Private Probation Pressures Offenders

This disturbing comment was sent to the GUARDIAN Friday by an admitted lawbreaker who claims he is being pressured by his private probation officer to support the for profit program.

“So I was asked by my probation officer today to fill out this card asking if I wanted supervised probation to be run by a private company or by the county and if I wanted it run by the county, did I want the courts to run it or the sheriffs office? What is this??

I’m here because I committed a crime and am paying my dues so to speak. But I’m getting pressured into taking their (for profit firm) side. Can I really give my honest answer when I have to fill it out in front of my PO, sign it and give it back to them?

What are my consequences going to be if I don’t side with them? Seems to me that this place is just a money machine and it SHOULD be run by the county. Hell, for all I know they’re filling out the cards themselves and putting whatever they want on them. But rather then facing consquences for the “wrong answer” I just put down what they apparently wanted to hear. That place is a joke!!”

Our May 24 PROBATION POST has become a lightning rod for those involved in the county misdemeanor probation system, offenders and operators alike.

The Ada Commishes told the GUARDIAN they were investigating allegations, but follow up calls have revealed little progress or resolution to the issues raised by the GUARDIAN reader’s comments.

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  1. ACLU and the FBI should be on this

  2. I agree zippo!

  3. This sounds a lot like exit forms they ask us to fill out. On my last day of probation I was asked to fill out a form “rating” their office and my PO. I was then to hand it back to them. Duh! I’m going to put what they want to see! I still have a year of unsupervised hanging over my head, I don’t want anything to go wrong! They sit there while you fill it out and mine even read my answers back to me. I’m not going to be honest and say I think my PO is lacking a personality, was more interested in punishment than rehabilitation, or has a visible disgust for his probationers. Now if they gave us the form and an envelope and told us to send it to the judge, bet they would have some HONESTY in them

  4. probationer2
    Oct 15, 2011, 3:20 pm

    Ha! Can’t wait to go in to see My PO this week… I’m curious to see if I will be receiving one of these “forms”.. I am also curious as to how they will be acting with their “clients”.. I’m also amazed how many Colors for UA’s have been called in the last week and Half.. They are trying to get all of the money they can get now that the cat is out of the bag. What a Joke!! Oh and can I mention that it’s hilarious that you can’t even speak to your “PO” over the phone.. they prefer email.. Such peoples skills,if you can’t communicate then you shouldn’t be in the “profession” that your in.- Disgusting!!

  5. probationer2 — email is better because you have a RECORD of what was said.

    I always carried a voice recorder in my pocket during my meetings in case I needed to admit it into evidence. Prior legal cases taught me that trick. Any probationer should buy a recorder at Target for $50 and do the same.

    In Idaho it is legal to record a conversation with one party assenting. If they start patting you down then DOCUMENT that as it was never part of probation prior to this case. Again… damage control.

  6. Pissed - current probationer
    Oct 19, 2011, 7:37 pm

    Instead of continuing to talk about it, we need to take action.
    These commishes dont expect us to do anything but talk about it.
    Lets do something real.

    I propose a full display of disapproval. Picketing at ACMPS and at city hall, and at the court house. The week of 10-23 – 10-29

    Comment if you agree and lets get organized. Everyone here is right and in agreement. What they are doing is ilegal. Lets hold them accountable.

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