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Training Ground To Kill Humans “Not Authorized” Use Of Forest Service Land

A disturbing story appeared in the Eastern Idaho media over the weekend detailing the “perfect location” for a commercial for profit venture to teach the intricacies of high altitude killing. According to the Post Register story, a guy named Buck Holly has determined that Skull Canyon on the Caribou-Targhee in Clark County is an ideal […]

Mayor Hotline October 15 – 21

2011 10/17/11 Robert Lambrou PO Box 4554 Boise, ID 83711 ISSUE: Concerned about son’s high trash bill. PW 10/17/11 Patrick Harper ISSUE: He wants a status update on the Hammer Flat deal. Mayor 10/18/11 Robert Deacon Deborah Place Boise, ID ISSUE: Supports smoking ban in bars, parks and public places. Mayor

Occupy Boise Marches In Solidarity With Oakland

Chanting, “We are the 99%” and “We are Oakland,” about 50 members of the Occupy Boise group marched around downtown Boise Wednesday night and congregated at City Hall. Members of the group told the GUARDIAN they were demonstrating solidarity with their counterparts in Oakland, California who came under physical attack Tuesday in a confrontation with […]

Eagle Candidates Cautioned On Use Of City Trademark

A concerned citizen in Eagle sent us the following message that was sent to candidates for city offices: Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 Candidates should be aware that the image of the eagle with the starburst behind it, that is used on the City of Eagle entry signage and the arch above Eagle Road is […]

Cunningham “Taken To Woodshed,” Educated By Bieter

Long time Boise Schools administrator and City Council candidate Mike Cunningham got a political education recently and the instructor was Mayor Dave Bieter. Bieter had stayed out of the race for the vacant city council seat, but when Cunningham opined at a neighborhood association meeting that Boise City should not have increased the budget 1.5% […]

Ada Commish Says “Good Ol’ Boys” Pervade County

We posted a little story earlier about alleged GENDER BIAS at the Boise Public Library to give folks to confirm or deny morale and personnel problems at the City. Some readers responded with comments, but the gangbuster was a damning comment from Ada Commish Sharon Ullman revealing what she claims is a county workplace that […]

M3 Spring Valley Development Has No Voters To Approve Financing Scam

The DAILY PAPER ran a comprehensive story today about a planned development north of Eagle which plans to take advantage of a recently passed law that is nothing but a financial scam. The law requires an election and approval of two-thirds of the resident property owners. According to the STATESMAN story, M3 Spring Valley is […]

Library Not Being “Run By The Book?”

Seems there is unrest at the Boise Public Library, given the reports filtering into the GUARDIAN. While we aren’t ready to declare things aren’t being “run by the book,” some recent personnel actions certainly have caused some staffers to question what pages management may be reading. Consider this: “Recently, Boise Public Library administration internally hand-picked […]

Commish Ullman Talks Probation Issues

By Sharon Ullman. Ada County Commissioner Ada County is gearing up to take over the provision of misdemeanor probation services at the end of this contract term, which is September 30, 2012. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to call or write to my Board to express your concerns and frustrations with […]

Libya Has History In Idaho Politics

Moammar Gadhafi once had ties to Idaho when politicos stood in line to sign deals with the Libyan strongman who was in power during the Frank Church tenure as chairman of the U.S. Senate foreign relations committee. The GUARDIAN editor worked on assignment for the New York TIMES during the circus-like atmosphere when a delegation […]

Execution Will Put Idaho In National Spotlight

It would appear convicted Idaho death row inmate Paul Ezra Rhoades won’t be having Thanksgiving Dinner behind bars or anywhere else. He is scheduled to be executed November 18 following the issuance of two death warrants Wednesday by Seventh District Judge Jon J. Shindurling. Rhoades has exhausted all appeals and every court in the land […]

Ada Commishes Approve Probation Contract On 2-1 Vote

Despite a class action lawsuit, legal questions about the constitutionality of county operated misdemeanor probation and numerous complaints, Ada County Commishes voted to approve a 12 month contract extension with the private for-profit Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Services, Inc. The outfit is run by Nancy Cladis and has been subject of numerous complaints and online […]

“Paper or Plastic?” Goes To Polls In Hailey

The question of “paper or plastic” will be answered by voters at the polls in Hailey November 8 when they cast their ballots on a proposed ordinance banning plastic bags. The issue got on the local ballot due to the efforts of the Wood River High school environmental club, W.A.T.E.R. (We Appreciate The Earth’s Resources). […]

Developer Was PAID To Fill Downtown Hole

When Mayor Dave Bieter stood in front of the construction site wall at 8th and Main recently vowing to “tear down this wall,” he conveniently failed to let citizens of Boise know the private developer will be paid as much as $4 million by Boise taxpayers for his private venture. This is the stuff the […]

More Questionable Spending By Politicos

The DAILY PAPER ran a good page one story Sunday detailing questionable spending by the Idaho Water Users on behalf of its director who is running for mayor of Eagle. The short version is the nonprofit group which represents water users (mostly irrigation customers) has acted as banker on behalf of the group’s executive director, […]

When The “Nonprofit” Saints Go Marching In It’s A Taxpayer Shuffle

A rather straight forward business story in the DAILY PAPER got our attention last week with a look at the tax return of St. Luke’s “nonprofit” medical center. The hospital has been buying up private, for profit medical practices at a rate bound to get the attention of taxing authorities and consumers alike. In the […]

Constitutionality Of County Probation Remains A Question

The Idaho Association of Counties has sent a memo to its members in the wake of media coverage first reported by the GUARDIAN, advising them not to panic when it comes to handling misdemeanor probation programs. Counties are being advised by the association director, Dan Chadwick, “At this point, it is my advice to the […]

Gateway West Power Line Will Dominate Future News Of The West

GUARDIAN editor Dave Frazier toured the coal fields of Wyoming this summer as part of the day job at his DRFPHOTO.COM His observations in photos and words. ALL PHOTOS AND TEXT COPYRIGHT DAVID R. FRAZIER It falls under the name of “Gateway West, but the issue is electricity, who wants it, who can sell it, […]

United Water Seeks $7,616,015 Annual Fee Hike

Interesting how one can spin the numbers when it comes to making millions upon millions of dollars for a French-owned monopoly company like Suez United Water. We got our water bill today which includes a notice the company has filed for “rate relief” with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission asking for a mere “19 cents […]

County Probation System May Be Unconstitutional

While the GUARDIAN has been concerned with allegations of fee overcharges and other irregularities in the Ada County Misdemeanor Probation system, we question why the county is even in the business of offering probation services–private or public. We have been advised of constitutional issues which should stop the practice in its tracks. In a nutshell […]

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