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Otter’s NY TIMES Spoof Could Generate Idaho Fame

NEW YORK TIMES columnist Gail Collins has named Idaho Guv Butch for the second time in two weeks as a man she would like to see as a presidential candidate. The Statesman’s political scribe, DAN POPKEY has piggy-backed on Collins’ piece and got an official spokesman statement that Butch is perfectly happy commuting from Star […]

For-Profit Ada Probation Agency Defendant In Class Action Lawsuit

Ada County’s private for-profit misdemeanor probation services, ACMPS has been named as the sole defendant in a class action lawsuit filed Thursday in 4th District Court. Plaintiffs could include “thousands” of people currently and previously on probation. The three named plaintiffs are Kenneth E. Green, Nicholas J. Hall, and Thomas Smith. They are represented by […]

Drink Up And Snuff Your Butts

Apart from the intrusion into individual liberties, Boise’s proposed smoking ban is about as likely as the 18th amendment (prohibition) of ever succeeding. Most absurd is the attempt to ban smoking in drinking establishments–debated at a public meeting Wednesday. To put the issue in perspective, consider this: It is perfectly legal to drink intoxicating alcohol […]

Private County Probation On The Way Out

An insider provided the GUARDIAN with a revealing exchange of e-mail messages in which the owner of Ada County’s misdemeanor for-profit probation department sings her “swan song” and expresses her desire to get a government job as director of what will be a county-run agency. She was apparently notified by Ada Commish chairman Rick Yzaguirre […]

Mayor Hotline September 24 to 30

9/26/11 Jennifer Owen S Vista Boise, ID 83705 941-4835 ISSUE: She would like the Ombudsman’s phone number. Ombudsman 9/27/11 Sgt. First Class Sam Glenn ISSUE: He feels that BPD has not fully addressed his complaints. Ombudsman/Mayor 9/27/11 David Morrison ISSUE: People are charging the public to park on public streets near Boise State during football […]

Nancy Cladis Responds To Probation Concerns

Following a series of mostly negative comments posted by GUARDIAN readers, Nancy Cladis has responded in her own words. The most revealing statement is her intention to retire in a year and turn over the private, for-profit misdemeanor probation program to Ada County operation and control. Her statement: Wow, I had no idea there were […]

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