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2C Commishes Ignored GUARDIAN Warning

The DAILY PAPER ran a story today–fair and balanced–about the financial debacle in 2C land which left the county trying to squeeze $288,000 out of a turnip. The BOISE and CALDWELL GUARDIANS on June 17 warned everyone emphatically saying, “One glaring issue for us was the plan for the county to invoice Bujak‚Äôs private firm […]

Mayor Hotline September 25 to October 1, 2010

9/26/10 Jason Wallman ISSUE: He called into the 911 system to inform the police that they had a light signal that was not working as the power was out at Federal Way and the connector to and from Broadway but they never sent anyone to direct traffic. BPD 9/26/10 Diane Ayres 83705 ISSUE: She saw […]

Valley Mayors Seek To Spend $738,000,000 With No Public Vote

Treasure Valley Mayors from Boise To Wilder signed a letter published in the IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW Monday supporting passage of HJR5–the constitutional amendment seeking to abolish the constitutional rights of citizens to vote on public debt at airports. In their letter, the seven mayors said, “Our airports need the tools to finance the estimated $738 […]

Paper: IHA “Not Straight With Voters”

EDITORIAL OPINION FROM TWIN FALLS TIMES-NEWS raps Idaho Hospital Association. To its credit, the paper takes a swipe at Idaho Hospital Association even though it supports amendment that will abolish right of citizens to vote on public hospital debt. JEERS: Hyperbole abounds in election years, but the Idaho Hospital Association has gone too far this […]

No Surprise, Canyon Prosecutor Resigns

The 2C prosecutor resigned Friday amidst a shroud of financial dealings that have become all too common in Canyon County. John Bujak called it quits, apparently over his convoluted agreement with the city of Nampa which saw funds going to his private law firm account, with promises to repay the county by the end of […]

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