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First Dope Reporter Award Of 2012 Goes To Jennifer McGraw

With the high rate of turnover in the TV news business, KBOI-TV’s Jennifer McGraw can get a partial pass for not knowing, but when she got caught wading in the spring runoff in her cute plastic boots she won the first DOPE REPORTER award of the water year. Not only did she appear on air […]

Ada Commish Candidate Resigns 16 Year Job Over Conflict With State Anti-Political Statute

BULLETIN 2:25 p.m. Monday– Ada County Commish Candidate Dave Case has announced he has resigned his state job with the Board of Parole. The complete text of his PRESS RELEASE can be seen at the bottom of the page. News outlets in the Boise area including the GUARDIAN got the following message (or a similar […]

Of Ethics, Conflicts, Right and Wrong

We are left shaking our head almost daily asking the rhetorical questions, “What were they thinking?” and “doesn’t anyone know the difference between right and wrong?” Mom and Dad would be aghast. The recent mess incident at the City-owned Idaho Ice World was a disaster waiting to happen. It all started back in 2008 when […]

Melt Down At Boise’s Idaho Ice World Continues

Plagued by theft, conflict of interest, a midnight Zamboni run to Burger King, the infamous “strip hockey,” and rowdy boys having fun drinking and mooning, Boise’s City-owned Idaho Ice World can now add forcing young boys to disrobe in public to its credit. When young men were participating in a game of “strip hockey,” at […]

Convicted Ada Probation Officer Sentenced

The following report was filed as a comment on the proceedings of former Ada County Probation Officer Austin Plew. Plew was charged with taking money from the private for-profit probation agency. Plew was sentenced in 4th District Court Wednesday. The author is obviously a defense attorney. By “Justica” It was one of the MOST disappointing […]

Bad Legal Advice Leads To Bad Gov’t

A rash of bad legal advice and lack of transparency at the local level is taking its toll on local government budgets and preventing the “system” from having a chance to prove itself–leading some to question the democratic process. A few examples: –Boise county got bad advice about zoning a halfway house for troubled youth […]

Idaho Power Tells Commission Its “Over Powered”

Idaho Power is seeking a suspension of the law which requires the utility to purchase power from small “renewable energy” producers. A hearing is set for Wednesday at the Idaho Public Utilities Commission headquarters 9:30 a.m. at 472 W. Washington St. in Boise. Oversupply of wind power has been a major bone of contention recently […]

Boise Government Dawn Of “Common Sense”?

We don’t know who is behind floating a new approach to Boise River recreation laws, but we sure hope it holds water. Team Dave’s weekly PR note on the city website talks of a common sense approach to ordinances aimed at creating a safe river float–including reducing splashing offenses from misdemeanor crimes to infractions. That […]

GUARDIAN Leases Fire Station For 99 Years

After learning it will cost an estimated $1,000 to put a $99 lease question before North Ada County Fire District patrons in May, the GUARDIAN presented Ada County Commission Chairman Rick Yzaguirre with the full amount of the lease Friday. At issue is a lease agreement between NACFAR and Ada County for lease of #16 […]

Police Reveal Weapons Inventory Irregularities

Following an inquiry by the GUARDIAN, Boise police have revealed details of what they call “discrepancies in inventory control” for weapons slated for destruction. Chief Mike Masterson said the investigation is still so fresh the internal affairs part of the inquiry has not been completed, but has been underway since late 2011. Ada County Sheriff’s […]

Busiest Intersection In Idaho Is Eagle & Fairview

Afa County Highway District has released its 2011 traffic counts, placing several intersections in a tight competition for busiest in the county–and in most cases probably the state.

Voter Turnout Above Average For School Issue

Candidate advice. If you want to get elected, contact the “Friends” of Boise Schools–they know how to get out the vote. For a single ballot question with little personality, no religious issues, or gender gaps the turnout was great in Ada County–a Whopping 29%. Compared to the Boise mayor/council election the turnout was nearly double. […]

Local Banker To Join GBAD Board

The GUARDIAN has learned of the imminent appointment of Rob Perez, a local banker, to the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board. He will be confirmed at the Monday meeting to fill the vacancy created by the departure of former board member Mike Fitzgerald. The following bio was provided by the District: Rob Perez joined Idaho […]

Meridian and Boise School Levies Pass

Both Boise and Meridian School Levies were approved by voters Tuesday. While GUARDIAN readers were upset about the obvious “sales language” of the Boise ballot, we have to conclude it was only one factor in an overwhelming victory for the voter-approved tax hike. Having the boss provide absentee ballot applications to teachers whose jobs could […]

GBAD Boys (and girls) Secret Government, Direct Violation Of Idaho Supreme Court Ruling–Case Law

BULLETIN 9:30 a.m. Wednesday— Following publication of the story below, GBAD blinked and released the name of ROB PEREZ, president of Western Capital Bank. We applaud release of the name and will provide more bio details soon–well before he is confirmed by the GBAD board at the Monday meeting. TUESDAY POST– Ignoring Idaho case law, […]

Ada Elections Office Busy Fielding Calls–Voting SNAFU In Pct. 50

BULLETIN– 10:08 p.m. MERIDIAN VOTERS CAST 47 BOISE BALLOTS IN PRECINCT 50 Ada Election Central has issued this statement: “A pad of the Independent School District of Boise City Supplemental Levy ballots was inadvertently placed with those of the Meridian School District Supplemental Levy resulting in 47 ballots being issued to Meridian Voters. This occurred […]

Update On School Levy Elections

We have received several comments from readers regarding the Tuesday School Elections. First are allegations that Boise’s ballot language disguises the fact they are seeking $70,000,000 which is broken down into $14,000,000 every year for 5 years. One reader claims the Meridian ballot is much clearer, adding the Boise cost pegged at a mere $7 […]

School Levy Election Tuesday–Be Sure To VOTE!

A bunch of school levy elections set for Tuesday because the Idaho Legislature has shifted much of the cost of education to property owners while proclaiming legislators have “held the line” on tax hikes. They may have held the line, but only with a massive shift. To learn where to vote following the statewide redistricting […]

Nampa Mayor Taps City Coffers For Lunch Money

FROM THE CALDWELL GUARDIAN Nampa City Councilman Bob Henry has raised concerns about spending $1,500.00 for 102 city employees to have lunch with the mayor at Nampa taxpayer expense. The City of Caldwell used to host a Christmas dinner party for Caldwell City employees to the tune of $10,000.00 until THE GUARDIAN pointed out Idaho […]

Trash Talk–Power, Politics, Economics, Ownership

A forum of experts in turning “Waste To Watts” was assembled Tuesday by the IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW and it completed the circuit for many not plugged into the energy circuit. Idaho Power rep M. Mark Stokes, along with attorney Peter Richardson who reps small electricity producers selling power–like wind generated and landfill projects, really cut […]

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