ACHD Commish Calls For Hockey Game Review

Last week we reported on the “Hockey Game” between Boise City and Ada County Highway District officials. It looks like the winning goal is being challenged in the 3-2 victory for the city.

The issue was an agreement to allow Boise to plant hockey puck-like electronic devices in the ACHD pavement which are linked to parking meters. Two of the five commishes vote against the agreement. Now Commish Rebecca Arnold who previously voted to approve the agreement has asked for reconsideration.

In a letter dated July 29, Arnold told her colleagues:
“Boise City did not disclose to ACHD that there were alternatives to their requested in-pavement installation of the vehicle detection sensors. In fact, it appears that there are several installation methods available, that there are alternatives to in-pavement installation which would ‘reduce cost, increase accuracy and increase life expectancy of the sensor and sensor battery,’ and, most importantly, that there are alternatives which do not put the District at risk of damaged pavement and/or increased maintenance costs.”

If the Commission approves Arnold’s reconsideration request they will reconsider the license agreement with the city at a future meeting. Meanwhile the city has a couple hundred hockey pucks.

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  1. Most her comments/concerns are outside of ACHD’s purview. However highlighting those issues accomplishes the goal of needling the city.

    The repair issue is essentially a nonissue for entities other than the city for conducting work in ACHD right of ways.

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