ESPN, CBS Rule Statesman Newspaper, Bronco Football

In an apologetic column in the Saturday STATESMAN, editor Vicki Gowler explained why the newspapers have been delivered hours late for two weekends in a row: It’s all the fault of ESPN!

Not only does the commercial sports TV network set the starting time of BSU football times, that also determines when the DAILY PAPER goes to press and ultimately land in the front yard of what few readers are left to scan a printed version of the news–all the news, not just a single BSU game that was played on TV.

We have suggested to Miss Vicki it is time for the paper to mount a campaign among those loyal readers to put some pressure on BSU officials. Do we have a football team and “program” for the local community or are we just a bit player for commercial TV? Not a single game was played on an Autumn afternoon this season.

We find it ironic the DAILY PAPER promotes Bronco Nation, dotes on every word from whomever the multi-million dollar coach may be, deprives loyal readers a timely news product–all to promote a commercial TV show which makes millions of dollars in 3.5 hours at the expense of our community.

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  1. Each week that they take one of those late games, they earn $500,000. That’s $500,000 that doesn’t have to be paid for by the citizens of Idaho for the program. I think they’re between a rock and a hard place here, and I don’t blame them for going for the money.

  2. This weekend’s late start isn’t the fault of ESPN, and several others weren’t either. She has her facts wrong which is glaring and odd for the editor. Several of the late games were on CBS Sports Network, or in tonight’s case, CBS-TV. While the last few games were on ESPN, not all the late games were.

  3. BSU’s total disrespect for Fan’s.

  4. Although many of us have wondered why BSU would whore themselves out for ESPN money over the satisfaction of the members of Bronco Nation that either attend or watch on television; Guardian you have said it very clearly.

    Perhaps the lack of satisfaction will be shown tonight when the Championship game is poorly attended by locals.

  5. Too much sport, not enough education. Something is very very wrong when a guy throwing a ball makes 100x more than a guy inventing medications.

  6. The late games are a result of BSU’s success. It would be great if Idaho was being successful enough for their games to be also aired on ESPN. Be happy for the success. It’s better than the alternate.

  7. Bieter+begone
    Dec 6, 2014, 2:27 pm

    The statesman has done a lot of things to drive customers away. Customers who won’t be back and who won’t be replaced either. I don’t bother to get the paper anymore.

    I quickly scan the on line headlines to see if anything is worth looking at further (usually not). Today seemed to be all football. I guess nothing else is happening in the area or the state or the country or the world.

  8. Grumpy ole Guy
    Dec 6, 2014, 7:26 pm

    I suspect that it is a variety of causes, all of those outlined above. But the TV schedules and the time zones and live coverage drive much of the schedule. So, between BSU and the Statesman trying to deliver both to their fans / customers and pay feasience to their masters – the corporations who dictate the TV coverage the rest of the world just has to dance attendance. It isn’t. as if the academic program at any university is of any importance. We must all be entertained, after all,by whatever sport or entertainment is at hand, otherwise we might pay attention to what is going on and that wouldn’t do our elected politicians any good at all, those corporations who run the TV schedules would be in deep trouble if the politicos were answering to the people, not the corporations.

  9. BSU sets record tonight! 11000 seats were unsold.
    Late night games maybe? Or just priced the average person from affording it.

  10. I sometimes wonder why the editor (of this site) still lives in Boise. It seems that nothing here is to his liking, except the actions of the local stazzi. The mayor, his cronies, ACHD overcrowded highways, more housing downtown… ect ect. And lets not forget the trolley, as story that that seems to never be able to go away one would think these issues are the only things in Boise that need to be brought to the attention of the masses huddled around their computer screens.

    When can we get a hard hitting story about the appalling lack of mental health resources in this state, maybe a look at the homeless population and how much more money ignoring these issues costs us all in the long run.

    Alas I understand that in the big scheme of things arguing over a trolley, the new bus terminal, or the fact that certain peoples view of the foothills in much more important than the 50 or 75 people sleeping under an over pass when it’s below freezing out side.

    EDITOR NOTE–Rick, sorry you are having trouble finding stories. Here are some useful links to GUARDIAN stories: MENTAL HEALTH HOMELESS

    Furthermore, the Statesman and BSU Radio just completed a massive look at mental health issues in Idaho. This little one man blog could hardly do the job of two major news organizations with paid reporters. Hope these links help you in the quest for information.

  11. We didn’t go last night, and feel a little bad about it, but ending a game at nearly midnight is off putting. Ok, once in a while, but all season? NCAA football is corporatized, big business, and BSU is falling into the trap. But then again, almost everything these days is corporatized big business.

  12. Rod+in+SE+Boise
    Dec 7, 2014, 1:14 pm

    The Idaho Statesman’s website and app are almost unusable because of all the advertizing.

    Many of the comments above about ESPN, CBS, and $$$$$ are valid. Money makes the world go around and if you don’t have it you are allowed to die of neglect. America.

  13. Things have changed…It is all about the money – period…just like other things around town like St Luke’s, the philharmonic, and property taxes.

    And yes it costs too much to go. Gave up seats several years ago – was over $2500! Tickets are too much plus BAA membership mandatory fees, parking fees, and lines at the bathroom.

  14. Rick – some of us appreciate that there is at least ONE voice of sanity in town and not a part of the downtown “club”.

    PS – I belong to a group that gave over $35,000 to the welfare of homeless and at risk in Boise last year.

  15. Follow the MONEY! College sports has become nothing but whores for money and very little about the local community. Perhaps this explains the empty seats at the game this past Saturday. 8:00PM kick off time is way late for everyone.

  16. Before giving “charity” money away to a school or football team or hospital or the “non-profit” run by your sister-in-law… research organizations on Charity Navigator.

    It’s amazing how many non-profits are opaque and are paying huge salaries to their management. And calling BSU or any other major school a non-profit is simply dishonest.

  17. Zippo,

    Don’t know what you think a non-profit is (or should be), but FYI, it is simply an organization that uses surplus revenue to further its goals or mission instead of paying out profits. There are for-profit schools out there (Steven Heneger, Apollo College, ITT Tech, etc), but those companies have shareholders and pay out profits and dividends.

    BSU, and all those other major schools, are a lot of things, including, for one, being non profit organizations.

  18. costaprettypenny
    Dec 10, 2014, 8:39 pm

    Rod+in+SE+Boise comment is right on, we are out of town for the winter and try to get a little local news and yes, the Statesman’s website and app are almost unusable because of all the advertizing. I have deleted the app and have noticed and unusual increase in junk mail.Odd, the web page is next!

  19. BB, It’s about efficiency. Many “non-profits” direct their profits into fat paychecks for a fat management team while masquerading as a “selfless organization doing the public good”… or some other kinda bullcrap mission statement like that. And it’s about the taxes… somehow you failed to mention the HUGE tax benefit of being a “non-profit”.

  20. Zip,

    I can see why you feel that BSU and other public universities are “masquerading as selfless organizations doing the public good,” while cutting fat paychecks to management. However, you’re misguided in your opinion that the presence of money will poison the mission. I will say I don’t personally know what the pay rates of university administrators are, but for the sake of this conversation it’s irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that public universities reinvest all proceeds to further the mission. That act makes them non-profit organizations. And as you correctly pointed out, that qualifies them for tax exempt status (as it should).

    It is totally irrelevant that you think the organizations have “bullcrap mission statements.” As a society (read: majority), long ago we determined that an educated populace is good for our society. Further, as a populace, we have determined that mission-driven organizations (including many that you probably agree with), are good for our society and grant thus them a tax exemption because as a non-profit, they are not making anything (profits) to tax as any and all revenue is reinvested.

    The mission of a for-profit school is to make money for shareholders. Decisions at such organizations are made to advance that purpose – it’s a business after all. A non-profit does not have shareholders. Finally, just so you’re aware, not everything associated with a non-profit is tax exempt. For example, those fat salaries of management – they are subject to income tax.

  21. I sleep late on the weekend. The paper is there when I go out. Now the journalism…


    We need more / better tools like this to score schools.

    Pay and bennies irrelevant? LOL… that’s the main problem with phoney charities/nonprofits. It’s exactly why so many of them fail.

  23. Zip,

    You say that pay and benefits are “the main problem with phoney charities/nonprofits,” and that is “exactly why so many of them fail.” Are you saying that major universities are phoney? Also, I don’t think any major universities have ever failed. Can you recall any? It seems that perhaps you may be equating bad nonprofits with all nonprofits? Also, since we are largely talking about State schools, are you aware that the legislature (and the school’s governing body) usually have to approve all compensation packages making the kind of scams you’re talking about nearly impossible.

    Regarding the website you posted (which is ironically a non-profit itself), a cursory look reveals that there are a number of major schools listed, and all are highly rated. Admittedly, there aren’t that many schools on the charity website though because universities charge tuition and receive government grants. Charity Navigator states that “we do not review charities that receive most of their funding from government grants, or from the fees they charge for their programs and services.” Nonetheless, BSU (any every other major university) publicly provide financial health status, accountability, transparency, and report annual financial results on their websites. (See: – this is all the criteria used by your website in its evaluations. This suggests that if these schools you’re questioning as legitimate were rated, they would be highly rated.

    Zip, your attitude about higher education hardly being nonprofit, and the caviler dismissal of their missions genuinely makes me sad because I think you are advancing a popular Idaho opinion about education in general (that it isn’t that important, or that things are just fine the way they are), and that opinion is why our economy is stuck in the slow lane with its blinker on.

  24. This story is about a football teams response to money from a TV program. I’m pleased the team pays for itself. The rest of the school should do the same.

    Sidebar to BB,

    1) Many positions in our society, now and in the future are and can be filled by those with an 8th grade education. For example, illegal immigration fills many of these positions.

    2) Most positions in our society, now and in the future, are and can be filled by those with a high school education.

    3) Very few positions need a BA or BS. Almost none need a Masters or Doctorate. Some of the most sought after workers today need skills like welding and other trades. ((BSU did teach this stuff in the past, but the snobs drove that subdivision off campus resulting in an additional tax on my house.))

    Non-profits like BSU market and lobby against these simple facts of life in America. Using public funding, they produce droves of people with a BS or BA who leave school with a mountain of debt and no job… because they lack the skills needed to get a job… and many jobs don’t need or want a BA/BS.

    Universities are not producing what the market needs. It’s a publicly funded miss. Thus I say, like many government bureaucracies, they are about the welfare of the staff and administration far more than the welfare of the student or community. Therefore, I’d really like to see an accurate useful evaluation tool for any and all non-profits… especially those which suck up soooo much public money… Like public universities. America is $18T in public debt. State and local debt is huge too. Personal debt is the only situation which is improving. As a nation we need to cut the fat. Non-profits are much of that fat.

    I’m not saying cut valuable research programs… I’m saying cut the fat. This means schools will get much much smaller and more focused on current employment market and research demands.

  25. You’re right that many jobs don’t require any training beyond high school. As a result of not needing much skill, those types of jobs usually pay poorly. Maybe I’m wrong, but those low-earning low-skilled positions are not the kinds of jobs on which you want base your economy. I’d like to see Idaho’s workforce paid well, and the only consistent corollary with high paying jobs is a better education.

    Here are some facts: 1. College educated people earn about 40% more than if they only finished high school; 2. Earnings rise about 85% faster if you have a college education; 3. Unemployment is about 7% lower for those with a college education; 4. Federal, state and local governments enjoy higher tax revenue from a college educated populace and spent about 10% less on public assistance programs; 5. College graduates are 15% more likely to have jobs that provide insurance and retirement benefits; 6. Adults with higher education volunteer for organizations and schools about 25% more frequently; and 7. College educated are healthier (less smokers and less obese).

    Education is an investment that a smarter populace will ultimately make a better more prosperous society. You can’t cut your way to prosperity (see Kansas, for example).

    The problem in Idaho isn’t that Universities aren’t producing what the market needs, it’s that the state doesn’t have what businesses want: educated people. It’s no coincidence that Idaho’s recovery from the recession has not been as robust as it has been in states that support higher ed.

  26. Go BSU Football!!!! Somebody’s got to bring home the dough.

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