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No Drunks Or Walk-Ins At Detox Center

While working on a story about Boise’s relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous, we learned Boise’s Detox Center is not what it was cracked up to be. The facility may be well intended, save money for the hospitals, and provide services to some of those in need. It doesn’t fill the role it was touted as filling. […]

Germans Engineer Stealthy Detox Approach

One of our German readers sent along a link from DER SPIEGEL about a town that offers unemployed boozers their own “Cheers-type” gathering spot. A decidedly different approach to “detox.” The short version is the city spends money on soft drinks, coffee, etc. and allows the boozers to bring their own bottles to the bar. […]

Detox Deal Done, Despite Dollar Drain

There is no doubt about the need for a detox center in Boise so the coppers can take people someplace besides the Emergency Room or the slammer to sober up. There was a lot of fanfare about an agreement and possible 2010 opening for a joint city, county, state facility known as “Substance Abuse and […]

State To Study Detox Panel

Detox…Just Do It!

Caution on Detox Plans

Hope For State Detox Compliance


Ada Jail Offers Discount Rates To State, Travelocity and don’t hold a candle to the Idaho Department of Corrections when it comes to discount room rates. IDOC gets about a 50% discount on rooms at the Ada County jail where the actual cost to keep an inmate is $92 a day. It has been a long standing practice of the […]

What Happened To Honesty And Common Sense?

Gotta admit it has been difficult to write much in the way of “constructive” criticism lately with all the crooked businessmen and business deals coming to light and politicos trying to match the business folks. We have a plethora (for non-library types that’s a whole bunch) of scams that have come to light and not […]

AA Faces 300,000% Rent Hike In Historic Fire Station

The local Grapevine Club of Alcoholics Anonymous is facing a 3000% increase in rent for its meeting and clubhouse space at 1518 W. Fort St. For more than 60 years Boise City has leased the facility for $1 a year. As of May 1, the City is demanding a monthly rent of $300, waiving rent […]

Bieter Continues To Perform At Chamber “Live Aid”

The GUARDIAN first posted a version of this story 5 years ago and thanks to our complaints about no free tickets, the Chamber of Commerce makes access available for free to those wishing to get up erly and hear Dave Bieter talk on June 2. We probably won’t hear about the public outcry AGAINST a […]

Homeless Panhandler Problem–Any Ideas?

The two comments to the Mayor Hotline featured in the previous post point out the total disconnect on a growing problem in Boise. Both the businessman and the parks worker want “something done.” Team Dave pawns it off on the coppers and their only tool is the law. Problem persists. Mr. Businessman doesn’t like the […]

Boise Weighs In On Health Care

Mayor Bieter and Team Dave need a lesson in priorities. They snubbed the GUARDIAN town hall meeting on ambulance service, but weigh in on a national political health issue. They still haven’t had any public discussion on Boise FD ambulances! The only city operated area of “Health Care” that comes to mind for the GUARDIAN […]

How To Spend $200 Million

Politicos Dislike Public Scrutiny

Mayor Hotline July 14 to 20

Mayor Hotline March 10 to 16

Guv Butch Follows Guardian Advice

Council Refuses To Hear Public

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