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City Staff Reduced, Management Seeks More Efficiency

The GUARDIAN got a tip late last week claiming there were layoffs at City Gall. We sent a query to Team Dave and spokesman Adam Park provided the following statement: “In 2012 the City has laid off one employee and restructured one position following the retirement of another employee. Both of these actions were done […]

Elk And Deer Herds Gather In Garden Valley, Spring Is Coming

The GUARDIAN and Mrs. GUARDIAN made the annual jaunt to Garden Valley in search of big game concentrations and we weren’t disappointed. Spring is just around the corner. Deer and elk seem to be everywhere and with the increase in human critters, it won’t be long before folks are tired of their shrubs being chomped […]

Ada Probation Update–No Investigation Likely, Unconstitutional System Continues

UPDATED 3/5 Noting constitutional amendment has passed on this issue. When the GUARDIAN began receiving what appeared to be credible complaints about the operation of the private for profit Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Services we forwarded details directly to the Ada County Commishes. In May 2011 we posted the FIRST STORY which caused a brief […]

Boise School Levy, YES or NO?

After a coin flip at the GUARDIAN world headquarters, the YES folks won top billing for this story, but the GUARDIAN will stick with long standing policy and not endorse issues or candidates. We provide the forum to further public discussion of important issues. The election is March 13. (We really did flip for top […]

House Panel Votes To Keep State Out Of Commercial Ventures

On a 15-1 vote The House Resources and Conservation Committee approved a measure Wednesday to prevent the state endowment fund from purchasing and running businesses. This is a practice the GUARDIAN revealed in 2010 when the Dept. of Lands went into the private storage business with the purchase of Affordable Storage in Boise. With an […]

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