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David (Frazier) vs Goliath (politicians,media, money)

As we hit the home stretch in the mid-term election campaign, the GUARDIAN position on preserving the right of citizens to vote as detailed by the constitution and the supreme court seems in jeopardy. Local governments, hospitals, and politicians of all stripes have dumped tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours into their effort […]

Labrador and Minnick Bicker at City Club

In a shameful performance of politics at its worst, Raul Labrador and Walt Minnick traded mean-spirited remarks before the City Club of Boise Thursday. When a high school girl attending the noon luncheon asked a written question, “When will you talk about issues instead of bad things about your opponent?” it drew a huge round […]

Mayor Hotline October 16 to 22

10/15/10 Dave Frechette E. Nature Dr. Boise, ID ISSUE: Frustration with City budgeting and property taxes. His assessed value has gone down$6,200 but his taxes are going up almost $1,000. Everyone is tightening their budgets but the city is raising what they’re collecting for property taxes. Finance Admin. 10/17/10 Paul Koloski Fairfield Ave. (Randolph Robertson […]

Boise-Ada Taxpayers Suffer In State Land Deal

The Idaho Department of Lands sent us a well presented defense of their financials regarding the purchase of Affordable Self Storage in Boise–a state owned retail business. What it means is that Boise-Ada taxpayers get screwed out of tax revenues, but the schools get a boost. The IDL sent the details–and we agree with the […]

Rincover Blasts Ada Commish

Larry Rincover is a candidate for Ada Commish against incumbent Rick Yzaguirre. He blasted Yzaguirre for not coming out against the State of Idaho running a commercial self storage business. Rincover quotes the STATESMAN, but the GUARDIAN first ran the story three days ago. We offered the Ada Commishes a chance to respond and got […]

Ada County Election Update

As of 10/21/10 Ada County Elections has mailed out 21,691 ballots, 8269 have been returned. The Elections office at Benjamin must receive mailed ballots by 8:00 pm Tuesday, November 2, 2010 in order to be counted. Voters can track their mail ballots via the Has the County received my absentee ballot? link at Voters […]

Mayor Hotline October 9 to 15

10/11/10 Scott Gurnsey N. 25th St. Boise, ID 344-8120 ISSUE: He thanked the Mayor’s office for their help Friday by getting things started with the Fire Department on his call regarding the new fire hydrant. He felt it would be good for citizens to be notified when they’re going to get something like that put […]

State-Owned Private Business Venture Draws Split Decision From GUARDIAN Readers

Businesses–especially the lucrative self storage sector–can expect to see more State-owned competitors in the future. Land Dept. Deputy Director Cathy Opp talked with the GUARDIAN Wednesday following our post about the Department purchasing and operating a retail self storage facility at 450 S. Maple Grove in Boise. She said the goal of the endowment fund […]

State Owns Tax-Exempt Commercial Storage, Competes With Private Business

Politicos are fond of attempting to “run government like a business” in these hard economic times, but how about government flat out running a business? The State of Idaho recently created a front company which discreetly operates a tax-exempt commercial public self-storage facility hiding behind the assumed name of “Affordable Storage” at 450 South Maple […]

Airport Seeks Public Financing Of Private Business Facilities

In a page one Saturday story by reporter Cynthia Sewell, the IDAHO STATESMAN ran a statement by Richard McConnell, Boise Airport’s director, which illustrates the need to oppose HJR5. “If a company says it wants to lease a cargo facility within the next 12 months for a 20-year period, the city would first have to […]

F&G Director Cited in Trespass Case

In a case of “do as I say,” Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen notified Fish and Game commishes Friday, October 15, that he was served with a citation in connection with a trespass incident in the Elk City area. Earlier this week, Groen and hunting companions were questioned regarding the incident that occurred […]

What Others Say About Amendments

As election day draws near, interest in the three constitutional amendments is drawing media attention throughout the state. All three aim to abolish the constitutional rights we currently hold to vote on debt by airports, public hospitals, and city electric utilities. We will add links to this page as we learn of coverage and invite […]

Election Update From Ada Clerk’s Office

Requests for mail out ballots are brisk. As of today (10/15/10) Ada County Elections has mailed out 15,664 ballots. Voters wishing to vote by mail (via an absentee ballot) need to submit an absentee ballot request by 5:00 pm, Wednesday, October 27. Absentee ballot requests may be obtained from Early voting began Tuesday. As […]

F&G Director Subject of Sheriff’s Investigation

The following press release from Idaho Fish and Game probably qualifies as “damage control.” “Idaho Fish and Game Director Cal Groen has notified the Fish and Game Department that he and hunting companions have been questioned regarding a reported trespass incident in the Elk City area. The incident involves Groen in his personal, and not […]

A Personal GUARDIAN Note

We have to admit to a bit of preoccupation with the campaign to preserve the right of Idaho voters to vote on debt at airports, public hospitals and city owned electric utilities. The GUARDIAN has won several court decisions against Boise as they attempted to skirt the constitution which has brought us to the Nov. […]

State Rep Joins Amendment Opposition

Another legislator has taken a public stand opposing the proposed constitutional amendents aimed at abolishing the right of voters to approve public debt at airports, public hospitals, and public electric utilities. In an Op-Ed piece in the Twin Falls TIMES-NEWS, Rep. Stephen Hartgen pointed out the pit falls in the proposed amendments and vowed to […]

Mayor Hotline October 2 to 8

10/2/10 Scott Lowe Dewey St. Boise, ID 83702 ISSUE: His wife took the phone survey; they were told it would take 15-20 minutes but it took almost 30 minutes to complete. If you are going to send out a letter saying that it should take only 15-20 minutes, that’s what it should take. Mayor’s Office […]

Ada Voter Info and Directions

The Ada County election office has issued the following information for voters regarding the upcoming mid-term elections. EARLY VOTING Early voting will begin for Ada County voters Tuesday, October 12 through Friday, October 29, 2010 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Early voting is conducted at: Election Services 400 Benjamin, suite 100 […]

Washington State Voters Seek 2/3 Approval On Spending

A common cry among proponents of the three proposed constitutional amendments claims Idaho and California are alone in their requirements for voter approval for certain public funding. While not an argument over “fees,” to finance debt, Washington State voters seek to limit the taxing authority of government without 2/3 voter approval. Idaho already has that […]

McCall Newspaper Endorses GUARDIAN Amendment Stance

By Tom Grote, Editor and Publisher The Star-News “Amendments an assault on voter’s rights” Three proposed amendments to the Idaho Constitution to be placed before voters on Nov. 2 would deprive citizens of their basic right to tell government what it can do and cannot do. This is an attempt by bureaucrats to wrest away […]

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