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Boise Continues Land Speculation, Swaps Property To Avoid Bid Law

Boise City Council continued the long established pattern of secret land speculation and urban sprawl recently with a series of land swaps at a gateway freeway interchange southeast of town. GUARDIAN sources speculate part of the secret deal likely involves city acquisition of 200 acres northwest of Eagle. In summary, it appears the city has […]

Probation Officer Probe Moves To Canyon

The grand theft case against Ada County Misdemeanor Probation officer Austin Plew was moved to the Canyon County prosecutor Monday at the request of the Ada County prosecutor. A preliminary hearing is set for December 22. In the poorly worded complaint, Plew is charged with taking cash in the amount of “more than $1,000” over […]

Coppers Capture “Tire Terrorist” Suspect

We don’t want to sound sexist, but to the surprise of many folks the North End tire poppin’ terrorist suspect turns out to be a 29 year old woman–not a malicious kid. Boise PD detectives acting on the tip of a citizen arrested Diana Leigh O’Leary, 29, of Boise Monday morning. Here is how it […]

Consumer Advocates Need Voice At IPUC

By HUBERT OSBORNE GUARDIAN Reader A recent examination of rate cases before the Idaho Public Utility’s commission on three separate rate cases all involving renewable energy show some startling differences in the electricity rates that have been agreed to between small power producers and the Utility’s involved. A case in North Idaho involving the burning […]

Coppers Cope With Public Puffing

We haven’t weighed in on the anti-smoking fiasco within Boise bars and parks until the City Councilors passed a set of ordinances that will become law January 1. Now that it illegal to puff in public we wanted to hear from the coppers who will have to enforce the law. The GUARDIAN made an official […]

Future GUARDIAN City Council Report

By Bill Goodnight Guardian Humorist Fast forward to 2020: “Boise City Council Passes Anti-flatulence Ordinance” Last night the Boise City Council unanimously passed a ban on flatulence in all public places. The ordinance requires that all businesses install point source detectors recently developed by the local tech start-up company U-point. These detectors should answer some […]

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