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GV School Board Needs Major Re-examination

When Garden Valley School District voters go to the polls on Thursday the 15th to vote in the recall election to unseat board member Terry Elmore they need to take a broad view of what they want in a school district and who they want to deliver it. The late Senator Frank Church, as chairman […]

Unrest In “Peaceful” Garden Valley

GARDEN VALLEY– A political undercurrent is shattering the tranquil facade of this scenic valley 40 miles north of Boise which has led to the recall of a school board member and an April 15 recall election of another board member. It appears to the GUARDIAN that people are at odds over a bunch of issues […]

Poet Paul

EDITOR NOTE–“California” in this case could be any state. No need to either defend or vilify those from there. Newcomers to Idaho say they wish To just relax, hunt and fish But on the past they dote With this often-used quote “In California we did it like this”!

Economy Is Elephant In The Room

Spring is here, the legislature has mercifully left town, there is extra snow at the ski resorts, the Pope has the lowest approval rating in the history of the Catholic Church, Obama has signed a health care law, but the BIG ELEPHANT in the room remains the economy. A one-tenth percent decline in unemployment rates […]

Two Quarters Does Not A Success Make

The Daily Paper devoted the Thursday cover and much of the inside local space to an optimistic piece about Micron making a profit two quarters in a row, quoting sources who thought it spelled a better economic outlook for the area. In our mind, that shouldn’t be news–businesses are SUPPOSED to show a profit. The […]

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