GBAD “Directional Plan” Keeps Visitors Aimless

Since the GUARDIAN has advocated directional signs at major Boise intersections for more than 5 years, we were encouraged to receive the minutes from an April 6 Greater Boise Auditorium District (G-BAD) meeting which discussed “directional statements.”

We read things like, “…meetings to determine directional statements…make sure we are on the right path…state how where and what we are doing lines up with where we want to go…provide a sense of direction.” Finally! They want some signs.

Turns out this was all from one of those paid studies aimed at jamming another convention center into the heart of Downtown Boise. Were were disappointed to learn the “directional signs” were just gobbledegook survey lingo that could apply to everything from Homeland Security to a Republican primary election.

Meanwhile, tourists are still “aimless in Boise” because the city, county, GBAD, Boise Visitor Bureau, Downtown Business Association, ACHD, can’t get their collective act together.

Here is the meat of the report:

If a new convention center is ever built, lookout for visitors bumping into each other looking for the Old Pen, BSU, Century Link Arena, Fair Grounds, The Depot, Table Rock, Lucky Peak, Mores Creek Bridge, Hyde Park, Airport, Les Bois Park Track, Idaho Center, and all the other “destinations.”

Some of the stories we have posted on the subject:

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  1. This GBAD gimmick is just more evidence of what our leaders really think of us:

    China sends its best and brightest students over to America and Europe to learn our Math/Science/Engineering ways of doing things. They do this because the Commie way does not seem to produce as good of schools.

    Meanwhile, our American leaders are routinely on tour of China to learn how to become Commie. Be afraid, it’s not just a free vacation. Our leaders our looking for ways to ignore/avoid/intimidate the voter. The numerous attempts to control and tax the internet are akin to the attempts to control the printing press in the days of Martin Luther.

    EDITOR NOTE–The topic at hand is the lack of directional signs for visitors to Boise. Please stay on topic!

  2. You guys pick the most obscure subjects to start arguements about

  3. Directional Signs…
    There isn’t enough there to get lost!

  4. GBAD is a reformed idea of what was once Idaho’s push to gain big business from California, (yes die hard Idaho fans, your hatred for Cali is baseless when it was your leaders who brought them here in the first place with the promise of cheap labor and cheap property tax)Now this city is labeling it’s self as the “next big boom city” where the hopes and dreams of every Idaho republican youth will come to fruition with an influx of corporate infrastructure, bringing with it yet another wave of money from California and god knows where else.
    From past experience and analytical thought, it is easy to see that the GBAD knew exactly what direction to take this state, for better or worse.

  5. Karen Ragland
    Jun 5, 2012, 9:24 am

    I read the article on GBAD and here is my take: Mr. Eastman take the “alignment of tactics to achieve direction” and I will “continually state” just shush.
    That would line up with where WE would want you to go. May I suggest another city.

  6. Ronin, the “hatred” for Cali’s comes from a few simple things that they brought with them. I.E. drugs, crime, traffic, their were better than you attitude and the dreaded saying “back in Cali” IMHO the influx was for the worse.

  7. Every cell phone out there can get directions from here to anywhere.So why all the fuss about signs? Ya don’t need em’, ya don’t want em’, and ya damn sure don’t want to PAY FOR THEM!!

    I think Judy Peavey-Duh and company on the GBAD Board have to justify their existence from time to time and this idiotic sign crap is how they expect to do it! How much MONEY gets wasted on the GBAD every year? What good do they do the community? Why all these layers of government?

    EDITOR NOTE–Go read the story again! They were listening to a guy who was pitching his skills at getting public and GBAD folks lined up to promote a new CONVENTION CENTER…all that jabber had nothing whatsoever to do with actual signs. You could put that lingo in a report about nearly any subject. I am told the guy has even written a book and is considered an “expert.”

  8. WOW! Blew right over MY head. Thanks Fraz!

  9. Chuck's Dog
    Jun 8, 2012, 11:50 pm

    These comments sure were good for a great laugh.

    Meat? What a joke.

    You know Dave, I don’t agree with you too often, but I agree with you on this one. GBAD and the Centre staff sure have wasted a lot of public money on studies with nothing to show for it.

    How many conventions have been brought in by the world’s biggest and highest paid sales staff for one of America’s smallest convention centers?

    Where are those two clowns – Schmaeder and Scully – and their petition to disband this lot? How about the Ameritel Boys? I know they were all talk and no action, but did they just roll over?

    The Simplot kids will get Jumpin Jack’s place built while this group does nothing but commission another study.

    And the GBAD chairman – he’s a joke too.

  10. My interpretation is that Mr. Eastman was hired to put a strategic plan together for GBAD and its board, to give them vision and direction. He has his work cut out for him. The GBAD board is so incompetent I don’t know how they find their way to the Center on the Grove. They waste so much time and money on building a new convention center fully knowing they don’t have enough money to build one. Then you throw into that mix our incompetent mayor who wants to take GBAD money to build a baseball stadium. Hopefully in the next round of elections, some of Idaho’s upstanding citizens who’ve avoided politics will step up and fill the void left by political incompetents. Bieter for governor, LOL, what a joke.

  11. Chuck's Dog
    Jun 10, 2012, 2:41 pm

    Yeah, well let’s see how well they do when the time comes to request bonding authority for whatever it is they “strategically plan” to build.

    Hy Kloc for legislator? No thanks.

  12. I have to say , I agree with Hy Kloc on most things but I will not support his political future based on his GBAD stance on a new convention center (re) for downtown Boise.

    I would agree on a multipurpose new fairgrounds in Garden City that can handle conventions and a decent public transportation system connecting Eagle, Garden City and Boise.
    Meridian has designed itself to be a car/freeway megaplex. Let them enjoy life the way they like it.

    Garden City needs the economic support to grow and improve services. If Garden City allowed full nude dancing bars, they could support a convention center. No such thing as a family friendly convention center except at Disney properties.

  13. Chuck's Dog
    Jun 13, 2012, 9:28 pm

    The shovels and hammers are rockin’ at Jack’s Place.

  14. Better late to the thread than never. AGAIN, people, it is GBAD’s job to build convention facilities in the same way it is IDOT and ACHD’s job to build roads.

    Where’s the complaining when those new widened roads get built?

    Spokane has a new convention center and it’s nice. Do any of you have some evidence from Spokane or other cities that their convention centers are not paying their way. Or not attracting business? Somehow costing the taxpayer other than the hotel room tax?

  15. Hey Cynic,

    Do your homework before coming to the party, especially when you’re late. Idaho Code 67 chapter 49 clearly defines an auditorium district as: “one to build, operate, maintain, market and manage for public, commercial and/or industrial purposes by any available means PUBLIC AUDITORIUMS, EXHIBITION HALLS, CONVENTION CENTERS, SPOTS ARENAS, and facilities of a similar nature, and for that purpose any such district shall have the power to construct, maintain, manage, market and operate such facilities.

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