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Idaho Power May Pull Plug To Hoku Plant

The Hoku solar panel plant struggling to get itself up and running in Pocatello can’t even pay its agreed upon electric bill to Idaho Power, it was revealed in a filing before the Idaho Public Utilities Commission Thursday. The Chinese backed company has been the beneficiary of all kinds of public largess including local urban […]

More Details On Kuna Mayor-City Squabble

Based on a story in today’s DAILY PAPER by Cynthia Sewell, it looks like a pattern of cover up and ineptitude on the part of many of the players in the small Ada County town. Former and Newly elected Mayor Greg Nelson owns a couple of restaurants the city planning department says have failed to […]

Mayor Hotline December 17 to 23

Since the hotline provided by the Mayor’s office has become more cryptic and less informative, the GUARDIAN this week will insert editorial comment to put selected comments in perspective. This is the same document provided to City Counselors. Perhaps they will switch to the GUARDIAN for more insight. 12/19/11 Tamba Vaughn Las Vegas ISSUE: Complaint […]

Priming the News Pump–Choose Your Topic

With many of our readers gone and much of the legacy media not reporting any news, we are left to fend for ourselves with some “make news” topics of discussion. The GUARDIAN has been reporting from Hawaii the past week where we shared top visitor billing with the Obama family, hence little in the way […]

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

The GUARDIAN wishes to thank one and all for their kind contributions over the past year whether as a reader or contributing writer, or commenter. We will keep an eye on the blog over the next week, but don’t expect much in the way of breaking news. The politicos will mostly be away from their […]

Now EVERYONE Wants To Sue Nampa

Yet another lawsuit has been filed against the City of Nampa over the stormwater “fee” levied against property owners. If class action is granted, Nampa could have every property owner in the city seeking refunds for a sewer fee that many claim is an illegal tax. A class-action complaint filed Wednesday seeks to have Nampa’s […]

New Kuna Mayor In Billing Dispute With City

A story in the daily paper Monday portrayed Kuna’s mayor-elect as a pro-business kind of guy when it comes to fees and regulations associated with new businesses and conciliatory toward neighboring city Meridian. However, Mayor-elect Greg Nelson didn’t have much good to say about planning and Zoning Director Steven Hasson and that probably stems from […]

2011 Retrospective, Choose You Favorite GUARDIAN Posts

It is that time for the annual “Christmas Letter” looking back at the past year’s stories, comments, and passings. You can click on the ARCHIVE button below the cityscape photo to jog your memory. Please share your favorite stories and headlines. The scandal at the Ada County Misdemeanor Probation services was by far the most […]

Nampa Stormwater “Fee” Could Go Down The Drain

A tax by any other name is still a tax according to the Idaho Supreme Court, but Nampa officials are holding tough on their position a new storm drain tax revenue scheme is just a “fee.” The Supremes ruled on a Lewiston case last month. The GUARDIAN first broke the Nampa story back in April […]

Dorothy Goes Down Yellow Brick Road To Credit Union

This is a new comment on a previous post and we felt worthy of a stand alone story By DOROTHY Guardian Reader Due to corporate “downsizing” (job elimination), my company is no longer paying for the car they “required” me to purchase. I approached my lender and asked to refinance the loan for a longer […]

Secret City Land Deals Explained On Map

The GUARDIAN has acquired numerous documents with regard to the land swaps involving the armory on Reserve Street and assorted Boise City-owned properties in the area of Eisenman Road and I-84. Based on the information provided by Boise City, coupled with their refusal to communicate with the GUARDIAN except as required by law, we offer […]

Obama, Feds Exempt Coppers From Tech Ban While Driving

When the national media announced a proposed Federal Government ban on ALL in car devices–with emphasis on eliminating texting while driving, the GUARDIAN sought clarification from the United States Transportation Department in Washington, D.C. We wondered if the ban would apply to coppers who we all see driving down the road looking at computer screens […]

Statesman Report Explains Secret Land Deal

After Boise officials refused to return calls or refused to discuss details of a secret land deal, the GUARDIAN has to offer a tip of the hat to the STATESMAN’S CYNTHIA SEWELL. The GUARDIAN broke the story last week about a complex land swap, but it was the DAILY PAPER that was able to put […]

Cyclops Closes The Good Eye

Cyclops was a simple man Who was not city hall’s biggest fan He exposed sneaky schemes By Mayor Dave’s teams Rest In Peace Jim Monihan –Poet Paul “Cyclops,” one of the most frequent commenters and loyal readers of the GUARDIAN closed his good eye Sunday for the last time, a victim of cancer. For those […]

Canine Copper Chomps “Hostage”

One of the local canine coppers made the news Friday when a woman was reportedly “possibly being held against her will” at a northwest Boise home. The four-legged cop dog was sent in when the suspect refused to come out and promptly bit the female “hostage.” Police said the wounds were not life threatening. The […]

Ada, Canyon Clerks Urge Supremes To “Get ‘er Done”

Ada County Clerk Chris Rich and Canyon’s Chris Yamamoto have filed “friend of the court” briefs with the Idaho Supreme Court essentially urging the justices to act quickly on several lawsuits brought by other counties contesting the newest state and federal legislative district boundaries. The problem lies with the Idaho law which requires candidates to […]

Garden City To Eagle: “Go Peddle Your Pedal Plans Elsewhere”

When Jim Reynold’s, Eagle’s new mayor recently sent a letter to Garden City’s mayor asking for a joint city council meeting to discuss greenbelt bike path ideas, he was told not to peddle his pedal plans in Garden City by Mayor John Evans. The Committee for an Open Greenbelt has been fighting for years trying […]

Boise Artists Are All Losers At City Hall

Boise eagerly recruits out of town businesses and when it comes to public art that’s exactly what they got. Boise’s artists were all shunned by a city committee selecting public art for the new City Hall remodel project. Not a single Idaho artist, let alone a Boise artist is being considered as a finalist. Some […]

Glider Fans Up In Air Over “Bottum Line” At Hammer Flat Launch Site

By John Kangas For 35 years, silent and beautiful Hang Gliders and Paragliders have graced the Boise skyline above the Highway 21 and the iconic Crow Inn. Many have enjoyed eating steamed clams and just watching the gliders. Generations of Boise gliders have enjoyed their first flights on the Crow’s gentle hill. There is nothing […]

Private Prison Guards Don’t Meet Standards

Corrections officers working at the private Correction Corporation of America facility south of Boise are having trouble meeting standards required to be certified by the Idaho Peace Officers and Standards Training (POST) council. Last week of seven statewide “applications for waiver of standards” brought before the POST hearing board, five were seeking exceptions for CCA […]

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