do you have to use taxpayers’ money to speculate on land? That’s a good way to loose a lot of money. Maybe this time you’ll make some, but it’s a good way to lose it. I don’t think the city has any right to be speculating on property like that.
Streetcar: I wanted to comment about this trolley that you are continuing to ram down our throats. Do you not realize that you are going down in history as the biggest buffoon to ever mayor the City of Boise? Also, with Boise Blue and Macy’s closing downtown, perhaps the trolley would be a good commercial real estate available trolley to show all the businesses that have bit the dust. Thank you.
S. Quicksilver St. 83705
ACHD: We need a street cleaner to come around our street and our circle and clean our street. There are leaves and gravel where they sprinkled on the ice and people park their cars in the grease, and when people drive their car across there it makes grease tracks and gravel. They don’t come around often enough and clean the streets. Thank you.
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February 13 – 19, 2010
Mark LaMoure
2568 Lynx Way
Boise, ID 83705
Curb It: I have a big complaint about our garbage pick-up and removal in that it’s being so limited in what they’ll do for the quantity of money they charge us. I think it’s just terrible. I would like to talk to somebody about that. I look forward to hearing from you.
Jim Verdolini
2203 Amy Ave
Curb It: I’m calling again about trash pick up. I’m going to read a statement because this is rather complicated. 80% or more of the homes on my street are rented. The majority are young folk or college students, normally 3 or 4 per home. They arrive with girlfriends and boyfriends. All of them have a car; that means bumper to bumper cars on the street and in the driveways and sidewalks and some cases yards almost everyday. That brings me to my complaint. The new drive by snatch and smash trash pick up stinks. Three times in the last two months the driver has bypassed my trash container allegedly because it was behind a parked car. Many other folk on the street have the same problem. The old system did not have this flaw. In the two previous years I have been in this home, my trash was skipped once. I note my bill for service is not dropped to reflect the decline in service; in point of fact I’m paying at least the same or more for less service and I’m getting tired of the privilege. Let me be clear…I am not complaining about the trash service company; they are doing what their contract requires. I am complaining about the fool who wrote the contract that decreased my service while increasing my cost without my having any say at all. I hold the city government responsible. I believe I’ve got a few options here. I can hope my complaint will result in the trash on my street being collected every week; I can write, call, visit council members who have better things to do in an effort to get my problem resolved. Do I really need to come down there and waste everybody’s time? I would prefer to simply have my street’s trash picked up every week; I do not believe this is too much to ask. After all we’re paying for the service. Thank you. PLEASE PICK UP MY TRASH!
Virginia McQuirk
2021 S. Penninger Dr.
Boise, ID
Misc: I’m calling in regard to this streetcar thing that Mayor Bieter wants. I hope that will be killed and not happen. This town does not need that; that stimulus money needs to go to further education and further expansion of our prison out there on Pleasant Valley Road, and also to stop the sale of liquor on university campuses in Idaho…please. And thank you very much, and please put the 10 Commandments back in Julia Davis Park, over there by Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, please. Thank you very much. And Jesus loves each one of you but he wants you to praise and thank him too. Good night.
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February 13 – 19, 2010
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  1. I like how people think that Mayor Dave has any pull about what aircraft are deployed to a military facility.

    EDITOR NOTE–Did you get the one sided advocacy post card in favor of the F-35 from Mike Simpson paid for at taxpayer expense and sent under his franking privilege?

    It says, “If you support bringing the mission to Idaho…” send the return post card. No opportunity to send any opposition, just a chance to demonstrate “overwhelming support.” So much for being open minded and willing to hear from ALL citizens.

    We still see this buzz being created on behalf of Lockheed to get congress to approve it’s project.

  2. Hey, maybe if we had the little jitney run the other way, like over to BSU, then students would ride it!

    Yeah… that’s it. Run it the other way.

  3. Boise has long lacked the kind of transportation infrastructure needed to maintain the quality of life and lifestyle I am sure all your readers enjoy. The fact that Boise’s downtown is at it’s lowest ebb since the 70’s is also probably lost on many of your readers, but dig back into the past and recall a time when downtown Boise was the vibrant center of the community, the state and the region…. instead of Boise Town Square Mall. The traffic then was horrible too. But the city’s population was around 75000 and now it’s close to 230,000. We old timers knew we needed alternative transportation then and planning for the future. And I would rely on our current Mayor to do his best for the city as a whole instead of the do-nothing peanut gallery that seems more inclined to sit on thier hands than act for the good of the whole.

  4. Well Greenman, let’s have a little reality check. CCDC has been responsible for development in the downtown core for over 20 years. I assume you want to get rid of them? If your looking for a simple fix, the Guardian put the best one in the mix over a year ago. It consists of a rubber tired “circulator” that runs around downtown. I believe it was referred to as a “surface subway”. It requires a comnmitment to a valleywide bus system that would service downtown both day and night. The only factor not addressed, to date, is the requirement that when we kick off the new transportation system on a sunny Monday morning, we must, at the same time, announce that it will now cost $20.00 to gain entrance to a downtown parking structure, thus making it too expensive to bring private cars into Boise proper. A word of advice though. When you tell that to the downtown business association, I would urge you to be real close to an emergency exit. You will need it. We will continue our love affair with our cars as long as it is viable. A silly railcar that runs around the 15 blocks of downtowm, doesn’t solve a single problem we face, with the exception of giving the mayor something to put his name on!

    EDITOR NOTE– here is a link to our plan of 2007 which has been ignored by one and all in government circles:

  5. Karen Jeffries
    Mar 16, 2010, 6:45 pm

    Nick Brizzi wrote: “I wanted to remind all concerned again that there is no such thing as federal money, state money, county money, city money, it is all taxpayer money, it is all my money.”

    No, Nick, it’ll also be money from every other taxpayer in the USA, just like your money helped pay for all the other systems built all over the nation over the past thirty years that you’ll never see.

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