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More Details On Kuna Mayor-City Squabble

Based on a story in today’s DAILY PAPER by Cynthia Sewell, it looks like a pattern of cover up and ineptitude on the part of many of the players in the small Ada County town.

Former and Newly elected Mayor Greg Nelson owns a couple of restaurants the city planning department says have failed to pay appropriate sewer and water hook up fees. Nelson, who was portrayed as a “pro-business, friendly neighbor” guy in a previous Statesman story has circled the wagons and refuses to provide proof of payment–if he has it.

The Boise and Caldwell GUARDIANS broke the story of the $36,000 disputed fee December 20. Sewell did a good follow up and revealed the cover up and failure by all parties to make the fee dispute part of the recent mayoral campaign–even though it was an underlying reason for Nelson’s candidacy.

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  1. Could get interesting if Nelson follows up on his public dismissal of planning director who was trying to do his job. I know it’s a right to work state but I’ll bet planning director has already been contacted by a lawyer ready to sue the city for wrongful termination

  2. How can Mr. Nelson say it will be a cold day in hell before he pays $36,000 when he know and has been asked repeatedly to show evidence he doesn’t owe Kuna Taxpayers this money?
    The cold day in hell may come sooner than he thinks, depending upon the attitude of Kuna residents.

  3. Ineptitude should benefit the typical taxpayer %50 of the time, yet it rarely does. Why don’t the news folks call this what it is.

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