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Ada GOP Family Feud Gets Nasty

The GUARDIAN got no fewer than five calls from Republicans wishing to offer a version of the family feud that erupted during the monthly Ada County Central Committee meeting Tuesday at the Court House. Party faithful, and candidates all seem to be a reflection of today’s society and politicos–they don’t trust each other. A guy […]

Statesman Voter Guide Hidden On-line

The Daily paper went to a ton of effort to build a voter guide in a noble effort to allow citizens a little insight into the background of primary election candidates–then promptly hid it from readers. Despite the best efforts of their staff, it is nearly impossible to find it on-line. How about a little […]

Cops Aren’t The Only Dog Killers

We have made repeated attempts to get a return call from the Idaho Humane Society to discuss a story about coppers killing dogs, but so far no response. There have been a couple of incidents lately and several more that come to mind from the past of coppers “being forced” to kill domestic dogs. First […]

One Nasty Month From Election Day

Gotta hand it to the Rs. They can question the integrity of their fellow party members, claim their fellow Rs are “living high at the public trough,” and then turn around and support that same person in November. In a press release issued to other media–but not the GUARDIAN, Ada Commish Candidate Roger Simmons goes […]

Could F-35s Limit Wind Power Production?

A story comes to us from TEXAS about the potential problems associated with wind power generation conflicting with radar used for both military purposes and weather predictions. Short version is spinning blades of giant windmills can create false radar readings or “shadows.” We are all used to seeing one of the many “chief meteorologists” explain […]

Searching For That Pot Of Gold

The GUARDIAN found himself stuck in a restaurant at sunset Tuesday night on the corner of University and Capitol Blvd. That was the moment a hole broke through the clouds and one of the most spectacular and intense rainbows in memory. With the plethora (for you non-library types that means a “whole bunch”) of digital […]

Mayor Hotline April 17 to 23

POTHOLES, POT, NO F-35s, L.E.D. SALESMAN, TRAFFIC 4/20/10 Darren Rowan 3901 Normandy Dr. Boise, ID 83705 761-7556 Medical Marijuana: I’m calling to leave a message for the Mayor on trying to get medical Marijuana into Boise. I have Gillian Barre which has left me with nerve damage throughout my arms and legs, and I was just trying […]

Poet Paul Works Overtime On Economics

THE COST OF SPIN DOCS… Police and School Districts must collar Every way they can save a dollar When the budget axe drops Don’t fire teachers or cops Cut spin docs Hightower, Exline and Hollar! ON BOISE’S DOWNTOWN… DBAn members may think The city is in the pink Perhaps they haven’t found The big hole […]

No Government Paid Ads For Anti F-35

A group opposed to having 73 F-35 fighter jets stationed in Boise has set up a WEBSITE they call “Save Our Valley Now. They have some interesting maps and make claims you won’t see in any of those posters at the Airport or on the Idaho lottery ticket website. In what is just another battle […]

Germans Engineer Stealthy Detox Approach

One of our German readers sent along a link from DER SPIEGEL about a town that offers unemployed boozers their own “Cheers-type” gathering spot. A decidedly different approach to “detox.” The short version is the city spends money on soft drinks, coffee, etc. and allows the boozers to bring their own bottles to the bar. […]

Politicos Fare Poorly In Statesman

Primary election season is upon us–the time of year for bickering within the parties and outrageous explanations from the various campaigns. The DAILY PAPER is a treasure trove of good stuff this Thursday. Dan Popkey figuratively caught another politician with his “pants down” in a page one story about Congressional candidate Vaugh Ward vowing to […]

Mr. Bieter! Open This Building!

We have pushed for nearly 5 years to get the Boise Depot opened to the public on a routine daily basis during the summer and despite the best efforts of the GUARDIAN, the vast majority of the time it remains only a catering venue for the elite . We have to admit the Boise Depot […]

Homeless Panhandler Problem–Any Ideas?

The two comments to the Mayor Hotline featured in the previous post point out the total disconnect on a growing problem in Boise. Both the businessman and the parks worker want “something done.” Team Dave pawns it off on the coppers and their only tool is the law. Problem persists. Mr. Businessman doesn’t like the […]

Mayor Hotline April 10 to 16

PANHANDLERS, F-35, PARKING, HELP ANEEDY NEIGHBOR, NAUGHTY NEIGHBOR Jim Baker Senior VP of Flying J, Inc. Ogden, UT Pan Handlers: Mayor, I did try to contact you personally because I hate to deal with things this way, but we have a property in Boise on Overland Rd.; it’s a small convenience store and that whole area – […]

Status Quo As GV Retains Elmore

Looks like folks in Garden Valley are mostly happy with their school board after talking. Terry Elmore was retained as the school board member; vote 108 against recalling her and 75 for recalling her.

GUARDIAN Predicts “Rain Out” On Boise Ball Park

The GUARDIAN and reader Dean Gunderson have teamed up to call the Hawks game between Boise and Meridian. Our preseason conclusion is while there may be just barely enough square feet for a park at the 2900 Fairview location on land owned by the city, it will take a ton of money to make it […]

Caldwell To Buy Furniture For Oregon School

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Caldwell Urban Renewal folks came up with a plan to bail out Oregon’s Treasure Valley Community College with money to furnish a Caldwell rental property. CALDWELL GUARDIAN Paul Alldredge chased this one down in what has become a long line of spending that raises red […]

Boise vs Meridian In “Screw Thy Neighbor”

We can’t help but chuckle at all the so-called “partnerships” and “regional planning” schemes put forth by local governments when their real goal is to screw their neighbor. Latest battle in what the GUARDIAN has dubbed ECONOMIC CIVIL WAR is Meridian’s quest to lure the Hawks baseball franchise away from Boise–even attempting to get the […]

Mayor Hotline April 3 to 9

NO TO F-35, PRIVATE PARKING, PRIVATE PARK, WEEKLY FOOLS APRIL READERS 4/5/10 Jeannie McGuirk Boise, ID F-35’s: I want to leave a message I’m sincerely hoping in the town meeting tonight, which is April 5, that they will not have the jets flying over this Boise area, please, because I’m right in the pathway of […]

Volunteers Work To Keep Park Open

Assorted volunteers, including the Brother Speed motorcycle club (officially designated a gang by coppers and corrections) have donated their time and labor to keep Niagra Springs State Park open. It is located along the Snake River on the north side of the Hagerman Valley. Poet Paul took note and offered up this: Park closures we […]

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