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BSU Finance and Land Use Planning 101

This post was originally sent to the GUARDIAN as a comment from a reader. We felt it worthy of a full blown post. By DEAN GUNDERSON BSU has held an A1 Bond rating by Moody’s for its last few issuances. This puts it on a relative investment risk on par with the countries of South […]

Agency Leery of BSU Private Building Scheme

As financial shenanigans on the part of public agencies have come to light on projects ranging from university housing to urban renewal projects, it becomes increasingly clear they depend on “flying under the radar” of public scrutiny. A report in the Saturday Daily Paper quotes BSU Prez Bob Kustra saying, Moody Investor Services, “Came along […]

Commish Candidates Tame At City Club

It was like a tag team wrestling match Thursday when the four Republican Ada County Commish candidates fielded questions from an audience of about 200 City Clubbers. It was Rick Yzaguirre and Fred Tilman against Vern Bisterfeldt and Roger Simmons. The best we could get from members afterwards was, “Interesting.” And that was charitable. All […]

Crapo Seeks Law To Increase Local Debt Load, Tax Burden

Idaho Senior Senator Mike Crapo is pushing to make it easier for Idaho’s local governments to get deeper in debt by making cash available to banks, but he fails to mention Idaho cities have to ask permission of voters BEFORE going to the banks. Those loans from local banks have to be repaid through higher […]

Repeat Customer At Garden Store Lays Around

Folks at Boise’s D&B Supply depend on repeat customers at their garden and animal supply store on Glenwood Street. One of their most loyal patrons is an old gal who comes in each spring and just lays around for a month at a time. She has been doing it for about 10 years and has […]

Mayor Hotline May 1 to 7

STILL NO TO F-35, NO TO NEW PORNO PLACE, FREE BIKES FOR VERN’S GRANDKIDS, NO LABOR AT DEPT. OF LABOR 5/5/10 Sharon Jarrett DOL: Are you aware that with the job market the way it is and with a gazillion people out of work that the Department of Labor Job Service will no longer take […]

Team Dave Can’t Spend Fast Enough

The DAILY PAPER has a Cynthia Sewell piece Monday explaining that some “Green Projects” are being “scaled back.” A plant that would have produced heat and electricity from burning methane gas created by wastewater treatment, and a revolving loan fund to help homeowners make their homes more energy-efficient are coming off the city’s list of […]

Statehouse Workers Decry Nasty Students

Spring is the traditional season for educational field trips to the State Capitol in Boise, but recent events have left Statehouse employees feeling less than hospitable toward education. One GUARDIAN reader thought it a bit hypocritical that schools are pleading poverty during the legislative session with claims that all field trips will be cancelled while […]

Boise Not A “Tourist Friendly Town”

Our good friend Tim Woodward over at the DAILY PAPER posted a story Sunday with suggestions of “what to do in Boise” for a visitor with a 6 hour layover. What my nice guy friend didn’t mention is the Boise Depot–which he suggested as worthy of a visit–is CLOSED TO VISITORS most of the time! […]

Mayor Hotline April 24 to 30

LOTS AND LOTS OF TRASH TALK, PANHANDLER RESPONDS, NOISY CHURCH ALARM, SEWER TALK, DIRTY YARD–lots of unhappy people. 4/23/10 Anonymous Public Works: I was just eating lunch with my wife and I watched a Public Works van pull up to the Blimpie at Emerald and Maple Grove and the employee got out and walked over to […]

Give Legislators Your Right To Senate Vote?

An old proverb among politicos: “Power corrupts and absolute power is REALLY COOL if you’re the one with the power!” A particulary worrisome bit of news came out of a recent Idaho Tea Party survey of national candidates and an Idaho Public TV interview/debate on IDAHO REPORTS. Republican 1st District Congressional candidates Raul Labrador and […]

Simmons Attacks Yzaguirre Tax Problems

The heat got turned up a notch in the Ada Commish primary race Sunday when Candidate Roger Simmons issued an “attack” press release citing past dirty laundry worn by Commish Rick Yzaguirre. With regard to Yzaguirre’s private use of Idaho sales tax and other state revenues collected at a convenience store he owned, Simmons said: […]

May Day Is Exercise In Democracy

Once only an opportunity for the Ruskies to roll out the latest rockets in Moscow, May Day has become a worldwide day of protests and demonstrations. The Thais want elections, Albanians claim election fraud, Nepal has anti-government protests, Greeks are against spending cuts, the English protested “militant Islam, Iran saw labor demonstrations, and in Montana […]

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